It brings all the fall vibes, no matter what time of year you make it, and it just feels cozy. The flavor is usually vanilla or plain, which are basically the same. When you suck the filling straight out all in one go. I normally reserve the "healthy" options for the back ends of these lists.

Well, an apple cake can be made two ways: it can be a super sweet moist cake that's awesome, or it can have pieces of apple inside it. It'll perk up any dessert table or birthday party. Related: The 19 Biggest Fast-Food Flops of All Time. A "should this even get a participation trophy?" If you eat a whole bag of these too quickly, your mouth might set on fire, but there are some consequences we must accept in our quest for chip perfection.

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Visit Insider's homepage for more stories. The pretzel/crackers (prackers?) If we think that sounds delightful and if we like the idea of making a spice cake around the holidays, then cool. There's something about an apple cake that's just so wonderful. Many people like angel food cake, but still others would agree that the texture is way too spongy and, therefore, off-putting. These are the crispiest, most flavorful roast potatoes you'll ever make. A chocolate chip cake is amazing.

These things legitimately smell like fresh jalapeños, which is not as pleasant as you'd expect. If you want a pizza-themed Goldfish, don't opt for anything else.

Wanna fight me? Like the two flavors listed before it, when you eat these suckers, they basically turn to dust in the win -- without the sentimental value of the Kansas song -- and with a much, much more bitter aftertaste. They're heartier and more texturally varied than most bagged snacks. That said, Takis are outstanding and if Doritos is going to rip off another thing, they chose a very good one. Related: Famous Franks! Account active

If eating these is your idea of a good time, dream bigger. She offers him some "Turkish Delight," which is a magical treat designed to taste exactly like whatever your favorite thing in the world is. It may depend on the day, but I will absolutely order them both again. In this ranking, everything after this wrap is something I'd consider ordering again — maybe. However, with all the exciting directions that the ice cream world has taken us over the last five years, it was simply too hard to discount the disruption that some of the newer, more hand-crafted, hipster-y ice cream shops have made. It's not something that we eat super often, but we honestly should incorporate it into our lives much more.

And, for some unexplainable reason, they just taste better -- like an idealized version of the Cheddar we know and love. Either way, it's totally craveable. Like the Whole Grain Pretzel, the bitterness will kick in and your saliva will dissipate. The next 19 flavors simply overshadow and outshine the classic. You know... like a pound cake or a lemon loaf.

And it deserves all the love and popularity that it has. This was the best McDonald's milkshake I tried. The flavor combo didn't do much for me when added together, especially when compared with the rest of the mixes on this list. This can also be called a banana chocolate chip cake, which, obviously, sounds epic. After all that, the flavors are largely incidental, but we went ahead and tasted them all for you, with the exception of Zesty Salsa. If a plain banana cake is too dull for us but we want something a bit more exciting than plain old chocolate, then this combination is right up our dessert-eating alleys. One of my major qualms while trying all these Goldfish is that I truly believe if I were to have an entire bag of any of these flavors, I would eventually grow tired of what they had to offer.

It's always sweet and often has a great glaze on top. Marble cake needs to make up its mind: is it a vanilla cake or a chocolate cake? I realized quite quickly that Whole Grain Pretzel was at the bottom of the this barrel. The classic: salty cracker tube around a cheese-paste center. Gross.

Taking the number six spot is the strawberries and cream cake. The list contains current Combo flavors, along with discontinued flavors, like peanut butter cracker, mustard pretzel and more. But if I was, I do think I'd hold these salty, smiling fish in high regard. That's basically the whole point. The taste of the burger was overpowered by the onions and barbecue sauce — which isn't necessarily a bad thing. Here are my first reactions to 30 riffs on an old favorite -- and how they stack up to the (rightly) smug grin of the classic Cheddar. The new edition boasts even more ranch flavor, which is something we did not know we needed, but here we are.

Andrew LaSane for Insider; Ruobing Su/Insider. More compact than the previous sandwich, the bacon BBQ burger was delicious, but it was hard to taste the meat patty. That's why it's sitting at number 21 on this list of cake flavors. It's like the blue raspberry phenomenon. While I generally don’t love thin chips, this flavour combo is just too delicious to pass up. Weirdly, these taste good.

That said, the chicken was tender, and overall it was tasty enough to avoid being in the bottom 10 of my ranking.

It's number 14 on this list of cake flavors since it might not be as popular or made as often as a straight-up chocolate cake, but hey, it should be. I dig it, and would crush these guppies up and put them on pulled pork in an instant. It's an argument that's been around since 1936, when the first Quality Street box was launched. Combos were invented in the 1970’s by Mars, Incorporated and sold in North America. Extra spicy, bursting with lime, and a powder coating that will leave your fingers red for the next eight years. There are a few flavor combos that work very well no matter what medium you find them in.

I liked that it didn't contain too much syrup (you can tell from its pale color), so it didn't taste like slurping down a chocolate bar with a straw. I have chips to eat! A last place. You might be disappointed here since the flavor is pretty subtle.

Doesn't taste like raspberry, but we all know that flavor anyway. Second of all, the combination of the cream cheese frosting and the chocolate flavor is too good. Each flavor can be voted on as your favorite with the list order changing with every vote that’s cast. Oh, and also cheesy. I don't love caramel, but I liked how it mixed with the creamy soft serve. A funfetti cake is a vanilla cake with sprinkles. The perfect breakfast sandwich does exist, and it is this bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit. It's got that bright, gorgeous color and, usually, a thick layer of chocolate frosting. This cake is made with egg whites, sugar, and flour, and it's not as beloved as some other cake flavors out there. Why is it better? You can order two, four, six, or 10 tenders, and I opted for two. To sum it up in one brief sentence, the Parmesan flavor basically comes off as a slightly sharper version of the tried-and-true Cheddar.

It takes the number 10 spot since it's not something that you see every day (and it's not something that you'd necessarily think to bake when you're making dessert). Like what you see here? No way. I dipped a few in ranch dressing, and did not hate it. Well, except for the whole grain versions. But when I tossed this lil' fishy into my mouth, I realized it was frail, brittle, and dusty.

Here are 25 cake flavors ranked from worst to best. They should have called it Power Parm. When eating a salty chip, you need that crunch-factor! The fast-food giant had about 66 dishes for me to try, which cost me about $270 in total. They're definitely tolerable for anybody who fears too much spice thanks to the definite sweetness, and the whole experience isn't unlike a sweet chili glaze that you might dip a pork skewer into.

This has American cheese and sausage on an English muffin. I'm moving it down a couple of spots because I liked the McGriddles more and would be more likely to get those again instead of this. The sweet ketchup and onions, salty bacon and beef, crunchy pickles, and gooey cheese were the fast-food equivalent of a "chef's kiss" sound.

One hash brown on its own is not worth $1.99 to me, but it works well as a part of a meal deal, like the McDonald's big breakfast with hotcakes. Popcorn Chicken And Rice Is The New Movie Snack In The Philippines, Udon Wanna Eat This: 22 Candies From Japan That Really Went Too Far. Sure, these weren't as soft as I expected them to be, but McDonald's cookies are excellent and not overwhelmed with chocolate bits. I don't think I'll ever order a plain Big Mac again knowing that this exists. Here are 25 cake flavors ranked from worst to best. The name is a mouthful and so is the burger. 29 Best Hot Dog Stands Across America, The 19 Biggest Fast-Food Flops of All Time, Doritos, Twinkies, and Other Guilty Pleasures You Can Make at Home. The Pringle chip itself has a weird taste that needs to be overpowered by a tasty flavour. Pound cake is super dense. That counts for a lot, and it's number 16. You don't really look to Goldfish for BBQ flavors, right? The red coloring can come from straight-up food coloring or beets for a healthier, more natural take. These are weirdly not bad.

Triple the meat should be paired with more cheese, chopped onions, or other toppings. A yellow cake is a total classic. The sausage was OK, but those cold spots on top of it threw off the balance.

We reserve the right to delete off-topic or inflammatory comments. This amazing sugary invention is an awesome way to get some frosting since it might seem strange to simply buy (or make) some and eat it... although it's probably been done. This can also be a strawberry shortcake - it's essentially the same thing: a sponge-like vanilla layer cake with cream and strawberries in between the layers.

The biscuit was golden and buttery, the sausage was flavorful albeit a bit dry, and the egg was pretty standard. together as one item because I love them equally.

Although I initially gave this a pretty high spot in my breakfast ranking, I've had some time to think and the hype has died down.