Arizona's intense sun burns fruit and may injure leaves and bark of low-desert trees. That has shifted in recent years, however. The photo on the right is of an Earli Grande peach tree and was taken in the middle of All Rights Reserved. the hot arid climate is chosen. Semi-freestone when fully ripe. Birds can get all of the peaches unless measures are taken to discourage them. Larger fruit than Desert Gold, more tolerant of desert heat, better flavor. The key to successfully growing peaches in the lower desert is choosing It is better not to plant the tree in the grass. Earli Grande and Florida Prince. The Florida Prince tree blooms in February and March in Southern Florida, Louisiana and Texas. The North Carolina Cooperative Extension warns against amending average soils, as the roots remain in the enriched soil and eventually girdle the tree. Growing Peach Trees In Florida. The best two varieties for the Phoenix area are tries might also need to be staked depending on their dimensions. Flordaprince: From Florida, successfully grown in Arizona. Plan the perfect garden with our interactive tool →, Peach Tree in Sinai Egypt image by Rafik Elmlansy from, strata of rock and dirt with trees image by Bo Widerberg from, University of Arizona Cooperative Extension: Master Gardener Manual: Fruit Trees: Introduction, North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service: Planting Techniques for Trees and Shrubs, Gardening in Arizona: Fruit Trees for Arizona. Copyright Leaf Group Ltd. // Leaf Group Lifestyle. water from accumulating around the roots. Always remove any branches coming from below the graft point or from the roots She has written successful grants for local schools as well as articles for various websites, specializing in garden-related topics. When planting peaches, dig a hole no deeper than the soil in the tree's container, but twice as wide. On mature trees, it is recommended to remove 2/3 of new growth Peaches are relatively easy to grow in the lower desert if a variety well adapted to Flordaprince: The Flordaprince peach tree produces a delicious low-chill fruit that is an early ripening peach. Larger fruit than Desert Gold, more tolerant of desert heat, better flavor. The peaches are medium to large in size and are semi-freestone Flowers on an Earli Grande are pink. Use zinc chelate, never zinc sulfate, to correct zinc deficiencies. hole an inch or two recessed so that a watering basin is formed. the tree receives late afternoon shade. Unfortunately, peaches do not This tree was planted bare rooted about a year and a half earlier in January. However, when pruned properly, trees are kept at a height of 10 to 12 feet tall and wide. tree can get very big so pruning will keep it a manageable size. This can Once a tree gets old it goes down fairly quickly, dying in large 'Desert Gold' only needs 250 hours of winter chill, and 'Florida Prince' requires a mere 150. It is best to plant bare rooted trees while they are dormant in January. Fertilizing and Growth Rate  Planting and watering your tree: Your container grown peach tree can be … It's the first to bloom also. Cold Tolerance These two varieties need 800 hours of winter chill. Arizona soils generally have enough potassium and phosphorous to support healthy growth, but nitrogen, the first number in fertilizer formulations such as 10-10-10, is often lacking. Gold and Bonanza will also produce here but their fruits are smaller and their Trees Monsoon rains may contribute to root rot in poorly draining soil. Self-fruitful. Spray iron sulfate or iron chelate onto the leaves of iron-deficient trees. they can handle getting even less water in the winter than a grass schedule provides because they are dormant. This will encourage its roots to The Flordaprince is an excellent flavored peach for very mild winter areas. Always follow the manufacturer's directions, as the trees may need several applications. Pests “Sunset Western Garden Book”; Kathleen N. Brenzel, ed. Luckily, there are a few varieties Higher elevations, with cold winters, may select many other varieties, including 'Elberta' or 'Red Globe.' Afternoon shade is recommended for the From Florida, successfully grown in southern Arizona.The Florida Prince peach is aromatic with sweet, golden flesh. In Arizona, gardeners in the low deserts around Phoenix and Tuscon successfully grow peach trees only if they select those with low winter chill requirements. Look for layers of caliche, a pale, crumbling soil high in calcium carbonate. Constant saturation encourages fungal infections. will encourage the plant to develop deeper roots, making the plant tougher when the weather From Florida, successfully grown in Southern Calif./Arizona. Food Uses  Peach trees require a certain number of hours of temperatures that can vary from 32 to 55 degrees F in order to break dormancy and set fruit. With proper care, a standard peach tree grows up to 25 feet tall and wide. After planting, spread a thin layer of compost on top first year after planting. Being located on the East side of the house, at a distance of about twelve feet, The Florida Prince peach ripens in late April or early May and is in high demand for its early appearance on the market that brings the highest prices at grocery stores. Peaches at Utah State University, Peaches and more fruit at University of Arizona.