I’m quite fond of it though. Personality:A mage of time is someone who understands time, they’re someone who has everything they’re doing printed out on a schedule and they can figure out approximately how long certain things will take them.

Jake with Dirk, Cronus with his self proclaimed nice guy entitlement, Eridan with his want for connections instead of loneliness, even in Hiveswap Friendsim we see Elwurd fixate on the ‘I turned a good girl into my bad girl’ the good girl gone bad story, but failing every time. Whether it was indirectly giving his copies of Sgrub to Jade or doing whatever Terezi tells him to, he is always seen serving someone. Like how Roxy was a blind spot in Calliope’s vision on the computer. He even calls himself a mutant. Some may not like that while others will praise them for it but no matter what they must continue to give them whichever they lack to leave a healthy, fair middle. I imagine this one as the Land of /luck item/ and Balance. 7 Alternian solar sweeps (14 earth years) Screen Name.

if you take on someone like this in battle they’ll basically rip you to shreds in a few blows. Bards are quite the tricky Class as they are known as the “Wildcard.” A Bard is very well known for having ties to the actual plot, influencing it heavily behind the curtains. He got the flirty part yet that not all the bard does. not really much to go over here because I explained most of the personality above but in general bard is the passive variant of prince, they don’t destroy their aspect they destroy with/through their aspect. I find the concept of a Bard doing their best to do a certain thing only for all of their efforts to contribute to the exact opposite. They can also increase the anger of their team in order to make their attacks stronger and more effective.

Once on the mechanisms deep in the land will activate as well, awaking the Denizen.”, “The Hero of Time must learn to take away supposedly inevitable outcomes that harm them by catching it on camera in a video to be stored.

When a friend calls and needs help the rogue will be there in a flash because it’s not like they had anything else to do. Land of Mechanisms and Instruments, LOMAI.

They would be prone to getting their hands on information and revealing it accidentally like leaving an open pesterlog/trolllog/conversation on their phone and letting someone borrow it without thinking. Lack: Wherever something is missing, like a piece of a puzzle, they could destroy the empty space. Witch of void and knight of light are almost polar opposites, this can cause them to be the best of friends or the worst of enemies and they tend to switch between the two, one second they’re at each other’s throats and 2 seconds later they’re best friends when they’re getting along their personalities compliment eachother, where the other one fails the other one can succeed and vice versa. ... BARD. They might take away light from a planet that’s too bright to look at and place it in a dark, dangerous area to be easier to traverse both even if they themselves may never have to go there again. It is unknown whether Thieves are gender exclusive or not, but I will point out all Thieves we have seen have been female. He was supposed to be the one to kill him and apparently got his scars from one of the iterations of that magician when they went back to when Cronus was young and tried to kill him and failed. Now there is not a lot about cronus. The Thief must let them rest and do something themselves, they would have to discover the on/off switch and flip it, letting the consorts free of the slavery they’re being put through to satisfy their Hero. Mage of blood, the blood aspect has always been an interesting aspect to say the least. Bro had been like both a father figure, but also his worst enemy.

The land of this player will be related to his role.

For example, say the Black Queen in the Bard’s session has gone into hiding to avoid being killed. The Ravines cut deep underground, revealing thousands of time capsules left by the consorts who met their end long ago. an heir of rage would probably be pretty angry and by pretty I mean very, they would be very angry. It depends on how brutal you want to go. It is proven as we have two male and one female Knight. Thank you! If they got into a romantic relationship it would most likely be unstable as they would probably fight alot in The beginning but after a when they could get over it and have a long relationship.

Powers and personality?

Many make the mistake of whacking others with a big lamp and using the light as a secondary feature. bards can be a little hard to love because they’re rather emotionally unstable and psychotic (like gamzee) or just plain old rude and annoying (like cronus). They might even blow the cover of a mysterious character or if a troll reveal their mutated blood or other mutations. She also is extremely well informed on the history of their Ancestors, probably through talking extensively with Kankri which shows how much information means to her as a Lightbound. The Thief would have to learn what it is for and how it is used too. Sight???!!! They’d always have their eyes on the prize and could track the tiniest headless fly stumble around other flies and always know exactly where it is. Though this would most likely require God Tiering. Inevitability: A Thief of Time may steal away inevitable outcomes, whether by rewinding them and doing things differently or by simply bubbling up the time that outcome is in and stealing it away. A floor lamp, flashlight, camera, flash grenades, lavalamp, fairylights, just about anything will do. sorry if the formatting on my posts are a little weird from not on, because for some reason whenever I press enter it refreshes the page and makes me lose my progress on the post. I Hope this will be good enough. Mages understand their aspect and can use that understanding to manipulate it and some speculate they can even create it. He destroyed passively Terezi’s life through their kismesitude for an example.
Whether good or bad the Knight must strike an even balance by giving the overpowered players worse luck and the opposite. They will be surrounded by obscurity on all sides, not knowing what is going on and even who the other players are truly, whether they hadn’t met or they weren’t honest. He could send things to the void that without their presence, destruction would ensue. Search for a good way of representing this concept and don’t forget the Denizen has the last mystery: The Choice. * They would be drained by it, whether they work on a large farm or as a servant or just have an extremely needy lusus, they would always be far too busy to indulge themselves in anything the actually like. That is all. That’s about all I can think of for now but later I’ll try and add more. Bard of Hope. He was training to kill a god but someone talk him out of it. Superstition??!! A small detail to note aside from his love for music is that he collects dead things. I find this is the most canon thing about a Thief of Time I can make as it embodies Time bounds and Thieves well. A rogue of bloods powers could be along the lines of they make other people’s friendships fail and make someone else’s flourish. Maybe a rebels alliance against the hemospectrum or maybe the rebel resistance, working for the Empire. ”.
Mages have been known to suffer from their aspect, so a mage of blood might suffer from his friends whether it’s them not being good friends back or the mage taking the good friend thing way out of proportion and over exerting themself. A Knight has been depicted as someone with a necessity to feel necessary and useful to others. True but he a bard. Hope is the aspect of belief, believing in yourself, believing in others and can also be seen as a holy aspect. If a Mage of Void is one who knows about mysteries and lack of information, then their land should be related to that. Either failing to climb echeladder tiers or accidentally killing imps without actually fighting them. This is actually a rather interesting Void player passive effect it seems; Darkleer who is a post scratch’d version of a Page of Void had a similar effect thus why he was the one to hide the Cue Ball for Mindfang, and Calliope also notes that she is less likely to be found when she’s around Roxy in the dream bubbles. Yet it implied cronus wasn’t like this. Light bounds tend not to be peaceful librarians but avanturers that seek the information. (could be seen as *allows* destruction through Aspect/ to Aspect) Void: Nothing, secrecy/mystery, lack, darkness/obscurity/hiding, irrelevancy. Also which meaning of the Aspect you are using? Through: This would mean either that they do absolutely nothing to contribute to the session or anything else, in case this isn’t for a fansession setting, making all of it fall apart because of their lack of attention to it. She also steals identities by roleplaying and that way benefits others who roleplay with her. Only for another version of herself to be kidnapped by an omniscient being, serving Lord English until her time to be ended comes, which she gladly accepts while fighting.

The powers of a witch would be literally manipulating emotions, in battle they can decrease enemies morale while increasing their teams. A mage of time would hardly ever be late for anything and know how to avoid conflicting schedules. They’d have to go through the whole Land and look through each chest until they find the one containing the piece of information that would give the Seer of their session their Sight back, but it must be given to the consorts too. Of: This would mean they allow nothing to be destroyed, breaking the Void itself to make it vanish and where nothingness leaves something must appear. Though fistKind would mean they have no weapon so they brawl instead or they could refuse to fight completely. Could you analyze Bard of Doom? Certainly! They might have even stole literal eyes in order to give them to a blind friend to implant. Another thing to keep in mind is that sburb sometimes gives classpect combos that are near opposite of what the player actually is so a mage of time might be someone who cant schedule properly and is horrible at time management, meaning their challenge would be to develop effective time management skills. Then said “umm ok” then everything went to heck. First things first Knights are a canonically proven to be non-exclusive Class when it comes to genders.

Bard of Time.

It could be taken as the destruction of those secrets or those being revealed lead to destruction through those secrects. Heir of Blood Heir of Breath (John) Heir of Doom (Mituna) Heir of Heart Heir of Hope Heir of Life Heir of Light Heir of Mind Heir of Rage Heir of Space Heir of Time Heir of Void (Equius) Heir of Fear Heir of Zen. They would serve others their sight by telling certain people what they see, being a spy and going to investigate places that might be the next targets. The consorts hide it because they’re afraid of what the secrets would make the heroes do once they’re uncovered since they’re all related. Aspect: ... Aside from their land housing the Scratch Construct, they would also have the ability to manipulate timelines and jump between them (shown my Damara and the Handmaid). The potential land of a Seer of Void might be LOMAS, or the Land of Mirrors and Silence.