The website also says that they’re in the process of introducing on-site transactions. They may coordinate a pickup time with you. What Else You Should Know: If you live in New York City, 1stdibs has a showroom displaying a number of designers who use the site to sell unique finds. The higher the rates, the more buyer visits you’ll receive from Google Shopping. After becoming debt free, she and her husband created a flexible lifestyle so they can travel more, focus on fun projects, and spend time with their children. Sunrise Office Services professional used office furniture liquidation services will work with you to outline the most efficient plan to meet your needs. Sotheby’s Home team reviews each item before publishing it on their website and try to match your furniture with potential buyers. Related: Where Can I Sell My Phone? You can communicate with buyers using the Chairish dashboard, e-mail or phone. What Else You Should Know: The listing period is six months. There is a $100 setup fee to begin selling on Ruby Lane. Chairish keeps 30% of the sales price. Everything sold on Ruby Lane is high-end and fetches top dollar. Once your listing is complete, AptDeco will work on improving the visuals and providing additional details within the first 24 hours. What Else You Should Know: To find relevant results, buyers can click on visual examples to make the process easier. Besides Craigslist, you should consider these Craigslist alternatives too. And don’t forget a detailed description. Also, buyers and sellers can leave feedback on Bookoo. Just complete the details about your piece and submit it. So you can sell that Ashley Furniture piece from last year. The largest markets are New York City, Washington D.C. and Los Angeles. You can also share your furniture listings on social media too. Or you can live anywhere in the United States if you can fill a truck. How does one go about learning the general value of a piece of vintage furniture before offering it for sale? Make sure the photos are clear and there’s good lighting. You can sell antique and vintage pieces. Or you can always give them a call. Each day, hundreds of new items post from across the country. Since 2010, they are a national online classified marketplace. Does anybody have any good suggestions on where to post this item and for how much? Thanks for pointing that out! Pay and Fees: There are no fees for using Facebook Marketplace. You’ll be assigned an account manager who will schedule and monitor the shipping process for your items. © 2014 - 2020, VTX Capital, LLC. Yes, My 101 year old Mother has items for sale. Any of these options makes more money than throwing it out on the curb. Listing is free, but you can boost your listing for a small fee of $1 per listing. And the best part is that it’s free. Pay and Fees: Expect to pay a 13% commission fee on the final selling price for your furniture. If purchase or signup is made through our Partners’ links, we receive compensation for the referral. First, 85% of sales happen without home visits. Like Shopify, Bonanza lets you create an online storefront. Or they will decline your quote instantly. This is a very helpful article. How to Sell: Selling on Bonanza starts with creating an online storefront. You could also contact a business that will purchase the furniture directly from you and resell the items. Finally, each product has a 19-cent listing fee and a 3.75% service fee based on Purchase Order total. Thank you for putting this together. Like eBay, you can list furniture at auction or a fixed price. So it might be a good option if you’re a vendor. How to Sell: Simply create a storefront and start listing when you’re ready to sell used furniture via the Bazaar. To start, you take pictures of the items you want to sell. Pay and Fees: Another great thing about Letgo is that it’s completely free. You can advertise your estate sale online or in the paper. How to Sell: You can either sell used furniture on eBay at an auction or for a fixed price. If you have accessories, they must sell for at least $100. The furniture only needs to be in good condition. With their pre-made templates, you can create an online storefront in minutes. But furniture sells from a few hundred dollars to over $5,000. If you’re buying a new piece from the store, this is a perfect option. Payment is processed after your item has been delivered and deposits to your account within two to five business days. Plus, your account manager helps coach you to be a successful 1stdibs merchant. Pawn shops are usually very selective about buying furniture. Plus, they send a social media and e-mail blast. Veneta Lusk is a freelance personal finance writer who loves empowering people to get smart about their finances and health so they can live their dreams. Don’t know where to start to get the items sold. Services, such as Furniture Finders, list various dealers located throughout the United States that will purchase used furniture. In fact, Chairish is a leading iPhone app for decorating. Also, you can offer to ship to the buyer. When preparing to sell your used furniture online, keep the potential buyer in mind. Pay and Fees: There’s a $0.20 listing fee per item and a 5% transaction fee. Depending on the collection size, estate sales can be a large undertaking. Buyers love details, especially when making a large purchase. This was very helpful. And there are more than 14,000 product listings. Look at how much other people are getting for similar pieces. Local papers sell classified ad space at different prices. Valuable antiques are another commonly sold item. Or you can also reach a certain age group and gender. is also a great site to find good furniture deals. You can also request to relist the items. And local delivery or ship-to-destination work too. Thank you for the recommendations. How to Sell: Furniture is free to list on AptDeco, and the process only takes a few minutes. Sotheby’s Home will also send a social media and email blast with details about your used furniture listings. After appraising items, Viyet lists your furniture on their website. Still another is the fabric and style. The site boasts free returns, flat rate delivery, and a money-back-guarantee policy. She obtained an undergraduate degree with a focus on anthropology and business from the University of Texas and enjoys writing about her various interests. Nice blog content! You can require in-person pickup. Hence the name Offer Up. What Else You Should Know: Listings remain active for four months or until they sell. Second, ten days is the average time to sell. You’re welcome. Facebook Marketplace is one of the best apps to sell stuff locally. Hello, I have a used smart TV for sale. He has been featured in the US News and World Report, Student Loan Hero, and more. There’s really not one perfect platform for selling your used furniture and other goods online. You can sell any type of furniture on Bonanza. Read our Advertiser Disclosure. Instead, selling it can be less effort. For smaller items, you can afford to ship and still profit. Are you sure about that? It could also result in bad reviews, which will harm your reputation if you plan to sell more used furniture in the future. Compensation from our partners may impact what products we cover and where they appear on the site, but does not have any impact on the objectivity of our reviews or advice. List items online or with the iPhone app. Because it’s not furniture-specific, your item may get lost in the shuffle. Get top quality used office furniture at a fraction of what you would be spending for brand new. With these stores, you get paid when the item sells. 24 Best Places to Sell Textbooks (And Books), 19 Best Places to Sell Clothes Online for Cash. I have a house full of furniture I am going to have to sell as soon as my house sells. You can also contact furniture liquidators that will purchase furniture or arrange to advertise and sell the furniture, usually by charging a fee and a percentage of the profits. This fee opens your online store. From cars to appliances, just about anything sells on this online marketplace. Tired of being broke? Many times, the furniture you are replacing is still in good shape. Pay and Fees: There are no fees to use the app and no charge to create a new listing. Boston and Philadelphia will be launching soon. For example, you can advertise on sites like Craigslist. Please check your email for further instructions. Then, the items sell at auction or fixed price. that might tell you which site to use to sell yours. You can also pay to place a print ad for high-value items. Maybe, you can sell clothing, used DVDs, and video games. There’s a field on the form to include photos for even faster service. If so, what was the process like for you? Compared to other online markets, Etsy’s seller fees are slightly lower. Unlike similar websites such as ebay, purchases on craigslist are primarily made by local residents. So you can keep most of the profit. So this site can be a good option if you live near one. (Locally and Online)”. You could also contact a business that will purchase the furniture directly from you and resell … If restoring furniture is a hobby, you can make money selling it too. Thanks for subscribing! Another online marketplace site (that has been around since 1999) is You have to search around the sites to know about selling strategies. They even accept trade-ins to upgrade your office. These all sound good. You won’t pay any selling fees and the buyer comes and picks up the items.Large cities may also have furniture stores that buy used furniture in good condition. The easiest selling option can be visiting an antique store. You can list for free. Make sure the furniture is clean and in good condition. What do you think would be my best path? By being transparent and upfront, you have a better chance of attracting interest and getting your item sold. Plus, you pay a monthly $54 fee if you list 50 items or less. And you can make money to defray the cost of new furniture. Your Bonanza listings can also appear on eBay and Etsy. I have styling chairs, shampoo chairs, shampoo bowels, Matt’s, Dryers and dryer chairs, cabinets, old curling irons, Burners, Waiting area chairs all in good condition need to remove out of my garage, and my storage area.