Double Handed Swings can be brutal if you are not used to them so be careful. Set up the same as you would with the foundational deadlift but grab the handle with one hand. Seriously, keep the back straight! Posted by Kettlebell Kings on 1st May 2018. All beginners should start with one kettlebell but for those more advanced you can progress to a double kettlebell workout. Lower slowly to the count of 3 and then drive back up. Filed Under: Kettlebells Tagged With: dead lift, deadlift, kettlebell exercise. Try not to put the kettlebells down between exercises! Tighten you glutes and get your core in action as you raise your body with your arms extended. Lower slowly to a 3 second count and then drive back up using your buttocks and hips. If this is your first time reading one of our posts, we create kettlebell workouts in collaboration with kettlebell lifting champions and experts which are designed to give you maximal results and not take up much of your time. Kettlebell Videos and Fitness Instruction. We are excited to work with Dough Fioranelli, owner of Rise Above Performance Training on a super informative series about hardstyle kettlebell movements. Just remember the basic set up and execution is always the same. Get your proper set up and go for it! Anchor your feet firmly into the ground, tighten your core, squeeze your glutes and drive the body up by pushing the floor away with your feet until you are standing up straight with your hips underneath you at the top. Double Kettlebell training can be highly effective but most double kettlebell exercises use the same movements as single kettlebell exercise so you should always master one kettlebell first. The other type reflects a much more common training setting where moving an iron ball with a handle might seem a bit foreign to the new trainee from traditional weights and machines. Top 7 Floor Based Kettlebell Core Exercises, How to Fix Bad Knees (plus a Bad Knees Workout), How to Perform Low Impact Cardio for Beginners Plus…, 7 Best Kettlebell Glutes Exercises (plus Kettlebell…, How to Use Kettlebell Warm Up Exercises to Avoid…, Kettlebell Workout for Runners with 6 Must Know Exercises. Doug Fioranelli is the owner of Rise Above Performance Training® where he uses personal, progressive programming to increase his athletes’ performance and reduce their risk for injury. The latter reflects a more hardstyle or foundational form of kettlebell training and, in my opinion, is the most suited for new trainees, athletes, coaches and trainers looking to learn and teach others. Comment document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "acabb2dbf0155ade9d423fbb8e69c238" );document.getElementById("c3d6f43422").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Sometimes I am bored with regular Kettlebell workouts, but this new challenge inspires me again. My lighter kettlebell(original one) won’t be lonely anymore. Seriously, even the strongest athletes wilt under two racked kettlebells. Thank you for all the helpful tips! Kettlebell training can be performed with one kettlebell or two. There are two ways you can execute this movement with either both palms facing back, which will require a slightly wider stance; or with both thumbs forward where you also turn the handles forward and allow the bells and your feet to be closer together. Below I have listed a two kettlebell workout along with 5 of my favourite two kettlebell exercises. Start and finish with the kettlebells between your feet so that you don’t have to lean forward and strain the lower back. Have the kettlebells on the outside of your feet with the handles facing forward. It would be helpful for you to provide guidance on what weight the Kettlebell’s should be when doing a double or dual exercise. Set the kettlebell on the floor in-between your knees and ankles with a slightly wider-than-shoulder-width stance. In this Hardstyle Series for Kettlebell Kings I will completely breakdown all of the essential kettlebell exercises in article and video format so you can add this tool, with confidence, to your training arsenal and achieve the results you are looking for. Discover more: Top 5 double kettlebell exercises Next, alternate cleaning the kettlebell so as one goes down the other comes up. The double sumo deadlift finds us with two bells in-between your feet. Get updates when more content like this is published! You use the same range of motion when you lift heavy things, pick up children, carry groceries, and do yard work and various maintenance activities. There are huge benefits to be had from just using one kettlebell so always master your Swings, Cleans, Squats, Lunges, Get Ups etc with one bell first. There you have it the hardstyle kettlebell deadlift. The first type of training you have seen all over Facebook; athletes moving those different colored bells overhead for five to ten minutes sets often having the look of pain on their face. The kettlebell should be placed between your feet to begin. Get in a squat position by bending your knees, and then take the kettlebell in both hands. The deadlift movement pattern is naturally the strongest so the extra weight will offer you some great benefits for the core, buttocks and hamstrings. We send these to your in box automatically every week! The double sumo deadlift finds us with two bells in-between your feet. All prices are in USD © 2020 Kettlebell Kings. A great one to enhance grip strength and anti-rotational core control. Remember to use your hips to drive the kettlebell up and keep your feet a little wider than shoulder width apart. Here are my Top 5 Kettlebell Doubles Exercises…. Greg Brookes has written for and been featured in Men's Health, Health & Fitness, Women's Fitness and all the National Newspapers. In the upright position, make sure that your glutes are squeezed and your abdominals are still engaged. First, I believe the set-up is much easier to achieve than a traditional barbell deadlift because the kettlebell can sit easily between your feet whereas the barbell deadlift is in front of the body and maintaining proper back alignment during the set- up is much more difficult, especially for the new trainee. 3 Kettlebell deadlift benefits 1 – Full body muscle activation. Do not worry if you or your client cannot perform a proper deadlift right out of the gate, it just means we must take a small step back; enter the elevated kettlebell deadlift. Rest 2 mins and repeat up to 3 times for a very demanding kettlebell complex. With two kettlebells, you can really start to move some serious weight around and enhance your grip and core strength. There are essentially two different schools of thought in kettlebell training and both are great, we have covered a number of Kettlebell Sport type movements and will be working to bring you more of the hardstyle movements which most people are familiar with. Both Double Kettlebell Squats and Lunges are a great introduction into Double Kettlebell Training. We recommend you read more about receiving a quick, free, dynamic kettlebell workout every week you can click below. Place two kettlebells between your feet with the handles lined up so that they split the mid-line of your feet. Engage the abdominals and drive the feet into the floor as you press the hips forward. I'm a Personal Trainer, e-500 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher, and expert group fitness instructor. You should feel a great core contraction during these sets and they also transfer well to farmers walk training. The double kettlebell deadlift is a very functional movement because it correlates with many activities that you do on a daily basis. Kettlebell Deadlift Steps. Finally drive up and press both bells overhead. Always start with the kettlebells in the bottom position between your legs and with straight arms. Start with one kettlebell in the racked position and the other in the bottom position. Brilliant for the core muscles and also the stabilising health of your shoulders. There are two prominent types of kettlebell training that serve the trainee with two completely different purposes. A double-kettlebell front squat is just as difficult as a barbell front squat. Training with 2 kettlebells is very demanding both physically and neurologically. Make sure to subscribe to our posts by enter your email address in the right column if you are reading this on a desktop or below if on a mobile device! To see more posts about general kettlebells workouts and advice, go here. Copyright © 2020 GB Personal Training Ltd. All rights reserved. I like to switch hands at the top but you can also do it at the bottom, just be safe and stable during the switch. Keep the hands rolled inwards and be careful not to bang your knuckles. Keep the head up and stick the chest out to help maintain that straight back. I’ve added the relevant info to the article above. By simply bringing the kettlebell higher off the floor, by using weight plates or the bigger competition kettlebells, proper back alignment and set up is much easier when the setup is much higher. The deadlift is one of the foundation exercises of fitness. If you are old enough to remember when we had to lift and carry suitcases in airports then this version will be familiar for you. Do your best to keep your shoulders square throughout the movement and do not shift your weight more to one side. Your spine should remain in the neutral position. Perform a regular kettlebell windmill but with a kettlebell in each hand. Doug created and awesome video demonstration and explanation of all the movements which you can watch below! Make sure to subscribe to our blog through the form on the right side or at the bottom on mobile devices. You will most likely have your feet narrower than your traditional kettlebell deadlift set up due to the orientation of the bells. For this first installment, we are going over the foundational kettlebell deadlift.