Marjorie showed a great amount of courage in leaving her home to marry Knox against the opposition of her father and many of her relatives, and then again crossing the Channel to follow him to Geneva, where she lived in much humbler conditions than in her English mansion. John Knox's first wife, Marjorie Bowes, He took the opportunity, however, to point out that women’s garments declared their weakness and inability to execute the office of men. Privacy Policy

youth and the age difference between her and Knox did not seem so unusual at the time. They were concerned about winning rulers – male or female – to their cause, and tempered their words accordingly. Their ménage à trois was not without its difficulties, however, as Knox confessed to being burdened with double cares: A domestic charge wherewith before I have not been accustomed and therefore are the more fearful. The 19th century historian, Thomas Carlyle, hailed John Knox, the founding father of the Scottish Reformation, as ‘the one Scotsman to whom the whole world owes a debt.’For him, God’s trumpeter was a fiery revolutionary who cut Scotland free from the shackles of … His new bride, 16-year-old Margaret Stewart, was the daughter of one of Knox’s staunchest Ayrshire supporters, Andrew Stewart, Lord Ochiltree, and a descendant of the royal Stewarts. Diabolically ensnared or not, his marriage to Margaret was happy enough to produce three daughters within six years. this time to Sir Andrew Ker of Faldonside. He used these confessions to help her understand she was not alone in her struggle, and enveloped them with pastoral words of encouragement: “And this is more plain than ever I spake, to let you know ye have a fellow and companion in trouble, and thus rest in Christ, for the head of the serpent is already broken down, and he is stinging us upon the heel.”[1]. cause Mary Queen of Scots to pass The first two parts of the trilogy, The First Blast of the Trumpet and The Second Blast of the Trumpet, Reformation of Scotland. Although the anointed queen and God’s messenger did not see eye to eye, they did appear to work together as an unlikely pair of marriage guidance counsellors to the Earl and Countess of Argyll, Mary’s half-sister. This female Protestant queen was not at all amused. The fact that Margaret's family was part of Scotland's After explaining that they consisted of pride, riotous excess, idleness that provoked filthy lusts resulting in all abomination and unnatural filthiness, he asked, ‘In which of these, Mother, are you guilty?’ Unfortunately, her response was not recorded. Canadian Committee of The Bible Study Hour In 1549, Knox was persona non grata in Scotland, but welcomed by the English Reformed church who sent him to be pastor of an unruly flock in Berwick-upon-Tweed. Once, when she confessed to the sins of Sodom and Gomorrah, Knox was horrified until he realised that she didn’t know what they were. She also became his secretary, and, at the unfavourable comment: but John Knox had never In 1560, she published A Meditation of a Penitent Sinner, not only the first sonnet sequence in English, but the first written by a woman. 2nd Lord Ochiltree, and Agnes Cunningham. North Bay, ON, P1B 0C7, Philadelphia Conference on Reformed Theology, Blue Ridge Institute for Theological Education, Quakertown Conference on Reformed Theology, International Council on Biblical Inerrancy,