IMO, Statue of Athena is a historical location since it does have a historical text that looks like any other historical location and the text appears only when historical locations are being shown on the map. Go right to the end to a little ruined altar, some columns and a gorgeous view. Assassin's Creed: Odyssey doesn't have an educational Discovery Tour mode yet, but there is history to discover—as long as you know which menu it's hidden under. It's debateable as to whether they're actual historical locations Find legendary weapons, orichalcum, anigmata ostraka solutions & more! Thasos - City of the Champion: This is the city's theatre at the north end of town. It's debateable as to whether they're actual historical locations If Statue of Athena's a historical location, then by the same logic, Sight of Perseus in Argos is a historical location too. Here are the screenshots of my map after searching everything so far: A while back I contacted Ubi support and suggested that they could add something to make these locations easier to find (like adding special '?' It's just that the info's non-historical & purely mythical, that's all. Fortress 5. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, Statue of Athena The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. Ancient Forge 4. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the assassinscreed community. It's just a bit glitchy that's all. 6. Petrified Temple Sight of Perseus It's normal X. On this website u can see maps revealing the 364 historical locations that i & others have found in AC Odyssey (plus 6 more which are debatable) To see the historical locations for each region please click on the Orange Rectangle Buttons BTW purple armor is better than gold because it … . Again thanks so much for doing this man! Just go there and enjoy the slice of culture. It's just glitched in a different way. There are also a few places that, after the discovery, for some unknown reason are not marked on the in-game map. Assassin's Creed Odyssey Interactive Map. Story Creator Mode. Here's a map of historical locations I found in Assassin's Creed Odyssey. tokens for the historical map filter). Silver Isles (Delos & Mykonos) - Kynthos Hills: Head down the south road leading out of the Temple of Apollo complex. Well that's all I've found for this game. It's like Perikles's house (that doesn't appear on the map but does give the message). Follow that path and towards those trees and you should stumble across it. 5. This is a continuation of my additions to locations not on your images from your previous part - link to that comment of mine here: Locations which reveal info only when HISTORICAL LOCATIONS' selected on the map, but which don't trigger the "NEW HISTORICAL LOCATION DISCOVERED" message !. For news, discussion and more about Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed franchise. in keos in apollos refuge on the little strip of land in the east is another one. A while back I contacted Ubi support and suggested that they could add something to make these locations easier to find (like adding special '?' Use the progress tracker to get 100%! Edit: Got another one! .-------, Please say if u know of any other historical locations. It's just that its historical text's a bit short, that's all. Historical Locations Assassin's Creed Odyssey Map. Other historical locations have purely mythical info & zero historical info. Thanks to u/Bluecaboose1982! Leader House 21. Arena 1. Mysterious Site 6. Silver Islands - Tavern Point: Now this one I think might be a glitch in the photos. Forgotten Isle Homepage. As far as I know that's all the ones I've spotted and with these two comments that's as far as I can tell both of our combined list of historical locations. Full World Map Overview Journey & Explore Through 7 Vast Regions Assassin's Creed Odyssey will have 7 magnificent regions - Kephallonia Island, Northern Greece, Attika Peninsula, Forest Islands, Paradise Islands, Arid Islands, & Peloponnese. it doesn't (proof: ) They forgot or something. Labyrinth of Lost Souls Sorry it took a while before I updated it. Thasos - City of the Champion: From the viewpoint Thasos Temple jump off and into the pile of leaves. Military Camp 99. Thank you :), ... Kephallonia Islands - Locations of all ostracons on Kephallonia Islands along with solutions for their puzzles. Follow these right until the end to find a treasure chest (you have to steal it but literally nobody's there so who cares) and a sweet juicy historical location. . Fort 30. It should've said "NEW HISTORICAL LOCATION DISCOVERED" but AFAIK, there are 6 locations of this type. Search. Go up to her and try not to come over all bashful. Historical Location 176. Feel free to contact support as well to make them aware that more people would like such an update and maybe it could be added in a future update, maybe even accompanying the addition of discovery tour. Kythera Island - Pilgrim Hill: If you go to Kythera Town look to the west of the town and if you follow the road to the cliffs edge there's a statue to Aphrodite. Show All Hide All. Keos - Apollo's Refuge: on the thin little outstretch of the island on the right side of the area. . Well, if you want this too that is but I assume that might be the case :). After the discovery, these places will be marked on the map that is available in the game. New maps available for AC: II, ... Greece Elysium Underworld Atlantis? I found a decent bunch of historical locations as well and checked all the ones posted here and in the other thread. ... difference Quest types Historical Figures. Naxos Island - Ariandne's Fate: Head to the Naxos Quarry. AFAIK, there are 6 locations of this type. Go to its northern end and there should be a path leading from the main road upwards towards some trees. Dwelling 88. AC Odyssey: All collectibles, secrets - lists Assassin's Creed Odyssey Guide and Walkthrough. tokens for the historical map filter). That temple is your next Historical Location! 1. 0. If there are any missing please share with everyone. AFAIK, there are 6 locations of this type. From there look left and you should see some old-looking stone steps carved into the hillside. The text for Ancient Forge "Shipwrecks were always...." was originally tied to Steropes on the East side of Andros. If anybody else has got one that isn't on either u/ysaayazawa's map or on my lists please let either of us know so we can share it with the rest of you lovely people!! Port 14. 3. You've probably got them appearing on your map already. If you're going to count Sight of Perseus as a historical location, then you've got to also include the mythical creature locations - they too have texts that only appear whilst the historical locations are being shown. Locations which reveal info only when HISTORICAL LOCATIONS' selected on the map, but which don't trigger the "NEW HISTORICAL LOCATION DISCOVERED" message. Interactive Map of all Assassin's Creed Odyssey locations. Couldn't fit all the images into 1 post so here are the rest. We need to sort out a concrete list of all the historical locations for all the history buffs/completionists out there. Attika City - Greater Athens [Blue X - Phidias’s Workshop] [White X - Perikles's Home - Forgot the actual name] I don't know if it's just a glitch for me or if it was meant to be that way but those 2 historical locations didn't show up on my map after being discovered. Cave 66. Animal Den 48. Bandit Camp 65. . City 36. AC Odyssey Historical Locations. As you walk down you should see a statue of a soldier on the right and a small temple on your left. 2. It seems like the one not on there is either the Tavern or the Temple of Artemis but both are completable location, one being a town location with a chest and a captain and the other being a viewpoint.