Broadband Providers are improving their deals every month with options on FIbre/VDSL and unlimited data options available at great prices. Contact your provider to upgrade before proceeding. View Unplan terms below. Choose from our latest plans below. Let me know when Ultra Fibre is ready to go. If you're not a Spark customer yet you can ignore this bit. If you need those services, naked broadband will not be for you. Ultra Fibre 100 - up to 100Mbps. Eligibility criteria apply. Terms and Conditions apply. Some Broadband providers offer free wireless modems if you need this. We’re so sure you’ll love Wireless Broadband’s speed and reliability to do your online tasks like checking email, social media, news, watching videos and more. As this credit is applied to the bill, it will go against any Accessories, all Boosts, Data charges, Delivery costs, Wireless Broadband additional data charges, or any other calling plans, or services. Get a quote in less than 1 minute***. Call for up to 2 hours to 20 different countries. Home / Consumer rights and complaints / … If you change or remove your plan or package within 30 days you will still be charged for the full month. the browser type and version being used for speed testing (e.g. Free Modem Rental with a one-off $14.95 delivery charge or Bring your own device (BYOD) and get a one-off $25 credit. If you leave or downgrade your plan within the first 6 months, Spark will also debit back the $300 Account Credit. Unlimited calls to National Landlines in 21 Countries. Get unlimited broadband for only $69/mth if you have a 2degrees Pay Monthly Mobile Plan! A limited data plan means you have a monthly data limit but if you exceed the limit you will be charged for the extra data you use (see Datacap for more). For more information, visit Also, bundle your broadband and power and get 10% bundle discount on both services., If you cannot see your current plan below, it means your plan may not be available at your new address. What you are actually doing on the device will also affect the speed. It can provide you with a local phone line number as before but all calls are routed through your broadband connection. Our network engineers have suggested that the fastest a customer with good equipment on a wired connection should expect from Gigabit Fibre is around 600 – 900 Mbps download / 300 – 500 Mbps upload, although it's certainly possible that some connections will be faster. Great rates backed up by top-notch service and a 10% discount when you bundle broadband and power for even better value. An extra 10% discount applies for Power and Broadband Bundles. If you choose to sign up with Spark broadband on a 12-month contract, and your service is disconnected before the completion of that minimum contract period, you will be charged an early termination fee of $199. If you already bought a Tournament Pass you can contact Spark Sport for a refund. Their plan was always one of the cheapest if you are an early adopter. Wireless Broadband additional data charges apply. Spotify Premium is free with selected Pay Monthly mobile plans and 50% off with selected Prepaid plans. Use Broadband Compare to compare broadband providers by price, speed, data limits and more. Offer only available to new customers until 16 January 2021, who sign onto a 12 month or open term Unlimited or Unlimited home broadband Fibre100, Fibre200, VDSL or ADSL. Offer available to eligible Spark mobile and broadband customers only. Spark is offering new customers a free Rugby World Cup 2019 Tournament Pass when signing up to a new Spark broadband plan. For a household with three or more users who are all online using different devices to occasionally stream movies, TV and music, as well as surfing the internet, then 120GB could be a good fit. We have a dedicated team currently working on getting fibre into building like yours. Unless indicated as an extra, all include a router, although a $15 one-off delivery fee can apply. Offers a more limited range of national calling plans to existing home phone users: Call a landline in NZ or Australia anytime ADSL Broadband has been the standard in New Zealand for a long time and, depending on the quality of your lines, gives download speeds of up to 24Mbps and upload speeds of 1Mbps. Learn more about excess data charges. If you want Netflix, please select Unlimited Netflix Broadband. Calls to nominated Vodafone Mobile free for 1 hour (then 36c/min), Talk 1 plan Just plug in your modem, turn it on and your broadband will be connected in a few minutes. Valid for 12 months after date of activation (currently up to $8.99/month value). Ultra FibreBASIC - up to 30Mbps or 50Mbps. To test your speed and for more information about speed, click This means you cannot use the service in a way that is overly excessive or unreasonable. Please Note: Any prices on this page can change at any time. NB: Most deals include early termination fees, should you break your contract early. Compare business broadband options and plans suitable for small businesses. Offer is non-transferable and subject to change without notice. Who are the best Broadband Providers in 2020? Spark will select the most appropriate technology for you based on what’s available at your address and usage patterns you indicate during your Unplan setup. Early exit fee of up to $199 will apply on a pro-rated basis if you leave within 12 months. For instance an older device with a slower processor will be slower than a newer device. Offer includes free modem and wireless broadband connection. Extra $40.89/mth As the deals are getting better shorter contracts allow you to get the best broadband data and speeds when your contract expires. Just choose naked broadband. This offer may not be combined with any other new customer joining credit. A minimum 12-month contract applies. Get $10 monthly discount for the first 12 months when you sign up for an eligible Unlimited broadband plan. Have the contact details for the person who's managing your property handy too - this could be the Manager of your building, village or gated community, or the Chair of a Body Corporate. Search Note: For everything you need to know about COVID-19, go to Unplan and Unplan Netflix doesn't come with a landline. actual WiFi performance (2.4Ghz or 5Ghz, distance from the WiFi access point/modem etc). Find the Best Deals on Broadband & Mobiles Plans, Insurance & more, (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Unplan doesn't come with Netflix. Not only that, MyRepublic Gamer is #1 in download performance on Steam. Naked Broadband (Rural Customers pay an extra) Once ordered, you’ll get instructions to connect your modem. Limited time offer only. Cheers! T&C's apply. If you have Unplan Wireless Broadband and your data usage exceeds 350GB in a month, or 300GB a month for 3 consecutive months, Spark may change you (at Spark’s discretion) to Fibre or a new plan. If you don’t see if you can make a discount on the cost of the installation. Check out the download stats yourself! To help you figure out which broadband data plan is best for you, below is a guide of the data plans Spark offers. Even if you are on a contract but see a better deal, give your broadband provider a call to see if they can give the latest deal. Not available everywhere. BYO Modem offer - open term plans: Our team will get to work on your registration and one of them will contact you within 2 business days. A credit of $40 will be applied up front on your account and will be debited back if your Spark service is disconnected within the first 6 months. Do you have complaints about your broadband provider? To redeem the offer you must use the voucher code provided by Spark. We’re here... Hyperfibre now available to 3 million Kiwis across NZ. The Commerce Commission has announced moved to address rising telecommunications sector complaints. Broadband not available everywhere and speeds vary. Compare fastest Fibre broadband plans in New Zealand at Broadband Compare. Your provider may have a wireless model that doesn't require a copper landline, ask them about your options before proceeding. Offer subject to change without notice. Cheapest broadband deals in NZ: Wireless plans will incur a $199 early exit fee. Broadband speeds and connection quality may be affected. If you have a problem with your internet service provider (ISP) you can make a complaint. Spark Broadband & Phone Packages
The 10% discount is applied after all other offers. Offer is non-transferable and subject to change without notice. Please be aware you need to let us know 30 days in advance if you wish to cancel this service (these services). Get lost in Neon. 3. Use your own Netflix compatible device. Unlimited number of calls in evenings (6pm-8am) & all weekend to National Landlines, Unlimited number of calls anytime to National Landlines, Unlimited NZ & Australia toll calls Anytime, Talk 3 If your alarm is monitored using your copper landline, it isn't compatible with Wireless Broadband and Landline. You’re eligible for Fibre in a Day. Added costs include installation fees. 4G Wireless is best suited to users that typically tend to use under 120GB per month. A limited data plan may cost a little less, but if you exceed your monthly data limit regularly then in the long run it might be better to opt for an unlimited data plan. Add Neon to your mobile or broadband plan with Spark. Only available on Vodafone open term Unlimited Fibre, VDSL and ADSL broadband plans. Unlimited Data. Further terms and charges apply.If you're already a Spark broadband customer, any recurring credits or discounts on your existing broadband account will stop when you switch to Unplan.