Tune it to E-flat?

In fact, DR's Pure Blues strings feature a round core,... D'Adarrio's XL Nickel Wound electric guitar strings, their most popular string, gives your guitar... Ernie Ball strings have been a top choice for players of all types since the early 1960s, when guitarists came into Ernie Ball's music... GHS has been manufacturing high-quality guitar strings since 1964. , The next most-popular gauge is a .009–.042 set, which offers a little easier playability due to the decreased tension. I also have always heard from some folks that one should tune their 12-string a half step down because otherwise the neck bows and the bridge pulls out. For electric guitars, flatwound strings offer the most dramatically different sound and feel. It's not a question of thickness, it's a question of tension...a medium set on a 12er tuned down to "D" will put out about the same amount of tension ("drive the top") as a light set at standard ("E"). This thickness in thousandths of an inch. Yes you can get away with using standard tuning if you use light guage strings on the Taylor. The tops on most are braced more than their 6 string counter parts. But with a unique twist: a 12-string guitar usually has the E and B strings tuned in unison, but the other four lower strings are paired with an upper octave with a much thinner gauge. You may really enjoy the sound of a 12 string tuned lower. D’Addario NYXL1260 Nickel Plated Electric Guitar Strings,Extra Heavy,12-60 – High Carbon Steel Alloy for Unprecedented Strength – Ideal Combination of Playability and Electric Tone 4.7 out of 5 stars 2,710 String tension is always an issue on 12 string guitars. You may also notice that changing string gauge will require a neck or bridge adjustment. The other strings are gauged accordingly for the most even tension, feel, and sound. The plain, or unwound, strings and the core of the wound strings are the same in a given set of strings. After you know what you like and how all of the differences feel and sound, the guitar will help dictate the right choice. A guitar string’s gauge refers to the string’s physical size, given in inches. On Taylor 12-strings other than the Leo Kottke Signature Model (LKSM), use light- or medium-light strings, with gauges ranging from.010 to.011 for the high E string, and from.047 to.049 … The nut was disintergrating. The .012s play better than .010s at that tension. A guitar string’s gauge refers to the string’s physical size, given in inches. Different people need different strings, so go out and find your favorites! My Guild's are each over 25 years old, my Taylor about 6. Tuning and intonation are a bit less stable and something to keep a closer watch on. Exclusive deals, delivered straight to your inbox. To learn more about our cookie policy, please check our Privacy Policy. For the best tonal qualities, we recommend using medium-gauge strings on your Dreadnought or Jumbo six-string, and light-gauges on your Grand Concert or Grand Auditorium. String gauges are usually referred to by the gauge of their lightest string: 0.009 strings (also called 9 strings or “nines”) have a top string that is 0.009 inches across in diameter, while 0.011 strings (usually referred to as 11 strings One final comment: the way the chemical composition of your hands interacts with the string material will affect the feel and lifespan of your strings. The .010-gauge string is the smallest, referring to the first string, and the .046 is the largest, or sixth string. "Budget" 12ers usually have a whimpy bottom end, as they're over-built to compensate for less impressive materials. I too, want to have my 12er roar rather than whine. Guitar string gauges above .011 are usually used for either extra-low tunings or for their warmer tone, for example, on jazz guitars. From the tweakiest techniques to the biggest ideas, our experts work hard to constantly supply inSync with a steady stream of helpful, in-depth demos, reviews, how-tos, news, and interviews. String Gauge. Upload or insert images from URL.

Display as a link instead, × Finding the best electric guitar strings for you is, of course, highly personal, and experimentation is the only way to get there. MILLIMETRES Experimenting with different gauges might require additional adjustments to your guitar. While it’s perfectly OK to experiment with different types/brands of strings (excluding the GS Mini Bass), to maintain factory performance and specifications we recommend staying with the correct string gauges as follows. Especially for me because I use the little finger on that string and have a habit of plucking it outward, away from the soundboard. The stress on the top of a 12 is incredible - the bridge on my Martin had pulled up slightly and one top brace was loose. You can also tune down a whole step and you can play with others in standard tuning. While 12’s are a great choice, you always have the option to go with a heavier string like 13’s or a lighter string such as 11’s. Conversion tables. The Kottke set that they recommend is (quote). Strings are commonly made of stainless steel, nickel, cobalt or copper. With '10' gauge set of 12-strings, can't I get away with standard tuning? Pure nickel wrap is warmer and smoother feeling, while stainless steel is brighter and snappier. Different manufacturers offer slight variations such as tin plating, but essentially this part of the string is fairly consistent across the board. On Taylor 12-strings other than the Leo Kottke Signature Model (LKSM), use light- or medium-light strings, with gauges ranging from .010 to .011 for the high E string, and from .047 to .049 on the low E string. Another question for y'all? You can order D wound strings here You can order synthetic loaded CD strings here. When describing gauges, guitarists typically omit … Our expert staff is ready to assist you, Join the Taylor family and enjoy exclusive owner benefits, Tap into our network of Taylor-certified repair technicians. The action was high enough to cut cheese, meat ,maybe even a decapitation or two, and by the time I got it you could see the top was on the path to becoming the aforementioned "conceptual art". Control in both hands is the key with lighter-gauge strings. Bottom, 12-56, DR Strings DDT Electric Guitar Strings (DDT-13), Martin Authentic Acoustic MA140 Light-Gauge Acoustic Guitar Strings, 80/20 Bronze, Vencetmat 12 String Acoustic Guitar Strings, 011-048, Phosphor Bronze, Nickel Coating, Rust-Prevent, Well-Balanced, 2 Pack, D’Addario NYXL1254 Nickel Plated Electric Guitar Strings,Heavy,12-54 – High Carbon Steel Alloy for Unprecedented Strength – Ideal Combination of Playability and Electric Tone, Ernie Ball Power Slinky Nickel Wound Sets.011 - .048, Bundle of 3 Sets, Ernie Ball Earthwood Medium Light 80/20 Bronze Acoustic Set, .012 - .054, D’Addario EXP16 Coated Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings, Light, 12-53 – Offers a Warm, Bright and Well-Balanced Acoustic Tone and 4x Longer Life - With NY Steel for Strength and Pitch Stability, Martin Guitar MA540 Authentic Acoustic Light Guitar Strings, 92/8 Phosphor Bronze, Rotosound RS200 Top Tape Monel Flatwound Electric Guitar String (12 16 24 32 42 52), Ernie Ball Everlast Medium Light Coated 80/20 Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings - 12-54 Gauge, D'Addario EXP11 with NY Steel Acoustic Guitar Strings, 80/20, Coated, Light, 12-53, D'Addario, 4 XL Chromes Electric Guitar Strings, Light, 12-52 (ECG25), Elixir Strings Electric Guitar Strings (19052), 12-Pack .010 Gauge High E String Single Electric Guitar Strings Individually Wrapped 10 Gauge Pack of 12, D'Addario EPN21 Pure Nickel Electric Guitar Strings, Jazz Light, .012-.051, DR Strings DDT Electric Guitar Strings (DDT-12), Ernie Ball Cobalt Not Even Slinky Set, .012 - .056, Dunlop DEN1356 Nickel Wound Electric Guitar Strings, Extra Heavy, .013–.056, 6 Strings/Set, Martin Guitar Darco Acoustic D200, 92/8 Phosphor Bronze, Light-Gauge Guitar Strings, 12-String, Ernie Ball Earthwood Phosphor Bronze Medium Light (12-54) 3-Pack Acoustic Guitar Strings (P03446), Martin Guitar MA180S Authentic Acoustic Extra-Light-Gauge Marquis Silked Strings, 80/20 Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings, 12-String, Dunlop Heavy Core Heaviest Electric Guitar Strings 12-54 - 2 Pack …, Ernie Ball 2223-12 Super Slinky Electric Guitar Strings (Box of 12 Sets), Martin Retro Acoustic MM12 Monel Nickel Light 12-54, Bulk 12 Sets, Ernie Ball, Electric Guitar Strings, Super Slinky Gauge (9-42), 3 Pack | Ernie Ball Guitar Strings | Not Even Slinky | Electric | 12-56, GHS Strings BB30L Bright Bronze, 80/20 Copper-Zinc Alloy, Acoustic Guitar Strings, Light (.012-.054), Elixir Strings 80/20 Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings w POLYWEB Coating, Light/Medium (.012-.056), Bulk 12 Sets, Ernie Ball, Electric Guitar Strings, Nickel Wound, Skinny Top Heavy Bottom Gauge (10-52), Vangoa String Action Ruler Gauge, Fretboard Measuring Tool, Guitar Set Up Luthier Tool for Guitar, Bass, Banjo, Ukulele, Mandolin, Ernie Ball Nickel Plain Single Guitar String .013 Gauge 6-Pack, GHS Strings DYM Guitar Boomers, Nickel-Plated Electric Guitar Strings, Wound G, Medium (.013-.056), Ernie Ball Paradigm Medium Light 80/20 Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings - 12-54 Gauge, Ernie Ball 2626 Not Even Slinky Electric Guitar Strings 12-56 2 Pack, Bulk 12 Sets, Ernie Ball, Electric Guitar Strings, Hybrid Slinky Gauge (9-46), Forever-Direct String Action Gauge Ruler, Guitar Set Up Tool Kit for Electric Bass and Acoustic Guitar, 10 Pieces Luthier Tools Include 9 Understring Radius Gauge and 1 String Action Gauge Ruler Measuring Tool for Guitar Bass Setup Repair Tools, FretGuru String Action Gauge Guitar Ruler Precision 8-in-1 Fret Rocker Luthier Tool guitarist gift #BONUS LEATHER CASE# precise CNC Machined, Diamond Honed, Polished Edge = NO SCRATCHED FRETS, D'Addario ECB82 Chromes Bass Guitar Strings, Medium, 50-105, Long Scale, Luthier Measuring Tools Set Include Guitar Neck Notched Straight Edge Fret Rocker String Height Gauge Understring Radius Gauge Steel Feeler Gauge for Electric Guitar, 5 Kinds, D'Addario Nickel Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings, Light, 11-52.