Oddly enough, Father Gascoigne actually carries the. You can dodge sideways more often, but you still need to be careful. Depending on how far he was from you, he may either have chased you down the building or ran back down the stairs (which would be the best scenario).

Run to the obelisk for cover when he transforms4. Depending on what you do his children may end up dead there.

Keep a moderate distance from him by dashing backwards and wait until he performs his multiple swipe attack and shoot him in the face while he is slashing the air, which will net you multiple Visceral Attack opportunities, making him go down very fast. You can dodge forward and avoid it, or move backwards and out of it's range.

Hide behind gravestones and time/spam R23.

You can summon Father Gascoigne to help you fight the, This boss fight is not optional as it's currently the only way to reach the. He may occasionally fire his blunderbuss shot, so it's recommended to gain some distance yourself or sidestep when he follows it up with a regular attack, and try for the heavy swing again. It is also possible to get him stuck on one of the trees in the corners of the cemetery, leaving you the opportunity to hit him from the other side of the tree repeatedly until he transforms. Dodge away and parry or attack from range.

Other girl is never mentioned by the daughter in the window at all. Doing this four times will almost, if not completely, kill him, making the entire fight take as little as 45 seconds to a minute. Took one minute to beat him first try, I love molotovs! This can be used to recover the health from his attack fairly instantly. While the player could use this opportunity to get in a free hit, the speed of the double-handed axe makes the weapon fairly useless in this scenario. If you need space, drop down from the landing and make the loop back up, healing as needed. In the beginning, Father Gascoigne fights with a normal, At roughly 75-80% health remaining, Father Gascoigne attacks you with a transformed. Hitting him during his aerial attack is nearly impossible and will result in you simply being smashed underfoot. Even though his equipment set is actually above-average when dealing with fire damage, Father Gascoigne is still weak against fire damage. 1 R2D2 Scream Add to Soundpad. Use a weapon quicker than his axe. If you fully clear Central Yarhnam 2-3 times depending on starting class, you should be able to get enough blood echoes to get either strength or skill to 30. It is one of the first bosses encountered in the game, and the first boss to be revealed during the game's development. Fight defensively, heal freely, and try to just burn him down.

R2-D2 Scream. I knew this game was right up my alley when i beat him first try, first build. While in his beast form, Gascoigne will gain the ability to destroy the tombstones, making the above strategy obsolete. I remember when I first fought this guy. Because Father Gascoigne is such a fast target, he will almost always step in the range of the attack, and rarely attempts to avoid it at all, instead trying to attack you out of it. Although at first glance the Cleric Beast appears to have a malnourished and almost skeletal body, this monster has high agility and supernatural strength. Father Gascoine hates the sewers. When entering phase 2 (and only the first time you enter phase 2) "What's that smell? Be aware of the sheer difficulty that predicting his movements so far in advance can make using the axe in this phase incredibly difficult, so come prepared with items or a backup weapon. In beast form, he becomes stronger, faster and more aggressive, at the cost of his sanity.

A true tutorial boss. If you have summoned him for the fight against the Cleric Beast, any attempts to lead him near the sewers will result in him using his Silencing Blank and leaving. The heavy swing only requires that you have stamina (regardless of how little) to perform the heavy swing, and you will always have a chance to use it if you manage to connect the second swing of the heavy swing with Father Gascoigne, as he will never get up quick enough to stop you before you can. As his attire description reveals, the title "Father" is actually a reference to his literal paternal status: he has 2 daughters, both of which still hope for his return after the hunt. I had trouble on him the first time because I had been used to attacking slowly and patiently due to Dark Souls, but Father Gascoigne conditioned me to play like a true hunter, and I felt that was him passing his curse onto me... A truly amazing boss that has my heart racing every time I fight him... Wow. Did you know that according to PSN, roughly half of the people who bought the game have gotten the trophy for beating gascoigne?

It's enough to make a man sick".

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Father Gascoigne Information. Gascoigne's surname is based off Irish origin.

It is incredibly effective at keeping him from getting too close to the player as long as the player has sufficiently practised the heavy swing with R2 and learned the timing, recovery time, and speed.

You can dodge away from it or parry it if your timing is good. In his final phase, he's extremely quick, hits hard, and has a lot of reach. In Phase 1, dodge to your left and away often, if you're not sure what he's about to do.


i know that "he hates the sewers" is said in a joking manner, but it's actually because fromsoft doesn't want you using Gascoigne to battle Gascoigne, which is a shame since that would be pretty funny, Safest method:1.
Heh nothing personal kid. The cleric beasts are huge creatures with hideous horns and shrieks that sound like cries of agony.

The benefit of this strategy may allow a player with insufficient levels to take on human Father Gascoigne without having to grind so heavily for blood echoes, however the second phase may still require it, thus, it may be necessary to upgrade your axe at the workshop, increase your strength and endurance, or build your character according to your play style and use that for his second phase.

Went in blind, and tried to cheese him behind some tombstones. Hitting either will damage his health bar, meaning one player can distract the beast form while another hits the defenceless human form. Once the second phase actives, performing the heavy attack is still effective, but far more difficult, as Father Gascoigne will rarely be far from his opponent.

Be aware that every time you send him flying, you will break tombstones if he connects with them while being propelled back. Instead, it is better to simply heal if needed, give yourself ample time to charge the attack when he comes running. He has trouble hitting you with the blunderbuss if you're on the stairs, as well. There is a good opening after he performs this attack.

Your options at this point are: Should you decide to continue using the axe, try running up the stairs, falling back into the graveyard, and preparing for when he comes close. However, it could also point to Gascoigne's Irish connections, as priests in Ireland are colloquially referred to as "Father", think calling someone "Sir".

If you summon Father Gascoigne for the Cleric Beast boss fight and you happen to have the Tiny Music Box, using it will make Father Gascoigne give you an unimpressed grunt or a small chuckle.

Father Gascoigne can be found at the end of. His equipment set reveals that his clothing had a "pungent beastly smell," indicating that his transformation had been slow and ate away at his humanity over time. Sad they don't know what kind of experience they're missing, very easy on an arcane build. His dialogue, ". Blood Echoes: NG (1,800), NG+(34,393), NG++ (37,832), NG+3 (42,991), NG+4 (51,589), NG+6 and so on (85,982).

I beat Father Gascoine on my first try and he was a hard fight, but if you play patiently the boss will be a lot easier. Cleric Beast Dog Scream [BLOODBORNE] - Coub - The Biggest Video Meme Platform by Декаданс Десу

Wish more hunter bosses like him were in CDs.

You can dodge into or away from the swing to avoid damage. Keep Gascoigne away from the walls and gravestones and then use the Tiny Music Box and rush him with a fully charged R2 to his back, followed by a Visceral Attack.

This may result in the battle going on longer, but still has the added bonus of sending him flying when struck, If you gained the Saw Hunter Badge, purchase a faster weapon, such as the Threaded Cane, and use that weapon in conjunction with your firearm of choice. R2D2 SCREAM.