[52] In 2019, GQ's editor mentioned Li as the best example of a hard-working individual bound for success. Netizens even suspect the tattoo on Li Xian’s ankle was inspired by the famous painting, “The Great Wave”, which Cici Wang had once said was her favorite on IG. For the next kiss scene, it was Yang Zi’s turn to be in cahoots with the director and plan another “unscripted kiss scene” to be used on Li Xian. Then when you do these things, you need to give them the corresponding time and energy. [42] On May 11, 2020, Li was officially announced as the lead role in the historical television series A Love Never Lost.
This wouldn’t be the first time the two were rumored to be dating. The relationship between the couple is stronger than everyone thinks. In 2018, Li was appointed as a brand ambassador of White Magnolia's Reading Program at the 24th Shanghai TV Festival. Cici Wang Claps Back at Haters After Being Accused of Using Li Xian to Promote Herself, Netizens Suspect Li Xian and Cici Wang are Dating, Li Xian wasn’t the First Choice to Play “Han Shangyan” in “Go Go Squid!”, Netizens Dig Up Li Xian’s Rumored Ex-Girlfriends, Top 15 Reasons Why Li Xian is Ideal Boyfriend Material. ", "Tang Guoqiang, Yang Mi, Li Xian, etc. ", "Pop-up exhibits improve online shopping experience", "Kinetic energy self-feedback, co-branded Coke, tannin blowing function and retro style", "This holiday season, Li Xian takes you to the ideal "home" facing the sea", "V6 home holds Li Xian, happy home life starts from here", "Following Mengniu Yili Junlebao, Weiquan officially opened Youzan Micro Mall", "Official Announcement!

Xian Ting Li net worth is. Li co-starred alongside Zhang Ruoyun and Jiao Junyan in the Chinese forensic web series Medical Examiner Dr. Qin as the criminal police captain, Lin Tao. He wanted to find Hubei children of 18–19 years old who were preparing for the college entrance examination[6]. With his new found popularity, “Xian girlfriends” naturally want to dig up Li Xian’s past, especially his ex-girlfriends. ended last week. won the annual "Influential Actor" of Rongping Communication", "Entertainment Person of the Year. Dear beloved trailer: Big End! Han Shangyan still did not give up on him", "Li Xian climbed to the top of the list of 2019 episodes' network broadcast index", "Get to know rising Chinese leading man Li Xian", "Billboard China Top 100 – The Week of August 9, 2019", "Billboard China Social Chart – The week of October 5, 2019", "Li Xian, Huang Zhizhong, Zhu Yawen appeared in "China Captain" to form "behind the scenes" support", "Billboard China Social Chart The week of September 21, 2019", "Li Xian said that he was surprised when he participated in the Spring Festival Gala for the first time", "Li Xian's CCTV Spring Festival Evening Tour: Singing on the stage is satisfactory, and the stage is calling for idol Jay Chou", "A Love Never Last: Li Xian and Chun Xia Lead the interpretation of the positive energy of passionate youth", "Xian's new film 'The Enigma of Arrival' to hit theaters on Valentine's Day", "Feng Xiaogang's "Sword Dynasty" is scheduled and Li Xian trains for action drama three months in advance", "Lei Jiayin, Li Xian and Xin Zhilei "enter the game, "Sohu Fashion Festival 2019 shortlist announced the nomination list, "Present Boyfriend" Lee Xian, "Du billion" Du Jiang nomination is really it? All rights reserved.

When “Tienstin Mystic” (河神) aired, many fans shipped Li Xian with his co-star, Cici Wang Zixuan (王紫璇). "July Boyfriend" Li Xian Officially Appointed As Brand Ambassador For Atlantis Sanya", "Atlantis Sanya Invited Li Xian to be its Brand Ambassador", "Visit Victoria Launches China Campaign: Melbourne, a place that is uniquely special in its own way. Let’s ask the question again! [3] The series not only topped television ratings for its time slot and became the most-streamed television series,[30] but was also the best national television series in 2019.

There were no pictures of their faces, but the netizen supports her claims by showing the clothes worn by the girl in the picture with Li Xian are very similar to the ones Cici Wang has worn before. Netizens’ “July Boyfriend”, Li Xian (李现), is in the news again. He also fails to mention a special someone when asked who is his female goddess. earned him a nomination for Best Newcomer at the Huading Awards ,[105] and a nomination at for Best Actor (Emerald Category) at The Actors of China Awards . He even predicted the Oscar winner list for 2020 with 90% accuracy. Another male fan bought 800 pairs of jeans to recreate a picture of his face.

Aside from these hobbies, he’s also a fitness junkie, as evident in his social media posts. It shows pictures of them going to an art gallery together, wearing “matching couple” Snoopy t-shirts, and Cici Wang liking a post about the movie, “Green Book” after Li Xian posted about it first. Li Xian: It’s the same as everyone because of dramas or movies that you like someone. I ship, Feel like heart broken if they are real together ,what’s else I can do that’s the reality we cant stop them for loving each other haysss , I hope #4 is real. Li Xian and Yang Zi Improvised a lot While Filming “Go Go Squid!”, A post shared by Cici Wang (@cccciciwang) on Sep 6, 2017 at 3:58am PDT, Li Xian wasn’t the First Choice to Play “Han Shangyan” in “Go Go Squid!”, Li Xian Reveals His Ideal Type and Female Goddess. Anyway, being in the entertainment industry is extremely difficult, so I wish the both of them the best of luck. Despite not being the show’s biggest name, 27-year-old Li Xian was the one fans were screaming for after the TV series Go Go Squid! "Red Fox Scholar" is adapted from the classic fantasy writer Duoduo's masterpiece "Chun Jiang Hua Yue Ye", starring Chen Linong and Li Xian. Li Xian tagged Zhong Chuxi in the comments and said, “Your female goddess’ breast shape is the same as yours.” This comment attracted a lot of netizens’ attention. [72] Li advocated against pollution using public welfare videos[73] for the third United Nations Environment Conference in December 2017, which focused on promoting "a zero-pollution earth." Yang Zi and Li Xian Gave Each Other Unscripted Kisses in “Go Go Squid! A netizen recently shared pictures back from June 2017 that she suspects were of Li Xian and Cici Wang working out together at a Shanghai hotel.

2011–2018: Acting debut and rising popularity, 被大众喜爱的几大"小鲜肉"——青年演员 王俊凯、李现和赵又廷,纷纷助力"战胜污染"主题活 动。, 特别值得一提的是,活动当晚空降现场的李现还一举拿下年度最具期待演员,成为当晚一大惊喜。, Learn how and when to remove this template message, List of awards and nominations received by Li Xian, "Li Xian as Han Shanyang on "Go Go Squid!" AppleDog's Time"(1) Hu Yitian and Li Yitong to Lead "Dt.

However, in the latest interview, the hosts asks him a series of questions to reveal the type of girls he might be interested in, but he is too nice and gives very neutral answers. The two have been a fan favorite couple ever since “Tientsin Mystic”. Copyright © 2020 38jiejie.com. Their chemistry in Tientsin Mystic was really good. Chinese actor Li Xian in … In 2009, he planned to study STEM in college, but after failing the annual college entrance examination, he took the test again and entered the Performance Department at Beijing Film Academy in 2010. Can anyone please tell me? His character was well liked by netizens, however, he didn’t have any other break out roles or series afterwards. Li began his acting career during his second year of his studies by appearing in small roles in director Wang Jing's film Feng Shui. It wasn’t until high school that he decided to lose weight. The understanding of their family is that they are more embarrassing. Directors Xian Li Net Worth Xian Li Net Worth 2020, Age, Height, Relationships, Married, Dating, Family, Wiki Biography ", "Li Xian really wants to buy a cup of coffee", "Who is Li Xian, rising star of China TV hit Go Go Squid? All rights reserved. Credit: ETtoday.net, Weibo (1, 2, 3), IG (1, 2), Sohu. Wish her unlimited happiness, good health and more successes/achievements. Copyright © 2020 38jiejie.com. swept all the list", "Dear Mi Shaofei, retired and joined the KK team? His wife still wants to work sick, Wu Jing is both angry and distressed, Rowling’s new work Ica Browge tells the story of adventure like Harry Potter. [33] Li topped the list of the 2019 episodes' network broadcast index with Go Go Squid! What safety risks should parents be aware of? Netizens Unhappy about Rumors of Li Xian Being Paired Up with Angelababy in New Series, Li Xian Reveals His Ideal Type and Female Goddess.

In the program, Wang Shiling’s words inadvertently revealed the current situation of the family. The both of them definitely have similar interests in art and movies. Enter your email address to subscribe to this site and receive notifications of new posts by email. Li Xian had once posted a picture from his heavier days as a kid.

Some time ago, Wang Yuelun was suddenly exposed to photos of interacting with beautiful women in KTV late at night, and he was questioned and derailed, causing heated discussions among netizens.