Courts may also consider whether the two people hold themselves out as spouses. The unique thing about common law marriage is that the couple usually does not need to go through any kind of legal formalities associated with a statutory marriage, such as getting a license or doing a ceremony, in order to be married. Celebrations are meant to disrupt, to distract, to break into our daily lives. We got married in a judge’s private office on a Friday afternoon. And that’s not entirely a bad thing: one of the functions of the over-the-top wedding, in all its ridiculousness, is to force a recognition of the importance of marriage. You clearly have no clue what the word "wedding" means. I aspired to never have the word “fiancé” pass my lips, and to have exactly zero conversations with friends or strangers about rings, dresses, venues, guest lists, showers, or registries. Would it be "tacky" to have a renewal of vows in this situation? So we woke up on Friday (just like any other day), went to work, ate lunch, and did all those other mundane things you do on a typical day (note: on Fridays I work from home, so on this particular Friday I slept in a bit and ducked out at lunchtime to get a manicure). Just go to the link below, type your zip code, and "how to get married" or variations (like, who to get married at the court house). All these people come to town to see you say a few words and exchange some rings, at huge expense to themselves and to you. It is therefore impossible to get married without having a wedding. Keep in mind that getting the license approved can take a few days. Please do not let people keep you from doing what you wish. $50: Somebody to marry us. And only stuck up morons look down upon those who do so. Please call Patriots Law Group at 301-952-9000 to set up a consultation if you wish to obtain specific legal advice concerning your situation. A vow renewal: Not a wedding because there are no legal ends to it, you don't need a marriage license or any witnesses since you're already married. You might be surprised to know that two people can get married without ever walking down an aisle. Both parents with parental responsibility must give parental consent. Each individual situation is different and therefore a consultation is necessary before any advice can be relied upon as appropriate and accurate for your situation. Let's say that you are common law married in the District of Columbia. Since any jeweler in town was going to have to order them from a supplier anyway, we went ahead and bought them online, at significant savings. This will be your wedding, after this you will be a married woman so of course you can't have another wedding. Patriots Law Group can help you understand how common law marriage occurs and the significance of that marriage on other areas of life. A statutory marriage involves going to a courthouse, getting a license from the state, and having a religious officiant or a judge perform … The key to determining whether two people are in a common law marriage is whether they express a present intent to be married. I suggest changing that to a vow renewal on a major anniversary. Its a celebration or a vow renewal at best if you do anything else at a later day, but not a wedding. Take this seriously!”.