The weight difference can range from 4% to 50%, but on average 8-inch chef’s knives are 30% heavier than the 6-inch versions. Let’s look at the differences between the two sizes. Every home chef has different needs, so think about the foods you cook with and the ingredients you most often use. If you disable this cookie, we will not be able to save your preferences. Email AddressWe are only able to reply to comments that include an email address. Carbon steel may discolor when it comes into contact with acidic ingredients, and if you don’t wash and dry them after every use, they may rust. Here’s a quick rundown of the other important factors to consider.

A chef knife is the most versatile cutting tool found in a commercial kitchen, and may be used to cut, slice, chop and mince.

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My Review: This short fixed-blade knife is an incredibly hot seller at the moment. We have found the best use for this knife is for leafy produce like cilantro because it covers a large area on the cutting board and is sharp the whole way down. Shun vs. Wusthof: In-Depth Kitchen Knife Comparison. The 6.4-inch, ¼-inch thick 1095 high carbon stainless steel blade is strong and sturdy and …

SAFETY AND COMFORT – Apart from becoming an extension of your hand in the kitchen, a good knife helps make your life so much easier. This 6" chef knife features a comfortable, riveted POM handle. For example, the Zwilling Pro 8-inch chef’s knife has a 7.87-inch blade and a 4.53-inch handle, and the 6-inch version has a 6.30-inch blade and the same 4.53-inch handle..

Whether you are hiking, camping, hunting or fishing, the Schrade SCHF9 12.1-inch Fixed Blade Knife is a professional style bushcrafting tool for hardcore outdoor survivalists.. And it comes slightly duller than I like, but a few passes in a sharpening stone handles that. This means that every time you visit this website you will need to enable or disable cookies again. WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm. All Right Reserved.

Blade Thickness: Chef’s knives have different blade thicknesses depending on the brand. Cuts well, cleans off easily, stays on the magnetic knife block well and responds to honing. Wusthof Classic 14-inch chef’s knife – view on Amazon).

Zwilling Kramer Euroline 6-inch Chef's Knife, Zwilling Kramer Euroline 8-inch Chef's Knife, Calphalon Contemporary 6-inch Chef's Knife, Calphalon Contemporary 8-inch Chef's Knife. The ergonomic black POM handle provides users with exceptional comfort and a firm grip for added safety in your kitchen. Chef’s knives are incredibly versatile. It came razor sharp and is made of good steel, but it's very unbalanced. Below, is a summary of the things you should consider before deciding between a 6 and 8-inch chef’s knife: Weight: 8-inch knives are heavier than 6-inch knives.

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INCREDIBLY SHARP EGDE – Razor-sharp and comfortable to hold grip and professionally crafted knife will increase your confidence and efficiency in the kitchen. Best quality at this price point that I've been able to find. By contrast, knives within the Sakai Kyuba x Japana collection have much thinner blades. Six-inch chef’s knives are more agile and excellent for dicing and chopping smaller ingredients, such as fruit and vegetables. With hundreds of thousands of products available and millions of orders shipped, we have everything your business needs to function at its best. A sharp knife means more control and less slippage when you cut, leading to safer, more consistent slices. Please choose your delivery preferences: This 6" chef knife can chop, carve, slice, dice, and cut a wide variety of foods with little to no effort, ensuring that every member of your kitchen staff is able to easily prep your most popular dishes. It will be easy to sharpen if it does full in the future. Bottom Line: Should You Buy a 6 or 8-Inch Chef’s Knife? Since 8-inch chef’s knives are heavier, it takes less effort to cut through dense ingredients, but if you’re vigorously chopping for long periods, the extra weight can cause wrist fatigue. Pro “S”: What’s the Difference? Carbon Steel: Stainless steel knives don’t rust, so they’re easier to care for and clean. An example of knives with thick blades is the Zwilling Pro collection (one of the best German knife brands).

Great weight and full tang construction make this a really nice affordable solution to keep extras handy. The blade is slightly thicker than the expensive German ones, so not as flexible. For the price point I do not think that you will find a better chef's knife. Price: On average, 8-inch chef’s knives are 30% more expensive than 6-inch chef’s knives. 6" Chef Knife with POM Handle and Full Tang Blade. Another benefit—the superior control makes 6-inch chef’s knives safer. With both 6 and 8-inch chef’s knives in your kitchen, you’ll have the range to handle any job. A straighter edge knife is optimal for dicing and slicing, especially with fruit and vegetables. Use them for slicing, dicing, mincing, cutting, and all other types of chopping.

German vs. Japanese Knives: In general, Japanese knives have sharper, thinner, and harder blades, which makes them great for fish, fruit, and vegetables. This German stainless steel full tang blade is composed of one solid piece with POM handle sides pinned to the blade itself. The chart below shows the actual prices of popular 6 and 8-inch chef’s knives. It comes very sharp straight from the package, and feels strong. The handle seems a little bit large for the knife but besides that the knife is great. While you can dice and chop with an 8-inch chef’s knife, it can feel quite large and overbearing in your hand when using it for smaller ingredients like onions and tomatoes. It is well made and sharp. Mueller Utility Knife, Sharp Utility Knife, for Cutting, Peeling, Slicing Fruits and Vegetables, Stainless Steel Utility Knife with Ergonomic Handle. All weights are according to listings on Chef’s knives usually come in lengths from six to 12 inches, but some bands go up to 14 inches (ex.

We may earn a fee if you buy via links in this post (at no extra cost to you). Instead of using a smaller handle, they use the same handle as the 10" version.

Best Chef’s Knife Under $100: Top 6 Compared, Made In 8-Inch Chef’s Knife Review (With Pictures), The Ultimate Review of Wusthof Classic Kitchen Knives, Wusthof vs. Zwilling J.A. These are perfect for what we call house knives that are used when our Chefs need a basic knife without putting ware and tare on their personal high end knives.

Therefore, it doesn’t keep its sharp edge retention for as long. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of this knife and how sharp it was and how durable and nicely it held up. I have a few of these, and none have any spots or stains on them.

Henckels Pro vs. Great night love the quality love the price easy to sharpen easy to maintain the edge with a steel I think the thing that I love the most about it is the price you get a good quality knife at an inexpensive amount.

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What do you think of this page? 8-inch chef’s knives are more popular than 6-inch because they’re versatile and can handle larger ingredients, but they’re heavier, less agile, and more expensive.

The bolster is the thick part of the steel where the handle and blade meet.

Built very durable and sharp, 6" Chef Knife with POM Handle and Full Tang Blade, The Leading Distributor of Restaurant Supplies and Equipment.

A very good full Tang knife at an excellent price. Global: How Do Their Kitchen Knives Compare? Learn More. Be careful when washing, it's so sharp that it easily cut my dishwashing sponge! 8-inch knives are by no means bulky, but they’re less nimble and can feel unwieldy when chopping and dicing smaller ingredients. HIGHEST QUALITY FOR THE PRICE – The Mueller Super Sharp Deba Knife is made of high carbon stainless steel that resists rust, corrosion and discoloration, quickly re-sharpens, and is easy to clean and maintain.

This 6" is nice for most small chopping tasks, for when you need something more then a pairing knife, but don't need the overkill of a 10" blade.

Great knife for basic kitchen use.

Auto reorder # will now ship via common carrier. Each 6" chef knife features a forged, no stain, full tang German steel blade that is durable and well-balanced. This is a very sturdy, sharp and economical utility knife.

Chef’s knives come in a wide range of sizes, but 6-inch and 8-inch are the most popular. The 6-inch is ideal for smaller ingredients like tomatoes, onions, lemons, and fish. Thanks! I recommend always checking your countertops and chopping board’s size to ensure the knife will work well with your given space. Some knife makers increase the handle length slightly to accommodate the larger blade, but most don’t. However, stainless steel is generally softer than carbon steel.