The first is that God did not deal with David harshly enough. 10 So David rested with his fathers, and was buried in the City of David. We also know that the child was struck ill on that day and lived for seven days. 26 King Solomon said to Abiathar the priest, “I should kill you too, but I will allow you to go back to your fields in Anathoth. 11 The period that David reigned over Israel was forty years; seven years he reigned in Hebron, and in Jerusalem he reigned thirty-three years. He is the Benjamite from Bahurim who cursed me when I ran away to Mahanaim. • Why don’t you also ask for him to become the king since he is my older brother? “Yes. David is ultimately betrayed by his son Absalom, who stages a coup d’état, rapes his father’s concubines, and forces David’s exile from Jerusalem. 2Sam 11 is something different. David was born in Bethlehem, in the land of Judah, in the year 2854 (907 BCE), during the era of the prophets. 8 “And remember, Shimei son of Gera, the Benjaminite, is here with you. 36 Next the king sent for Shimei. Although he deserved to die for his sins, David would not die because God had taken away his sin (12:13). Phone Toll Free: 877-966-7300 or 816-584-3077, [This article continues after a message from the authors], These Articles are Written by the Publishers of, © Amazing Bible Timeline with World History 2020. Joshua 23:1,2 And it came to pass a long time after that the LORD had given rest unto Israel from all their enemies round about, that Joshua waxed old and stricken in age…. Martien A. Halvorson-Taylor, "David’s Downfall ", n.p. Amazing Bible Timeline with World History, Matthew Henry Complete Commentary on the Whole Bible. Who was the young man clothed in a white linen nightshirt following Jesus? 33 He and his family will always be guilty for their deaths. I will not kill you now because you helped carry the Holy Box of the Lord God while marching with my father David. I warned you if you went out anywhere you would die, and you agreed to what I said. He killed Abner son of Ner, the commander of the army of Israel, and Amasa son of Jether, the commander of the army of Judah. The narrator weighs in with an unusually frank assessment: “But the thing that David had done displeased YHWH” (2Sam 11:27). Obey everything that is written in the Law of Moses. 46 Then the king ordered Benaiah to kill Shimei, and he did. What is state/role of the saved one after death, before return of Jesus? Please don’t refuse me.”, 17 Adonijah said, “I know that King Solomon will do whatever you ask. It is David's response to the death of this son that will be the focus of our lesson. Carefully obey all his laws, commands, decisions, and agreements. Since "clothes" mean "bed-clothes," the meaning is that the King was now too feeble to rise from his bed. So I can only reason he became sick at the time of his birth. 2 responses Associated with a deity; exhibiting religious importance; set apart from ordinary (i.e. David and Bathsheba, How old was their son when he died? Should a church allow anyone, including a church member, to teach gun safety classes at the church? David wrote much of the book of Psalms and is also mentioned in Matthew 1:1, 6, 22, 43-45; Luke 1:32; Acts 13:22; Romans 1:3; and Hebrews 11:32. He found them there and brought them back home. All the people of Israel wanted me to be their king. This is a peaceful visit,” Adonijah answered. An inspired message related by a prophet; also, the process whereby a prophet relates inspired messages to others. This happened as the Lord said it would when he told Eli the priest what would happen to him and his family.[a]. 12 Solomon became king after David, his father, and he was in firm control of his kingdom. ©Copyright 2019, Society of Biblical Literature 23 Then King Solomon swore by the name of the Lord, saying, “May God punish me terribly if this doesn’t cost Adonijah his life! So the Lord will pay him back for those deaths. The biblical texts create a complex portrait of a King David who was both a revered leader and a flawed man. Despite opposition from the mad King Saul, he maintains his righteousness and meets with repeated success. 39 But three years later two of Shimei’s slaves ran away to Achish king of Gath, who was the son of Maacah. From Jonathan, David learnt many lessons about how to rule Israel. But this accusation ignores the context of the passage at hand; God did indeed punish David, and He did so threefold. David triumphs in battle, establishes the holy city of Jerusalem (2Sam 5), and receives a covenant that establishes his dynasty forever (2Sam 7). Now my brother is the king, because the Lord chose him. Carefully obey all his laws, commands, decisions, and agreements. If you do these things, you will be successful in all you do and wherever you go. This would be one day before “the day of circumcision” which was to be on the 8th day. Many readers—and not a few Hollywood directors—have imagined the story of David and Bathsheba in 2Sam 11 as a romance. 34 So Benaiah son of Jehoiada killed Joab, and he was buried near his home in the desert. Report David, second king of ancient Israel, an important figure in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. But when Joab heard what happened to Abiathar, he was frightened and ran to the tent of the Lord to hold onto the horns of the altar. He had supported Adonijah but not Absalom. 3 Now, carefully obey all the commands of the Lord your God. Your email address will not be published. But when he came down to meet me at the Jordan River, I promised him before the Lord, ‘Shimei, I will not kill you.’ 9 But you should not leave him unpunished. 27 He ruled over Israel forty years—seven in Hebron and thirty-three in Jerusalem. What does it mean that we should not be drunk with wine, but be drunk with the Holy Spirit! 28 He died at a good old age, having enjoyed long life, wealth and honor. “Do you come in peace?” Bathsheba asked. But when he came down to meet me at the Jordan River, I made a promise to him before the Lord that I would not kill him. His son Solomon succeeded him as king. Their difference wasn't in their sin, since both sinned and it can be argued that David's betrayal, adultery and murder were more grave sins than Saul's impatient sacrifice. Though David is restored, he dies bitter, instructing his heir, Solomon, to avenge old grievances after his death. It is interesting that during the entire nine months until the birth of the child and Nathan’s visit David did not write any new psalms. What can or should we learn from Peter's boast in Matthew 26:33-35? A line of officials holding a certain position over time. Some scholars today use only the consonants to recognize the lost original pronunciation or to respect religious tradition. Genesis 18:11 Now Abraham and Sarah were old and well stricken in age; and it ceased to be with Sarah after the manner of women. It is interesting that during the entire nine months until the birth of the child and Nathan’s visit David did not write any new psalms. You are a wise man. 44 You know all the bad things you did to my father David. Please ensure your answer MEETS all our guidelines. Abiathar the priest and Joab son of Zeruiah would support him!”. 2 Since it was almost time for David to die, he gave his son Solomon his last commands. 29 Someone told King Solomon that Joab was at the altar in the Lord’s Tent. All answers are REVIEWED and MODERATED. Community answers are sorted based on votes. I will obey you.” So Shimei lived in Jerusalem for a long time. Don't miss our free Thanksgiving email series! But the biblical text tells us little if anything of their relationship. As David’s time to die drew near, he charged Solomon his son, saying, “I am going the way of all the earth. Also, it’s interesting to me that David and Bathsheba’s fifth son, born after the death of their first, is named Nathan.