In exchange for Liam's help, Hades will secure him the Eye of the Storm so that he may please the King, and will also see that Killian is spared too. The only cure for Hades' affliction is true love's kiss, which would restart his heart and allow him to re-enter the land of the living, but that seems unlikely.

She’s willing to show them the cave through which she escaped. In fact, he was the one that helped train her and make her into the hero she is today. It wasn’t until Hercules encouraged her to fight back that she earned the respect and loyalty of her subjects. The Wicked Witch has since spoken with Belle, which has given herself more insight.

Having never met Hades before, the others aren’t scared of him. A god whose heart was stopped by his brother Zeus, Hades spent many years searching for true love's kiss to break his curse.

Hades goes to blast Regina first, but Robin jumps in the way, thus being wiped from existence entirely. As the Author, Henry has the ability to re-write her ending. It’s there that Mary Margaret finds a gravestone belonging to Hercules (Jonathan Whitesell).

Hades later meets with Belle in hopes of making a deal, though; he agrees to let her keep her unborn child if she allows for either the Dark One or Gaston to throw the other into the River of Lost Souls. He immediately begins to work as the heroes' ally, revealing that a portal back to Storybrooke will open up that evening, and he tells them of a way they may be able to resurrect Hook and bring him back home. Though Hades begs of Zelena to join him and fight off the heroes together, she tells him her visit in the Underworld is over. Rumple later meets with Hades for his ride home, but Hades now has other ideas; he's come to learn something about the Dark One, that being his wife Belle is pregnant with Rumple's second child. Watch the clip to see what it is. With that, she plunges the Olympian Crystal into Hades' chest, thus obliterating him from existence as well. Once Upon a Time Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Regina decides to trust Zelena for once and ushers her to go to Hades and see if she can change him. Navy guards soon find them, and they are welcomed with opened arms. The heroes split up to look for the prisoner, who ran away in fear. WATCH THE FULL EPISODE OF "FIREBIRD" WITHOUT SIGNING IN!

The backstory is that Cerberus was the last labor he needed to complete before joining his father at Olympus. See where he goes in the following clip. After feeling like a hero again, Mary Margaret tells everyone that she wants to be Snow White again. ("Labor of Love"), Since Hook refuses to choose three of his friends to sacrifice for helping souls with unfinished business move on, Hades decides to punish him by hanging him over the River of Lost Souls, hoping to wipe away any hope the Pirate has left before he hits the water. Liam doesn't quite know what to do, and so he contemplates the offer for a bit, but end sup going through with it. Exclusive Q and A with IBT's Social Capital team, The Possibilities AND the Pitfalls of Remote Work. However, Belle decides she wants to help Gaston move on to Mount Olympus, believing that souls leaving Hades' domain weakens him. Working as a team they attack each head and kill Cerberus. But the doors are not going to keep the beast out. ("Our Decay"), Having come to learn of the arrival of the heroes in the Underworld, Hades sends Cora out to convince Regina to leave, and to preferably take Henry and Robin with her. It’s Hades’ pet three-headed dog, Cerberus, who is the real threat. 'Once Upon A Time' Season 5, Episode 12 Recap, 'Once Upon a Time' Winter Finale Recap Before Season 5B Premiere, Biden Taps Longtime Aide Ron Klain As W.House Chief Of Staff, Boeing Lifts China Plane Demand Outlook As Economy Picks Up, Tesla No. He runs once he gets sight of the three-headed beast. Zelena returns to the site where Hades attempts to lie in order to cover up his wrongdoing, and a fight for the crystal ensues between Regina and Hades. Watch Once Upon a Time Season 5 Finale “Only You” and “An Untold Story” SUNDAY MAY 15 beginning at 7|6c on ABC. The prisoner who aided them is actually Megara (Kacey Rohl), a woman who Hercules met prior to his demise. In Storybrooke, the heroes try to convince Zelena (Rebecca Mader) that Hades has been lying to her, but tragedy strikes before this can happen.