[44], The reviews for the show were positive to mixed (the median grade of 9 major reviews was "B+"). [26], In Panama, Carnaval del Barrio (In the Heights) was staged at the famed Teatro en Círculo, from the October 3 to 31, 2013, produced by Top Line Events and directed by Aaron Zebede, who also adapted the book and songs to Spanglish, which worked perfectly for a Panamanian audience. En una charla divertida y completamente improvisada, Anthony Veneziale se presenta en TED con una plática muy original. "[46] Heather Bing of The Cleveland Plain Dealer wrote, "Although I was sometimes struggling to keep up with the hip-hop and Spanish-infused lyrics, the exciting set and choreography paired with excellent acting held my interest in the storyline. Elsewhere, Nina finds solace in Benny, who takes her on a walk down the street corner and reminisces with her, reminding her of her childhood and her home. ANTHONY VENEZIALE (Two-Touch) conceiver and co-creator FLS. The production was scheduled to star numerous K-pop and hip hop musicians including Jeong Won-young, Yang Dong-geun, Jang Dongwoo of Infinite, and Key from Shinee as Usnavi, Seo Kyeong-su, Kim Sung-kyu of Infinite, and Chen from EXO as Benny, and Kim Bo-kyeong, Luna of f(x) as Nina. Before he leaves, Sonny approaches him and, having fixed the bodega's grate, pulls it down, revealing a graffiti mural of Abuela Claudia painted by Pete. In the Heights gets most nods for two companies - DC Theatre Scene", "Nominations for the 2018 Helen Hayes Awards | Washington Theatre Guide | TheatreWashington | Helen Hayes Awards", "MusicalTalentSkolen Nyborg opfører 'In the Heights, THEATRE REVIEW: In the Heights at Pantages Theatre, "With shallow story, Broadway's 'In the Heights' can't soar", "'In The Heights' – Chasing Broadway Dreams". Usnavi soon emerges and announces Abuela Claudia's winning of the lottery as well as their flight for the Dominican Republic the following day. As the blackout continues, the Piragua Guy rejoices in the effect the heat has had on his business ("Piragua (Reprise)"). After seeing the play, two Wesleyan seniors and two alumni, John Buffalo Mailer, Neil Patrick Stewart, Anthony Veneziale and Thomas Kail, approached Miranda and asked if the play could be expanded with a view to a Broadway production. The neighborhood descends into chaos as Usnavi and Vanessa, as well as Benny and Nina, desperately try to find their way back to one another. Anthony Veneziale cofounded Speechless with Sammy Wegent and Scott Lifton, using improv thinking to help people be themselves and be heard. As she tries to find her parents to tell them the news, she runs into Benny, Usnavi's best friend and an employee of Kevin's who has been temporarily left in charge of the dispatch while Kevin seeks to solve a financial problem. Nina eventually returns home to find her parents worried sick about her, and Kevin grows furious when he learns she was with Benny, disapproving of their relationship due to Benny's not being Latino.