This made it pretty clear where that line is – as well as how crappy (krappy?) I’ve used this personally, like on Christmas cards, but not so far for business applications. Owners and employees are all shown in the mailing, they all look friendly and trustworthy. Neville – Thank you for this awesome guide! Another example of a simple yet effective marketing campaign. this was a great refresher on direct mail. –Save for your own files–

–Show it to clients–. Add these things Neville is talking about to the piece and boom, it’s like an ATM card. I was wondering if you have any government examples of direct mailers (critique examples). There’s nothing like a young Michael belting out “Santa Clause is coming to town!”. We didn’t even call any of the other companies since we had the social proof of our neighbors. The campaign encouraged people to throw a tomato at the target and then watch as the target reforms while simulating the removal of the stain. Would this be an effective method for someone in the field? Thank You. I would like to work with you and of course I understand that in life nothing is free so let me know what your services will cost. We’ve just launched a new product called Postalytics that helps solve the complexity and tracking issues of traditional direct mail that you so correctly point out. Awesome article and I really appreciate how you broke down each of the mailers, showing what works and what doesn’t. Well it kind of depends what you’re selling, but if you’re just trying to get someone to take an action such as call or visit a website, then a short flyer is probably the best and most efficient way to do that. And they got $3019 because 2 days later my radiator blew and guess who’s name was on the tip of the tongue when asked where I wanted it towed? That’s pretty cool because it actually provides the customer some valuable information.

Wow Katherine, that’s awesome that worked so well! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Very simple and easy! Some of the most successful direct marketing campaigns have been crazy, innovative and sometimes even ground-breaking. Can easily get lumped into B-pile. They definitely look amateur designed and I figured well at least it’s personalized? What all of the campaigns have in common is that they harboured a personal element attractive to potential buyers. Hey Juan, that’s awesome!
Definitely not one for the faint of heart but it sure grabbed people’s attention! Shapes are instantly recognisable and easy to mentally digest. Kit Kat’s simple but genius design took the form of a ‘missed mail’ flyer. Visit our, Copyright 2002-2020 Simplicable. The Columbia House direct mailer got me instantly. All but the A/C service letter appear to be a postcard format and didn’t need an envelope. If you wanna know more try reading the Boron Letters by Gary Halbert! I hope the people who send these die in a car accident.

Do you think this is a great opportunity for me now? They could’ve probably saved coin if they removed apartment buildings from their mailings. Did you end up selling the car to them? Everything you ever wanted to know about diamonds but were afraid to ask. Seems like there’s no one right way to do DM…and there definitely are a ton of terrible ways to do it, too haha. This flyer gets an A++ just because of that pic (no joke….I kept that flyer on my counter for 2 weeks straight just because I liked looking at the happy lab) :-). All rights reserved. That’s an amazing piece that it’s so high converting! Pro’s: Easy-to-understand images and statements.

They would spend a lot of money on the mail drop and get very little profit out of it. Nev – you are the modern-day GARY HALBERT! It's associated with promotion and advertising that makes a direct call to action.The following are common types of direct marketing. I like the Tech Support flyer. When we were doing a special piece for our capital campaign, he made an appointment to meet with us at our office with reps from the mail house. My tip for others is to find your old-school customer service oriented print company and always use them. Always a bonus. Great article. Pro’s: Looks very “professional” and clean. And with it you can easily automate things by integrating it with your CRM or other software, such as Infusionsoft for marketing automation, through our Zapier integration (wee also have some direct integrations). flu season/city event/procedure). Things like “Grand Opening” are awesome in industries like nightlife and food…..because you want to be the FIRST to experience it! Bourne End

The “A-Pile / B-Pile Test” is something coined by Gary Halbert that says: A-Pile: People keep.

What are some things that doesn’t work using direct mail? The campaign invited food critics, bloggers and several others to experience their grand opening. You can also see our full direct mail swipe file and browse for ideas.

P.P.P.S. Another success story for 2009 was Green Belgium’s World Water Day Campaign.

Hey Chris, you can contact me at Neville @ I went in the next day just to find out they were using it as a way to get us in the door. This comedic approach was definitely an eye-catcher and a risk that ultimately paid off!

No Envelope = Cheaper to create and send. Here’s another one I saved: Pro’s: They tried to personalize it a lot (which soorrrt-of works but not totally).
If you want to include some background on it I can maybe even make it a mini case-study above! Very cool, handwritten notes always do well and go into the A-Pile! To really score a touchdown on your direct mailer, get the customer to hang it up on their fridge. Neville, I’m going to save my comments for the email I sent you. If you are designing a direct mail piece, why would you choose one over the other? If it was 1982 and I check the mailbox in the morning, it would be FILLED to the brim with massive amounts of junk mail! Thanks!

Our site, is great for sending handwritten cards. If there ever is an issue, he always makes it right without a fuss. Notoriously dubbed ‘the sausage party’, WVRST’s grand opening saw it deliver t-shirts packed like sausages and wrapped in butcher paper. Whoever wrote this letter has DEFINITELY taken a cue from old Gary Halbert and Dan Kennedy sales letters. I love getting your emails! The helmet was made from recyclable cardboard – making it both environmentally friendly and easy to assemble. This piece of direct mail also features a little scratch-off game, and also this “Combination Box” which you pull the tab and a glowing number appears: Pro’s: Almost impossible not to go, “HUH? He said he’d been using the letter for years with great success. So, my advice is to find your guy or gal and stick with ’em. Glad you liked the article and all the examples, it took a crazy amount of time (and Photoshopping) to do! Con’s: Not much I would change on this.

If the point of this piece of mail is to get people TO THE CHURCH, they should make a calendar of events.

Don’t try to be “too clever.”  Making “clever” puns is fun, but it doesn’t capture attention or make sales. The bags acted as invitations to the production, but the marketing stunt lied within the, Using a logo that is strikingly similar to the McDonald’s world-renowned ‘M.

Well, that question was enough to get thousands of people to test it for themselves. Your review has nailed the creative. Thanks!

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