Since 1989, Ruggiero’s Pizza & Deli has been family-owned-and-operated, providing classic Italian dishes and specialties made from the freshest and finest ingredients. Just like you - we’re local too. Reservations are not required, but they are encouraged in order to ensure that a table is available for your preferred party size at your desired seating time. Order delivery or pickup online from restaurants in Waterford, NY with Mealeo.

No sign up. No biggie - until the contestants start walking on screen, and you realize that you recognize one of them. "We are allowing call-ahead curbside pickup or to-go orders, with delivery options through Grubhub and Mealeo. 1. × This was the scene that unfolded in my house early last week when I happened to catch episode twelve, season one of "Chopped Sweets," one of Food Network's newest cooking competition shows.

Forgot account? Mr. Fuji’s extensive menu offers unique flavors, textures and artistry of authentic Japanese cuisine - including Sushi, Sashimi, Tempura, Teriyaki, Hibachi, Noodles and much more. Proudly based in Latham, NY since 2008. "We've also got our two-day board game rental program, using games we've picked out that are the easiest to sanitize.". You can order online through Mealeo, here. We opened our doors in downtown Victoria in 2008 and have been satisfying your thirst for local craft beer, premiums imports and wide array of wine and spirits, 7 days a week ever since.

"I don't like shows like "Chopped" and the 'confessional style' it uses. Absolutely! "We have our normal menu, and we're trying to rotate stuff out every week. As for a backstage look at what goes into getting ready to do the show? "I encourage everyone to keep coming back because the menu will always be new," Connor said. or. 1,596 check-ins. sending them orders and Mealeo shares the commission with you as Mealeo Rewards, "Charlotte is a huge fan of the show," Connor commented. However, he wasn't upset with the decision. Guests at Bard & Baker enjoy board games, food, and hot chocolate during January's Troy Night Out. The icing on the cake? We opened our doors in downtown Victoria in 2008 and have been satisfying your thirst for local craft beer, premiums imports and wide array of wine and spirits, 7 days a week ever since. "Navigating the pantry was quite a challenge," he admitted. Create New Account.

If you’d like to send us an email at and provide the following information, we’d be happy to get back to you as soon as possible with quote and available options for your special day: Preferred date(s) and time(s) for your event, Number guests (a range is acceptable if a confirmed number is unknown yet), Type of event (birthday party, networking event, professional panel, baby shower, anniversary celebration, retirement party, reception, etc), Bard & Baker Board Game Cafe, 501 Broadway, Suite 105, Troy, NY 12180, USA. Voted “Best Mexican” in the area, only the finest meats and freshest vegetables find their way into La Fiesta’s kitchen, where everything is cooked in pure vegetable oil to bring out the true flavors of authentic Mexican cooking. Adding a modern touch to traditional recipes, Zaitoon Kitchen serves up Kabob Perfection and Certified Halal Meats. Warm crusts covered with melted mozzarella and your toppings of choice is sure to delight, bite-after-bite-after-bite. Their motto is simple: Try them once, and you’ll love them forever.

Bard & Baker . Our drivers are at the heart of everything we do, making customers smile on every delivery they do. Yet another reason why we prefer Mealeo over GrubHub pick up & delivery orders whenever possible. We help restaurants like yours reach-and-serve customers outside your doors and across cities.

2. Sink your teeth into cheesy indulgence. With a great selection of unique Thai side dishes, traditional selections, seafood and specials - their entire menu is truly thai-riffic. Log In. Start Earning Rewards. run by Bard & Baker Dungeon Master Ambassador: Brian Case. "I'm very used to cooking on camera," he explained. Were you able to find everything you were looking for today? This campaign is perfect for new players, returning players, or anyone looking for a fun adventure. What can we do better to improve our user experience? In fact, not only do you know who it is, but you've had the pleasure of eating his food before. our version of Cash Back. From the city’s most popular Pad Thai, to a monster selection of sushi rolls highlighted by their delightful California, Spicy Tuna and Avocado & Cucumber Rolls. With such limited seats within the café, we want to make it as fair as possible for everyone to enjoy their favorite titles. Mealeo is our preferred delivery platform as it ensures our small business gets the largest percentage of commission from sales — where as GrubHub keep a large percentage of. Mealeo Rewards are automatically added to your account when you order. I had heard of regular "Chopped," but I was unaware that they had a show that was pastry-focused. Charlotte is doing a lot with our cocktail menu. After all, he had a strong source of motivation - his business partner, Bard & Baker owner Charlotte Guyton. Hot & Cheesy. Spice up your life with a dish offering an unmatched combination of spices & herbs from India, that are truly second to naan. I did this very much outside of my comfort zone, to try and get some publicity for Bard & Baker. However, even with Guyton's cheerleading, Connor says being on "Chopped Sweets" was not the most comfortable experience. Thank you so much! We do not allow any other outside beverages at this time. What's going on is the exact opposite of Bard & Baker's business model," Connor said.

Whether you’re hosting the Golden Globes, a graduation party or just feeding your team at the office - check out our selection of platters, trays and more for groups. A husband-wife team founded Tai Pan back in 1987, and they’ve been serving up the finest Pan-Asian dishes ever since. Bryan Connor, the executive chef at Bard & Baker, downtown Troy's one and only board game cafe - like so many other small businesses, operating under an altered business model to get through the pandemic. That's something Connor has to take a pass on. When you see people opening their baskets, those are real reactions.". Her boozy bubble teas are something you won't find anywhere else. But having the physical cameras so close, and so many people around was different. "I didn't have that on the show. See more of Bard & Baker on Facebook. Please be sure to notify our staff at the time of order if you have any dietary restrictions so that they may communicate with our kitchen team effectively. Bard & Baker is the Capital District's first board game café, located at 501 Broadway in the original historic Troy Record Building in downtown Troy, NY, featuring over 750 titles, ranging from classics such as CLUE, Stratego & Scrabble to contemporary games like Catan, Ticket to Ride & Ascension. Zaitoon is the brainchild of an Afghan couple that immigrated to the United States but kept roots in their beloved country. Outside drinks (750ml bottles of wine or beer) are permitted with a $10 corkage fee per bottle. It's very weird working in someone else's kitchen. Thai not to enjoy the perfectly balanced blend of lightly prepared dishes with the strong aromas and spicy edge. By continuing to use the site, you accept our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy. Not Now.

With Mealeo in your pocket, ordering delivery from your area’s best You couldn't watch it because it didn't exist yet.". Lettuce be real for a minute; we have a truly monster selection of nutritiously delicious salads and dishes to keep your healthy eating and dietary balance dialed in. Create New Account. I'd like to do some more seasonal offerings, both for savory and pastry. "I couldn't even watch the show to get an idea of what it was like. If you would like to see your favorite game added to our library, shoot us an email! Established in 1955, The Deli & Brew serves up huge subs, New York City-style Pies and the best snack and chip selection ever.. With almost a half pound of meat on their small subs; a full pound on their large subs - and like mom used to say, Size Does Matter. We have many items on our menu that are, or can be made, vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, dairy free, or nut free. I would definitely do it again. With the competition behind him, Connor is back to focusing on making Bard & Baker the great small business that downtown Troy has come to know and love - even if it has to function under drastically different conditions for now. Bard & Baker executive chef shares experience on 'Chopped Sweets', This website uses cookies to improve your experience. "I've never had to run back and forth to get what I need to make something. When I cook, I like to use a lot of containers and take up a lot of counter space. Bard & Baker Board Game Cafe, 501 Broadway, Suite 105, Troy, NY 12180, USA 518-948-6693 "I can say this, though - the secret ingredients are in the baskets before we come on, and we don't see them until we open them up. back. "A lot of the drive for me going on the show came from her. However, you can bring as many games as you like from home, and stay for as long as you like, with no time limit! I'm more about the actual product. This campaign is perfect for new players, returning players, or anyone looking for a fun adventure.

501 Broadway (2,221.57 mi) Troy, NY 12180 . or. "All the producers, even on the exit interview, were nice. Also, the workspace was a challenge.

Karavalli is unique an Indian restaurant as anywhere in the world, serving food from as many as six different regions of India. Bard & Baker has been a Mealeo partner since August of 2019. I had no time to do anything other than my job. Most-known for their mouth-watering Specialty Pizzas, Wings, Subs and Sandwiches, their menu is sure to satisfy. So for me, it was really 'knockout or win'. Warm crusts covered with melted mozzarella and your toppings of choice is sure to delight, bite-after-bite-after-bite. The company isn't floundering.". We have a pretty solid base of offerings to help with that. That was a challenge.".