Heal 5% of your maximum HP per enemy hit (maximum of 3 heals per attack). The Buff Freezer usage confirmation window will no longer close if you press the Esc key. The Onyx Ring description that stated it summoned the ‘샐러맨더 오닉스’ has been changed to ‘샐리맨더 오닉스’. The “Dunkel: Let’s Take Him Down!” achievement has been changed. ( Log Out /  yeah, that's also what I was contemplating as well, sell my balanced furies and buy crystal ilbis, only thing is they sell for under 1bil now (BF) and crystal ilbis sit around 500m. Bishop can now use Erda Nova while Vengeance of Angel is active. Level 25: Consumes 1000 MP. Level 25: Consumes 120 MP. Level 25: Consumes 700 MP. New – Both FlameThrower and Ice Splitter can use normal bullets (if no capsules) but damage is half. awhile gone. The Legendary Hunter Medal challenge can no longer be started while the records are being reset at the beginning of the month. Vital Bullet ScreenShot by HoboCop from SleepyWood.net, may i ask u whr is grupin?and whr isblue/red kentaurus, for Lv70 bullet Mr.Anchor from gs6, Singapore drops it ^^, hw much does a shiny bullet cost in maplesea? Level 25: Consumes 750 MP. Member Rank. Fixed an issue where Xenon could use Mega Smasher while transformed. Evan’s Circle of Wind, Circle of Thunder, and Circle of Earth’s cast delays have been decreased and their ranges have been increased to improve usability. There is a maximum of 25 shocks. Fire a minimum of 16 to a maximum of 20 shells that deal 1050% damage 3 times on up to 8 enemies. Fixed an issue where the “Modified Future City” achievement could not be completed. History Talk (0) Comments Share. The Spring! Cannon Shooter’s Monkey Wave’s skill description has been updated to match the current logic of the buff not being affected by buff duration increasing effects. Fixed an issue where Adele’s Resonance, Order, Gathering, and Blossom did not deal damage to Urus. Fixed an issue where after Eunwol used Spirit Bond Maximum, if they changed maps or channels, the skill ending effect sound would play. ( Log Out /  Impact is a custom low/mid rate server which aims to combine the nostalgia of v83 Maplestory … Fixed an issue in 1:1 Cash item trades where certain trades would fail abnormally. Fixed an issue where Mechanic equipment and Dragon equipment did not show damage range increases. Level 050 | +14 | 1600 | $0800 | 0.5 | Mighty Bullet Fixed an issue in Xerxes of Chryse party quest’s map where you could move past a path that required you to crawl in certain situations. MapleTip just said that Throwing-Stars (and Bullets) can be recharged at the "Weapons Shop and General Shop located in each town". When you register an item for sale, the item will be searchable after a 5 minute grace period. For 15 seconds, your blades will surround your body, dealing 450% damage 2 times on up to 7 enemies around you every few seconds. Fixed an issue where Soul Endure’s effect appeared incorrectly based on Mikhail’s own skill effect transparency. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Bullets, Ammunition. It’s supposed to be THE ranged class, yet the best/only real mobbing move just hits what’s in front of you… basically like everyone else. Check out the v.217 Sengoku Returns: Asura War Patch Notes. For 3 seconds, continuously throw shadow stars which each deal 750% damage 3 times. Blaze Capsules is Fire-element attack (one is consumed in order to use the FlameThrower skill) Cooldown: 16 seconds. Show Printable Version ; Email this Page… 1 Day Ago #1. zain928. Hype for new cash equip inventory!!!! Fixed an issue in 1:1 Cash item trade where if you entered the wrong 2nd password, there would be no information message. Just from what was written in the logo or in your opinion will they add more stuff? 12 slash attacks are activated that deal 250% damage 4 times each. When you are registering your guild black list or requesting an alliance invite, the process has been improved so that you can confirm and select the guild. Level 25: Consumes 450 MP. Level 25: Consumes 1000 MP. Fixed an issue where Illium’s Crystal and Soul of Crystal would activate Reaction skills only 1 time if they were in the same location. Demon Avenger’s Demon Frenzy will now continue to create demon blood even if your current HP is lower than 1% of your maximum HP. Deals 1150% damage 7 times on up to 10 enemies.