Just planted about 240 onion sets 2 weeks ago and they look great! The seed will even germinate in temperatures that are too hot for most lettuce seed. Spacing: Between rows: 25cm. OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute) Listed, Individual Salanova® Varieties | Dynamic Comparison Chart, New Hydroponic Lettuce Varieties from Johnny's | Printable 4-pp Brochure (PDF). From May 1st 2014 onwards, the resistance claim of a variety refers only to Bl:16-31.P.s. We want you, our customer, to be 100% satisfied with all of our seeds, tools, and supplies. You can find various gardening supplies, seed conservation tools, Books and pure holy land honeycombs produced by our local bee keeper Dr. Ben Shimon. Recommended for fall-winter greenhouse crops . If crop can be both direct-seeded or transplanted, days to maturity refers to direct seeding. Sign up for our newsletter and get news about the company as well as gardening tips, growing advice, and plating reccomendations. Open Pollinated Lettuce, Batavia lettuce type, relatively tolerant of hot weather. HR: Bl 16-25. I think every person I have served it to has remarked that is is one of the best tomatoes they have ever tasted. Most summer crisp lettuce has loose, wavy leaved heads, but some are more compact and almost iceberg-like. Resistant and flexible leaf that makes a great handling and packaging. HRHigh Resistance. Sow seeds in an interval of two weeks for continual harvest. Sprouted so fast and strong but still seedlings. Consider cutting alternating plants to extend harvest window, allowing remaining plants to continue to grow. There's a problem loading this menu right now. Summer Crisp Lettuce (Batavia) Also known as French crisp or Batavia lettuce, summer crisp types are easy to grow, relatively tolerant of hot weather, and harvestable from baby leaf to full size. But the others have been GREAT little seedlings so far. With broad and professional experience Nativity Seed organization offers you our assistance. Head Lettuce: Keep 14–20 days, less for delicate types like butterhead and oakleaf, and longer for lettuce grown slowly in cooler temperatures. Pack heads in layers facing cut ends away. Copyright © 2017 Nativity Seeds. Shade the flats on sunny, warm days if necessary to keep the soil surface cool, below 75°F (24°C), until … Sow 4–6 seeds/inch in rows at least 2" apart. If necessary, utilize shade and frequent misting to keep trays cooled below 75°F (25°C) during germination. Please turn it on so that you can experience the full capabilities of this site. Charlie Heck . I had 40 mph winds my greenhouse fell over and was so surprised the seeds survived two days in the cold under soil and are still growing. Sow small amounts every 2 weeks from late March until July. Do not cover the seeds! All seeds offered in our website are open pollinated varieties, that haven't had any chemical treatment and are not GMOs. This product does not ship to the following states: Plant varieties that highly restrict the growth and development of the specified pest or pathogen under normal pest or pathogen pressure when compared to susceptible varieties. Batavia lettuce belongs to the lettuce family and is originally from France. Sow 1 seed per cell in modular trays and plant out 4 to 5 weeks after sowing. : Although race Bl:19 is to the best of our knowledge also no longer observed in practice nowadays, reference to the race Bl:19 will continue to be made in resistance claims with regard to B. lactucae to simplify the notation of the resistance claim. lycopersiciForFusarium oxysporum f.sp. Lettuce, Red Leaf Romaine Lettuce Seeds, Non-GMO, 150+ Seeds per Package, Healthy Hearty, A Great addtion to Any Salad.