All youth groups have issues that need managed and addressed from time to time. (Can’t you just practice faith privately?

(identity topic or choices topic), Is it ok to celebrate Halloween?

Is my friend or family member going to Hell because they don’t believe in Jesus?

Thank you. She has been a Christian most of her life but this will be her first Bible Study so I wanted to keep it simple.”   – K. G. “Thank you!

What is a prophecy in the Bible and how should you think about it?

What are you going to do after high school?

As part of our duty to shape youth into critically-thinking adults, we need to address theological issues with teens. A review of the past year, helping youth process the decisions they made that led them to this very point. Mrs. St. George challenges girls to examine their own behavior and measure it against God’s word and to become doers of the word, not hearers only.

Powered by God's Word. (refer to your church’s doctrinal beliefs, such as if they adhere to Calvinism or Arminianism. There are infinite ideas for youth sermons – we just wanted to give you a list to turn to if you’re trying to figure out what to talk about next.

“I  printed your study “The Fruit of the Spirit” and it was perfect. ), Legal drug use (self-care, depression, etc. . Your lessons are very simple in format and yet powerful. See what we mean?

Basic Bible Study Lessons for YOUth Preteens Discipleship Bible Lessons for Tweens:.

Thank you!”  – email. What is the book of Revelation and how should we understand it? Written exercises encourage girls to gather information from the Bible and the dictionary. Jesus?

What if do if you or a friend is in an abusive relationship?

What is an epistle and how were they written?

Examination of individual disciples’ background. There are potentially thousands of stories you could derive from the Old Testament, and this list is intended to help jump start your thinking about teaching from the Old Testament and represents many of the most well-known stories from its pages. Sermons and lessons focused specifically on this topic can encourage students to have a stronger relationship with the Bible and demystify its role in the Christian life.

I used them for ages (girls and boys) 7-14.”  – Wendy, “Just wanted to send you a huge THANK YOU!

The persecution and conversion of Saul/Paul, What did the disciples do after Jesus’ ascension, Paul is reconciled with the first disciples and James, Paul is persecuted and imprisoned by officials.

“I made copies of it for the girls in my cabin at Christian Camp . We had our bible study and the girls loved it.

Recognizing Temptation - You can’t overcome temptation if you don’t know what it is! Thinking about yourself as part of the Body of Christ, Lessons on bodily Resurrection and Rapture, Lessons from the Heroes of Faith (Hebrews 11).

The following is a list of ideas that might be helpful for specific times of the year that lend themselves closely to sharing Christian teaching and theology. THANKSGIVING LESSONS: Thanksgiving Lesson #1 – …

A catfish typically has fake social media accounts and tries to lure others into relationships, providing information, or exploiting by some other means. Spiritually Hungry is a Christian website developed to encourage and guide you into a closer relationship with God by focusing on breaking down barriers to a deeper spiritual life. We are just beginners in this and we are loving it.”  –  T.M. What is our church’s view on who can be a leader or pastor? !”  – Wayne, “I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THESE STUDIES! I was struggling with age-appropriate material and your studies were just perfect! There are hundreds of stories from the Gospels that can do this, and virtually every verse in the Gospels could be crafted into a meaningful sermon. What to think if you’re the only person in your family who is a Christian. (A lesson on identity, goals, or determination), Why some Christians don’t celebrate Halloween, Should we as Christians dress up and pretend to be something else, especially if it is a “dark” character or thing?

I am now printing one for my 13 year old daughter.

and was so very happy to find these lessons, they were a quick study and very easy to explain………..Thank you all so very much…………Love IT!!! A lesson on self-esteem, self-worth, independence.

A lesson talking about how Jesus always showed true love.

what you watch, who you hang out with, what you listen to all shape you), Alcohol use (self-care, depression, etc. – S. G. “Thank you for your outlines and teaching material, it is a real challenge for me to teach the teens and keep them biblically correct.
Thank you so very much”.

These questions go along with a lot of the topics presented in this post. It presents scripture to support key statements and encourages girls to look toward the Bible for answers to all of life’s questions.

Helping students understand how to read and Acts and the Epistles is a great way to equip them for understanding theology, what the church is, and what day-to-day Christian life should look like.
), Illegal drug use (self-care, depression, etc. Why are there so many rules in the Old Testament?

Holy Spirit? Choosing individual topics about self-issues for sermons and lessons is great way to engage youth personally and get them to think about the everyday decisions that they make. One of the Fruit of the Spirit is love, did you know love is a gift from God?

I can’t wait to get started with the girls in our church” – Mary, Calvary Chapel, “Each study is brief and well written. (This could be taught by youth leader and/or youth themselves as a sharing night). DISCUSSION BASED BIBLE STUDIES FREE downloadable and printable small group Bible Study lessons for youth, college, adults (both men and women). The Old Testament is very broad in its topics, and it may be best to simply choose topics you feel led to teach on and develop a plan around incorporating them into your youth ministry. Creating a safe environment in your youth ministry is a way to handle those questions in an appropriate place and build up faith. ), What is unique about your denomination (if you are in a denomination or if not, what that’s unique), Contemporary worship vs. “I am a 15-year-old girl and I have started a bible study with my younger sisters and their friends..their friends only came to the Lord about 2 weeks ago…thanks very much!” – email, “I was asked to teach youth Bible study at the last min. These are great topics for introducing more Bible study to a group, or helping students who have a fragmented understanding of Jesus’ ministry and what it means.

The Bible is the foundation of most of our understanding of faith, and helping youth grow in their understanding of the Bible is a way to equip them for a lifetime in faith. Perhaps at no other point in life are relationships and friendships thought about so much as during the teenage years. Get the free Youth Group Planning Cheat Sheet and Stop All of your planning problems! These studies are a blessing to those of us who are just beginning.” – Pam, “…an excellent tool to help turn their hearts toward the Lord” – email, “I am a youth pastor and youth camp director and plan to use parts for our annual purity luncheon so many young ladies will be blessed by your efforts.

Title Page (View)    Printable Version (PDF), Dealing with Anger (View)Printable Version (PDF)Leader’s Guide (Shop), The Call to be Different (View)Printable Version (PDF)Leader’s Guide (Shop), Commitment to Christ (View)Printable Version (PDF)Leader’s Guide (Shop), Contentment (View)Printable Version (PDF)Leader’s Guide (Shop), Devotional Time (View)Printable Version (PDF)Leader’s Guide (Shop), Discernment (View)Printable Version (PDF)Leader’s Guide (Shop), Dealing with Guilt (View)Printable Version (PDF)Leader’s Guide (Shop), Integrity (View)Printable Version (PDF)Leader’s Guide (Shop), Laziness (View)Printable Version (PDF)Leader’s Guide (Shop), Popularity (View)Printable Version (PDF)Leader’s Guide (Shop), Priorities (View)Printable Version (PDF)Leader’s Guide (Shop), Pushing the Limits (View)Printable Version (PDF)Leader’s Guide (Shop), Reputation (View)Printable Version (PDF)Leader’s Guide (Shop), Self Image (View)Printable Version (PDF)Leader’s Guide (Shop), Power of the Tongue (View)Printable Version (PDF)Leader’s Guide (Shop), Stewardship (View)Printable Version (PDF)Leader’s Guide (Shop), Handling Stress (View)Printable Version (PDF)Leader’s Guide (Shop), Technology (View)Printable Version (PDF)Leader’s Guide (Shop), Time Management (View)Printable Version (PDF)Leader’s Guide (Shop), Unity (View)Printable Version (PDF)Leader’s Guide (Shop), Introduction (View)    Printable Version (PDF), Part 1 - Who Is God?

Your material is a blessing.”, “I just downloaded your Modesty Bible study.

I used one of your bible lessons this  past Wednesday for our Youth Class and they LOVED it!”  – Kelly, “I just reviewed the material and am really excited to start a small study with my daughter, 2 other mothers and their daughters.” – email.

What to think if your friends or family don’t trust or believe in the Bible. Who should I pray to – God The Father?

Christianity/Relationship With God Youth Sermons. First steps to take after accepting Jesus as Lord of your life.

Overall, I would recommend them to be used alongside your daughter, as an independent devotional, or for group study with a church or homeschool group.” – Jessica Harvey, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, Copyright © 2008 - 2020 Christian Youth Bible Studies.

!”, “I find the lessons very helpful in getting my youth to understand about the Bible and JESUS!! What’s great about this list is that we provide instructions for each game. We also have a big list of small group questions for youth group that can get your students really talking. My husband and I are the Youth Pastors of our teens church. We hope we gave you at least an idea or two . Number 16 What was the purpose of feasts for the people of the Old Testament? Being hard on yourself or pressuring yourself, Real life versus online persona (does who you are online match who you are in the real world), How to discern God’s calling in your life.

Why did God decide to give us the Bible, instead of some other form of communication? Why is God so “mean” in the Old Testament?

Why was Jesus born as a baby and what does that mean?

The church’s obligations to the community, Lessons on church membership (or why your church doesn’t have membership), Qualifications for being a church leader (use your church’s theology/doctrine/rules in shaping your lesson). Our faith has much to speak into the lives of youth, and our job is to help foster an identity rooted in Christ. We also offer basic lessons for the new believer.

. Do you have to believe in God (The Trinity) to get to Heaven? Created by Bean Graphics. Who are trusted people to go to with questions about the Bible? What is the Kingdom of Heaven?

(View)    Printable Version (PDF), Part 7 - What Is the Purpose of My Life? Do you go directly to heaven when you die?

Additionally, it’s very important to use your church’s beliefs and doctrines as the basis for your teaching, and make sure to check-in with your pastor or other church leaders if you’re not entirely certain what your denomination or church believes on a particular issue.