In simple words, a MIS is a computer-based information system which assists managers in decision-making and … A smart application relies on both human and artificial intelligence. DSS, Decision Support System, is also to help making decisions. Decision making is an important part managing organizations successfully. By the 1980s, intensive research on DSS was underway, and new theories and concepts emerged from single-user models of DSS, including organizational decision support systems (ODSSs), group decision support systems (GDSSs) and executive information systems (EISs). It facilitates the free flow and exchange of ideas and information among the group members. MIS, Management Information System, is a computer based program to assist users to make decisions based on information present in the system. In group decision-making, various individuals in a group take part in collaborative decision-making. Decision Support Systems (DSS) A decision support system is an interactive computer-based system that serves the decision making needs of managers. A DSS employs various analytical models to perform a low-level analysis of data and produce information. Management information system MIS and decision support system DSS are the two terms that are used in the field of business management. MIS – Decision Support System (DSS): In this tutorial, we are going to learn about the decision support system (DSS) in Management Information Systems with its characteristics, model, etc. Decision making is central to the success of your business. Decision Support System (DSS) is an interactive, flexible computer based information system or sub-system intended to help decision makers use communication technologies, data, documents to identify and solve problems, complete decision process tasks and make decision. Group Decision Support System (GDSS) is a decision support system that provides support in decision making by a group of people. See Details – Decision Support System (DSS) To reach the DSS level of sophistication in information technology, a firm must have established a transaction processing system and a management information system. A decision support system (DSS) is an information system that aids a business in decision-making activities that require judgment, determination, and a sequence of actions. Both systems are different in so many aspects, such as their decision making, processing, input, and output of data, the main focus, types of users, types of information, etc. Decision support systems (DSS) is a computer based software application system where the business data is analysed in the form of information and presents it to the user so that the user can take meaningful business decisions more easily. Types of Decision Support Systems (DSS). DSS. It provides managers with information that enables them to make both semi-structured and unstructured decisions. Management Information System (MIS) consists of following three pillars: Management, Information, and System. MIS is used to transform data into useful information in order to support managerial decision-making with structured decisions or programmed decisions. The Decision Support System is always helpful to management people to take decisions/decisions and finds the key business insights from available … Data-Driven DSS take the massive amounts of data available through the company’s TPS and MIS systems and cull from it useful information which executives can use to make more informed decisions. MIS. It uses communication technologies, data, documents to identify problems and to finalize decisions. Decision support systems use input from internal systems (transaction processing systems and management information systems) and external systems. They don’t have to have a theory or model but can “free-flow” the data. However, make sure that a DSS is customized to specific needs of your business. Decision support systems are used by senior management to make non-routine decisions. A Decision Support System (DSS), if used correctly, can help you make unbiased and quality decision, improving overall performance of your organization. Decision support systems do not take the place of management information systems; instead, they are used together. Submitted by IncludeHelp, on January 05, 2020 .