As a selective school, entry into the school in Year 7 is based upon results in a statewide examination known as the Selective High Schools Test. Brainworks has a highly supportive environment with a maximum of six students per teacher. [11] For the first year, students and teachers at the school were relocated to nearby Castle Hill High School whilst Baulkham Hills High School was still under construction. These schools offer an opportunity for gifted students to showcase their talent … you get in because you live in the area). "[12], Acknowledgement of the agricultural history of the area is also reflected in the naming of the four intramural sports houses of the school, which are named after four prominent early European settlers in the area: MacDougall (red), Suttor (blue), Meehan (yellow) and Hughes (green). As others have mentioned, Baulkham Hills High is a selective school (i.e. Scholarships Intensive & Workshop Programs. FOR YOUR CHILD? A variety of academic extra-curricular activities are offered, in various subject areas. It also shows an orange, as this area was one of the main orange producing areas of the State, and the school in fact is built on an orange orchard. Later, the students were accompanied by students from Model Farms High School as their school was still being built, despite Baulkham Hills High still being incomplete at the time. In 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 the Quad School Tournament continued and all five years were won by Baulkham Hills High School.

Baulkham Hills High School Selective Entry Exam Preparation. It is understandable that parents want their children to qualify for the top selective schools in NSW. There are 4 components to the exam which include: Creative and persuasive writing techniques, developing structure & content. The school holds annual sports carnivals for swimming, cross country and athletics. All students are Australian (or have permanent residency status) however they were born in over ... Student assessment is based on he National Assessment Program - Literacy and Numeracy(.

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Thoroughly develop an understanding of fundamental mathematical skills and learn how to apply them to more complex problems. Brainworks has a highly supportive environment with a maximum of six students per teacher. From year eight onwards, there's only one double period of PE and there's recreational/grade sport on Wednesdays. [citation needed] The school was built …

Brainworks provides individualised tuition for the greatest benefit.

that can be used to prepare for tests.

However, from my time in this school so far, what I've learnt is that most of the teachers are pretty good-most are nice, supportive and encouraging. Again, Baulkham Hills High School won the tournament. [16] The competition returned in 2014, with Baulkham Hills hosting basketball, Girraween hosting touch football, James Ruse hosting soccer and Penrith hosting volleyball. In this time, recruits and intermediate cadets are instructed by older students who have earned the rank of a non-commissioned officer, in drill, military traditions, navigation, survival, fieldcraft and leadership. Selected students compete in wider regional competitions, from Zone and Area to the CHS (Combined High Schools). This school is absolutley amazing! The Tri-School Tournament was first held in 2011 between Baulkham Hills, James Ruse Agricultural High School and Girraween High School. It's certainly true that many students at this school go tutoring, but most students are pretty smart and/or talented in some area or another. Cadets participate in the Castle Hill RSL ANZAC Day Dawn Service every year[citation needed] and attend many camps and activities throughout the year to apply their knowledge, including a trip to Holsworthy or Singleton Military Base[citation needed] to experience shooting live rounds on the current service rifle of the Australian Army and Navy, the F88 Austeyr. Students receive individualised tutoring and a customised selective entry program for Baulkham Hills High School. Entry points to our programs include term 3 and 4 of year 4 and all terms of year 5, though students can begin at any time.

When making a choice parents should consider the following: (1) Choose schools which reflect the child's academic capabilities. Established in June 1970, the school enrolled approximately 1,220 students in 2018, from Year 7 to Year 12, of whom one percent identified as Indigenous Australians and 83 percent were from a language background other than English.

3. There are ten staff rooms for all of the faculties. © Copyright 2020 Brainworks International | Website by Xceed. Again, Baulkham Hills High School won the tournament.

Girraween High School . Learn techniques to solve numerical, verbal and abstract reasoning problems. I'm one of the junior students so I don't really know what it's like to be facing the HSC in senior years, etc. [14] Entry into vacant places in later stages is based on a reserve list and other criteria; mainly reports and academic achievements from previous years. Baulkham Hills High School . The school was ranked fifth in 2018, and ninth in 2019. Cadets parade in the school quadrangle (the main open space in the centre of the school) every Thursday afternoon from 1500 to 1700. As of 2020[update] the total number of enrolments was 1,225 students.[13]. The use of the word "Persevere" as the school motto encourages students to persevere in all their studies. In my time at Baulkham Hills I … Determined by examination performance and school assessment scores if applicable. Pay no heed to these hooligans! Our program is taught in modular format with flexible attendance options. Placements for students in Years 8 to 12 do not depend solely on a centralised test system.

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The selective entry … Green Group (A club devoted to saving the environment and environmental preservation activities), Jeff Sinclair - had an affair with a student in 2001, was later fired, This page was last edited on 22 October 2020, at 00:34. [15], Starting 2013, Penrith High School joined the sporting tournament previously known as the Tri-School Tournament between Baulkham Hills High School, James Ruse Agricultural High School and Girraween High School. Minimum entry score: 231: More Photos: School Comment. Baulkham Hills High School is an academically selective, coeducational high school drawing students from 95 suburbs of mainly western and north western Sydney. This history is acknowledged by the use of an orange on the school logo. Hornsby Girls High School . The school was built on the site of a former orange orchard, with the region having once been a major orange producing area of Sydney. I'm in year 9 and know hundreds of children faking to be parents on these types of reviews.Almost all of the 'Parents' on this review are irresponsible and arrogant students.