Both the class and aspect haven’t been fully explored in canon so there’s probably going to be a bit of speculation on this, especially for the powers!

What is it with you and Bards? He can just do it. The Bard of Void is one who allows the destruction of nothing. is an enemies berserker rage too much for your team to handle.

This means that they are probably lucky and also really like gaining knowledge. A rogue of bloods powers could be along the lines of they make other people’s friendships fail and make someone else’s flourish. This means that they are probably lucky and also really like gaining knowledge. They keep the other teammates in check and make sure they aren’t at each other’s throats all the time. This would be very useful, especially in a stressful game like Sburb/Sgrub! Bards invite destruction through their aspect and are quite unpredictable and cApRiCiOuS, so you’d need to keep an eye on them.

The Bard would have a load of secrets and only wants to know more, which is why they are so intent on gaining knowledge. Roxy with her drinking problem, and Equius with his deal about the haemospectrum. c: Could you do the Witch of Doom and Thief of Rage powers and personality? they need to realize that sometimes people don’t need help and that sometimes they hurt more than they help. A Bard of Void would destroy with Void, which might mean that he destroys with secrets, “nothingness”, obfuscation, and destruction itself. Filed under Bard Void Bard of Void psst this post is mistagged as Rage! Or y'know. Bard of Void: One who Invites Destruction of Void or one who Invites Destruction through Void. bards can be a little hard to love because they’re rather emotionally unstable and psychotic (like gamzee) or just plain old rude and annoying (like cronus). I made a Fur Affinity and a Twitter, names are the same: EmpressEngel. they’re the perfect rebels, if you tell them to do something they’re almost guaranteed to do the exact opposite no matter what, as such reverse psychology almost always works on them. if theyre in a dark room they can destroy that darkness causing it to light up. Rage players are driven to get what they want, so as long as you work with others to help guide your focus, then you can be unstoppable!

Personality-wise, we haven’t seen a huge amount, due to both Gamzee and Kurloz being destroyer classes, so they generally act like the opposite (so they’re more like a Hope player).However we can speculate! What is it with you and Bards? Doom is the aspect off death, fire, sacrifice, rules, and doom.

), Minecraft, Starbound, Darkest Dungeon, League of Legends, Don't Starve, buff monster men make my heart go doki doki. Aspect:Void is the aspect that governs literal nothingness, lacking, and the obfuscation or destruction of knowledge. Certainly! Eurhg. And being able to destroy an aspect such as light would be an amazing power to have in game! The Bard could summon a huge area of obfuscation and confusion, using their power over the void to make people forget information they knew before, but like I said above, it could just as easily backfire and make your team forget.Another thing that the Bard could do is call forth the powers of the void and the Outer Ring, bringing with it betentacled Horror Terrors! Bard of Void Aspect: Void is the aspect that governs literal nothingness, lacking, and the obfuscation or destruction of knowledge.

their powers are also powerful like all doom players but require a sacrifice of course. If they got into a romantic relationship it would most likely be unstable as they would probably fight alot in The beginning but after a when they could get over it and have a long relationship. as a destroyer class though, a bard of doom would act more like a life player (we’ve seen how gamzee acts hopeful, happy and religious) so instead of being depressed like most doom aspect players would be they’d be pretty lively although it might just be a fake front they put on (again like how gamzee was still as angry as ever he just hid it well until he snapped) so a bard of doom would probably be lively until you really pushed them to an emotional limit and then they’d snap and become sad and depressed. Take this all with a grain of salt however because as said by kanaya sometimes sburb gives people a classpect that doesnt make any sort of sense at all and is the exact opposite of their personality in order to pose a threat. The Prince of Light, a pretty awesome and powerful classpect! He also creates the ~ATH code for the Mobius Double Reacharound virus and also the code for Sgrub, which both doomed all the trolls’ lusii and Sgrub destroyed their planet, dooming everyone. The wildcard of nothingness and the Furthest Ring. Generally, a void player is Their challenge is to not be ruled by the whims of their Aspect. Bards have easy going, laid back and/or avoidant, cowardly personalities. Upload stories, poems, character descriptions & more. Now they don’t!

that actually works really well because a prince of void destroys mystery and secrets which would help acquire knowledge and answers. then need to be careful though because if they destroy all of their aspect then their powers are useless as they’ll have nothing left to destroy. Bard of Void would be one who brings about the destruction of, or brings about destruction through, nothingness and emptiness.

Using their aspect, a Bard of Void might be able to completely obscure themselves, even in plain

Bard of Void is an awesome class, I really like this one!

Aspect:Rage is an aspect that deals with negative emotions, rage, and possibly insanity too. But I imagine it'd be subtle. The Bard requires nothing to be able to destroy something. Their presence invites something to happen, People around them feel the urge to share things they usually wouldn’t, destruction could happen around them for no reason whatsoever, They could help snap someone out of Grimdarkness, They might cause someone to enter Grimdarkness, Confuse the enemy by obstructing their view, Become a purely destructive being out of nowhere. I do not do class analyses myself, nor do I take requests about sessions, relationships, fan trolls/kids, fan session, weapons, lands, fights, etc of any kind. Powers:As the Mage of Rage there are a few speculated powers you’re going to have. In this case, the aspect is Void, which has to do with destruction, secrecy, the concept of “nothingness,” and obfuscation in all its forms.

Of course! they might also be able to prevent their timeline from becoming doomed and if it does become doomed they can employ the help of a doom player in order to “undoom” their timeline. Upload your creations for people to see, favourite and share. Ehi, could you do the relationship and the combined powers of a Witch of Void and a Knight of Light?
The powers of a witch would be literally manipulating emotions, in battle they can decrease enemies morale while increasing their teams. Bard of Void is an awesome class, I really like this one! The prince could also get rid of information with the flick of a wrist. The Prince of Light would also have the ability to destroy luck and fortune. How would you destroy concepts such as these though? The plan is ruined. what they need to remember is that they cant let their sadness consume them and that they’re not bound by their aspect. Analysis Of Homestuck's Mythological Roles. Both of these people are friendly, and generally have good relationships with people. It’s possible that a Bard could prevent the sharing of knowledge (thus keeping it secret) with disastrous results. Imagine Dragons(<3), Three Days Grace, Linkin' Park, Breaking Benjamin, Seether, Slayer, Metallica, Wide Eyes, Thousand Foot Krutch, Creature Feature. Their challenge is … and once they realize their flaws, they’re fine, they’re nice and they know when to stop and whats appropriate and when. witch of doom: witches tend to break the rules when it comes to life and also when it comes to their aspect as well, doom is the aspect of death, fire, sacrifice, doom and….

However sometimes they need to realize that sadness is essential even though it’s their least favorite emotion, they also need to realize that people need time to grieve and deal with their losses and can’t always bounce back to being bright and happy. Bard of Void is the one who invites destruction of Void, or invites the destruction through Void.

Hello!! If it were up to me, I’d want the Bard dead as quickly as possible, in any session. While that may sound good and almost completely contradictory to a destruction class that’s just what happens when you simplify Void. A Bard of Void has the potential to be very dangerous or very beneficial. I won’t be doing quest analysis yet but send your asks this way and I’ll answer them as best as possible. Bard of Void is an awesome class, I really like this one!

For example:The Prince of Light could literally destroy light, meaning that they could plunge the enemy into darkness, making them more vulnerable! Personality:A mage of time is someone who understands time, they’re someone who has everything they’re doing printed out on a schedule and they can figure out approximately how long certain things will take them.