Order delivered within a week which was quick because i didn't paid for express shipment. (20). 17 Creative Ways to Recycle Used Coffee Grounds. This includes, but is not limited to: antimicrobial and antiparasitic activity, lowering of blood glucose, antioxidant and free-radical scavenging properties, inhibition of tau aggregation and filament formation (hallmarks of Alzheimer’s disease), anti-inflammatory activity, and wound healing properties. Packaging and quality of the cinnamon was really good and the best part they provide a letter from their Government also regarding the quality and authenticity of ceylon cinnamon.

For sure next time will order from them.

Price can be up to few times higher than the Cassia/fake cinnamon. but when you buy it, you should have the knowledge to identify real ceylon cinnamon brands. That’s right – you may not be getting the true benefits of cinnamon at all, even if you do buy the small spice jar labeled “cinnamon.” There’s a big difference among the varieties due to a wide supply of cinnamon from around the world.

Appreciate it.

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I will Highly recommend it to all who will be wiling to order internationally. Commonly, cinnamon is sold as a ground powder.

Cinnamon’s value increased; although the actual source of cinnamon was widely unknown to many, it was used a great deal for its delicious taste and healing properties. text-align: center; Gayan at Golden Cinnamon has been great at emailing me and calling me frequently to keep me informed of the shipment status.

(16) Coumarin is a flavoring substance, and it can be toxic. Here’s where it gets tricky, though.

Sticks of real cinnamon will be filled (picture a cigar) and have multiple layers. Required fields are marked *.

border: 1px solid #e5e597; Furthermore, no other type of cinnamon produces these health effects. In fact, the “fake” cinnamon accounts for more than 90% of the cinnamon imported into the U.S. (6). Read on to recognize how to buy real cinnamon and avoid the junk. Ceylon cinnamon is the healthiest one when we compare with other types of cinnamon; The main thing is the lower coumarin percentage.


Ceylon sticks are very fragile and have many layers. But the issue is, when you buy ceylon cinnamon powder from supermarkets or groceries, you can only identify ceylon cinnamon powder through the label it is packed. Be it diabetes, heart disease, mental deterioration, and many more disabilities, it's a bit of a miracle worker. I use is a mouth freshener; it has a nice zing to it. However, That is not a proper way to identify ceylon cinnamon powder because the seller can mention ”ceylon cinnamon” name even the real material is cassia. The use of cinnamon dates back to ancient Egypt. (10), I typically recommend clients use cinnamon to help with blood sugar issues, since diabetes may have a better insulin response when consuming cinnamon.