So was Edgar Allen Poe. Nora is a no-nonsense name with a feminine ring. Jane means ‘God has been gracious’. It means ‘mild and merciful’. If you want an old fashioned Victorian name for your daughter, add Zadie to your list right away! Addie is a common (UPPER 12%) given name, while Addy is rare. Royal name Arabella is taken from the Latin name Orabilis and means ‘yielding to prayer’. Eleanor means ‘bright’. The agate is a semiprecious gemstone .. Agate was not among 2018's Top names. And we’re sure even your little one won’t feel shy about wearing this name. It means ‘elf ruler’. A tough and rugged name from a dainty era, Warren means ‘park-keeper’. It means ‘light’. This pet form of Katherine predated all the Katies and Kathys in the 18th century. Douglas, the name of one of the most powerful clans in Scotland, was given as a first name for the first time in the 16th century. Catherine means ‘pure’. But unfortunately, it has not been used since the Victorian times. It means ‘intelligent’. "A gift; beloved; adored." This moniker, meaning ‘clear and bright’ evokes the sweetness and elegance of the Victorian era. Modern use is also a blend .. [Linda, Adele, .. 2 more], Adeline▲ Origin fr. In Southern Italy, baby girls were often named after great battles. It is trendy and comes with cute nickname options like Ella or Lulu. A highly familiar children's name (#251 IN RECENT RANKINGS), Ada also exists somewhat often as a surname. [Eilith, .. 1 more], Ailsa Derivative of Old Norse element. Categories: Names The following are forenames (given names) that are/were common among Roman Catholic Creoles of Louisiana. But the original form was most dominant. Mary, meaning ‘beloved or bitter’, was the ‘it’ name of the Victorian period, particularly in the end of the 1820s. It is creative, stately, and totally uncommon. You can use Harry for the nickname. And it sounds like ‘joules’ which is the unit of energy. Also a name that your daughter will thank you for later! It originated as a nickname for pale women and then went on to be associated with purity. Thaddeus, meaning ‘wise’, was a firm favorite in the 18th and 19th century. Old French word. [Adeana, .. 1 more], Adolpha Source fr. Adoption of Adelaide, Adelais, etc. After being ignored for long, Martha is now marching its way up the list. [Dory, Dori, Adorabelle, .. 12 more]. Compare Adalia and common last names Arpaia (TOP 57%), Attia (19%), with the -ia suffix. The male names were inspired by trades, family names, and religious beliefs. This upbeat name was a rage in England in 1800s. Hugo sounds Victorian, slightly eccentric, but dauntless. [Addala, Adali, Adala, .. 5 more], Addie▼ Origin fr. 22. Henrietta means ‘home ruler’. Mabel means ‘lovable’. Ebba could make an uncommon alternative to Emma and Ella. We must say that detective Sherlock Holmes’ partner makes this name irresistible. This name means ‘fortunate and powerful’. Effie means ‘well spoken’. How To Choose An Appropriate “Last Name” Based On A First Name For Your Baby Boy. "Noble, precious promise." Ailith Source fr. Bessie was not the only nickname for Elizabeth. This formal name reigned on the 14th spot in the 1880s, but slid down soon after. Audrey means ‘nobility and strength’. It means ‘grace’. We think it’s time to turn the clock to this pretty Victorian girl name. Josephine is one of those classic names that must be revived. an absolute baby badass. After a long hiatus from the top 1000 list, Mabel is slowly making to the charts. Having fallen off the charts in 1975, Hazel is on the rise again. A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z. This Biblical name means ‘lady’. as children's names in 2018 was down 3.4% compared to a year ago. Its namesake is Emily Bronte. Many of us are looking to unique names - names that will make our daughters stand out. Agatha means ‘good woman’. This Germanic saint’s name means ‘strong’. Adaia is a somewhat common girl's name. Sterling means ‘easterner’. Harvey means ‘battle worthy’. This moniker, meaning ‘wood’ brings to mind a forest filled with whispering trees. It is the name of the city at the heart of Italy and has a rock ballad after its name. This name was at its peak in the 1880s and has its namesake in Zadie Smith, English author. Franks means ‘free man’. Maisie means ‘pearl’. A fantasy inspired name for your little princess, Briar Rose was the original name of the Sleeping Beauty in the folklore. Minnie is one of the disney baby Victorian names. Most of these names like Elizabeth and William are used extensively even today, but some are still unknown. Rather quaint as a girls' name. Meaning ‘pure’, both the name and flower Lily are a symbol of innocence. Modify Her Name. Adalgisa, similar to Annaleisa, has the feminine-sounding -isa ending. It seems that celebs are in love with this Victorian name. Lilian, meaning ‘lily’, evokes the purity and innocence of the Victorian era. Ives is a variant of the saintly name Yves and means ‘eve’. The Victorian era conjures several pleasant images – top hats, puffed sleeves, crinoline, petticoats, horse carriages, and grand celebrations. Augustus means ‘great’. Italian name .. [Adelvice, .. 2 more], Adalia Stems fr. Larkin may sound modern, but the last time it entered the top 1000 list was in the 1880s. [Affton]. Just like Ann, even Elizabeth was used in all its forms in the Victorian period, though the long form was the favorite. This moniker has returned with mother names Evelyn and Eve. Old German, Old English. You can shorten it to Hattie for a true-blue vintage charmer. [Adayre, Adare, Adaire], Adalgisa Based on Old German language. While this Victorian name is still receiving love in the United Kingdom, Americans are shy about this feminine form of Henry. Old German language. Move away Sophia/Sophie. Also a Scottish surname. Jack with its hard ‘k’ sound was at its peaks in the Victorian era. This short form of Euphemia has become popular again, thanks to the “Hunger Games” series. In the 1800s, Della was popularly used as a short form for names like Adelle, Adelaide, and Adeline. This cute Victorian baby name hit its peak in 1901, taking the 23rd spot. These girl names were at the top of their popularity 138 years ago (USAGE OF 23.9%) and are somewhat less widespread today (USAGE 16.5%, DOWN 31%), with names such as Erna becoming less in vogue. Here is the list of Old names for boys. This classic Victorian baby name has a significant literary clout in Dickens’ “Oliver Twist”.