In all of these cases the third mate provides guidance, e.g., like when a man is overboard, or during a disease breakout or abandoning ship. If there are people that accept to work with such low income then….

From personal experience (3rd officer earning 2000$ per month working 310hrs minimum) I can honestly say that it is a crazy position to be in. b.) a.)

I find it amazing that some commenters here are ‘miffed’ that these ungrateful slobs that go to sea for a living are not thankful they have a bed to sleep in and food to eat while committing their entire life to a floating prison for 8 to 9 months or more at a time. For further information, please contact: . Maersk Line is looking for skilled and experienced Third Officer for our expanding Container fleet: We Offer: A key position in the world’s largest container shipping company.

What is disingenuous is that faststream knows that their client is deliberately putting a price floor for the kind of mariner that they are looking for.

In this case, he informs the Master about the navigational progress and other relevant specifics, such as the ship’s location, speed and more. To apply for vacancies you have to Log in. Further, I wonder how safe the passengers on board would feel if they knew that the officers responsible for navigating their ship were paid less than the taxi or bus driver that took them to the airport? 2058 Euro per month + overtime : 3rd Engineers. Unfortunately, they’re not looking for someone from the UK to take on such a position.

From 2016 t0 2026, the BLS projects employment in the area of captains, mates and pilots of water vessels to increase by 8.

In return, Faststream’s cruise ship operating client asks for “experience in this rank on any type of passenger vessel,” an “Officer of the watch CoC unlimited,” and “the legal right to live and work in the EU.” This all seemed perfectly reasonable to me, and a great opportunity for a junior officer, until I saw the salary. e.) Good verbal and written command of English. For the sake of reference, a leading coffee shop in the UK pays its entry level staff an average of £7.00 per hour. Salary Increase 2018. Otherwise, I will do specific jobs instructed by the Chief officer.

At today’s exchange rate that equates to a UK salary of £12,613. We operate 610 container vessels and provide ocean transportation in all parts of the world.

Great article and totally agree, this seems a lot like exploitation to me? Visit PayScale to research Maersk, Inc. salaries, bonuses, reviews, benefits, and more! For specifics, see Guide to Basic Licenses and Endorsements in the US Maritimes in the References section. So this turns out to be 8 months onboard and 4 months at home.

In case of emergency any 3rd Officer needs to stay vigilant and well-prepared to execute a sound response plan. I would be nervous taking a cruise with them.

16000usd for being away 8months a year and working 12hours a day is not a good salary for western european standards.

Instead, it groups captains, mates and pilots in a single category, with pay scales that range from a low of a little over $35,000 per year to a high of slightly more than $138,000 in 2017.
That is ridiculous, I was earning that back in the ’70’s as Third Mate, this yet another example of people being exploited during the race to the bottom, ever lower and lower fares in order to compete in an over crowded market. I recently came across a job advert for a third officer by one of the UK’s major maritime industry recruiters, Faststream Recruitment. A consistent question comes up wherever I go; how do we attract the next generation of talent and give them the skills to succeed? The salary of a third mate ranges in the neighborhood of US $4500 and US $6300 per month, depending on the cruise line and vessel's country of operation.

How to Get a License to Drive a Cruise Ship, The Average Salary of American Merchant Ship Captains. On larger vessels a third officer reports about the ship's direction, speed and the effects of the wind, sea tides and currents, and more.

An American or British merchant mariner wouldn’t dare take such a job because it would be financial suicide (Unless one was financially well-off and wanted the experience).

The third officer, also known as third mate or 3/M, is fourth-in-command and one of the licensed members on deck of a merchant ship. d.) Over one-year experience in the position of at least a Deck cadet. MSC exists to support the joint warfighter across the full spectrum of military operations. Hire good people, train them well, and most importantly treat them well. The qualifying period can be shorter if the individual has served as a petty officer, which is roughly similar to noncommissioned officer status in the military.

To do that, the applicant would need to have been master of a ship of more than 200 tons for 360 days, although ancillary requirements almost always extend the qualification time beyond that. To monitor loading and discharge of cargo and its treatment during the voyage, and ensure it is effected in accordance with applicable rules, instructions and contracts.
The average salary for Maersk, Inc. employees is $70,375 per year. Needless to say after careful deliberation, I have left the profession behind. Do Guard Members Qualify for Veterans Preference. You will have challenging opportunities to contribute with and develop your competencies on technically advanced vessels with the best and latest machinery. Salaries posted anonymously by Maersk Group employees. The Third Officer is a civil service mariner (CIVMAR) employed by the Navy to serve the Military Sealift Command (MSC) onboard naval auxiliaries and hybrid-manned warships worldwide, in peace and war.

Ensure that all maintenance and training records relating to lifesaving and fire fighting equipment is kept up to date. There is a great deal of skill and creative flair that goes into brewing good coffee.

Like many well-intentioned restrictions on trade, the conference speakers argued, the Jones Act had the unintended consequence of further depressing an already challenged U.S. shipping industry.

For those that think because room and board are included that this person will bank 16k a year must be assuming that the 3/O has no family back home that has a mortgage/rent and needs to eat. So that we are crystal clear, a leading cruise operator is attempting to employ EU deck officers for less money than an employer in the UK can legally pay a child.

We are devoted to creating simple and reliable solutions for our partners, continuously lifting industry standards and enabling global trade in the most sustainable manner possible. They must pass specific and exhaustive tests. During my time at sea, I was lucky enough to sail with officers from all over the world; Russia, the Philippines, Ukraine, Indonesia, India, Poland, and Croatia to name a few. The average Maersk salary ranges from approximately ₹ 2,30,113 per year for Associate to ₹ 8,70,993 per year for Senior Analyst. It might be different for other nationalities where the costs of living are significantly lower. Very good article, but quite depressing to read when you’re just about to get your OOW unlimited after years of laborious studies.

When the GDP per capita of your country is approximately ~£2000, a billet making £16K sounds like a fantastic opportunity.

Third Officer salaries at Maersk Group can range from £31,282 - £32,667. To navigate the vessel when on bridge watch in compliance with Masters Standing Orders. Third Officer with minimum 6 months of rank experience on tanker vessel > Last application date: 31 December 2017. Supervision of personnel in his/her charge which includes: To be fully conversant with all matters concerning mooring and anchoring operations. So comparing an officer on a ship to a person working in a coffee shop is pointless. Inviting Experienced Third Officer for Tanker Vessel.

Time again, junior officers said that they feel their wages are too low…and that while the leap in money is high when they reach senior status, they doubt they will be around to ever see that. Having spent 37 years with the Canadian Coast Guard as a ship’s officer including executive officer, then Fleet, Ice and Safety Superintendent, I presume this cruise company pays lip service to their Safety Management System, Bridge Management and other legal requirements per IMO and Shipping acts.

The advert offers the successful candidate “the opportunity to work with a leading cruise company, experience global travel, and enjoy an attractive package with lots of future possibilities,” sounds great right?

Western european seafarers are simply too expensive for the cruise ship industry. The mate should know what to do in cases of flooding, loss of buoyancy or when fire occurs.

I wouldnt even be able to pay my rent with that kind of money. Third Officer Salary. A free inside look at Maersk Group salary trends based on 364 salaries wages for 231 jobs at Maersk Group. Typical tasks are ensuring that cargo holds are loaded according to USCG requirements and that crew members properly maintain and operate equipment aboard the vessel. I always had an interest for cruise ships but it looks like I’ll have to go work in offshore.

valuable assets.

Though morally questionable in my opinion, Faststream and their client are not doing anything illegal here. From personal experience (3rd officer earning 2000$ per month working 310hrs minimum) I can honestly say that it is a crazy position to be in. But a Ukrainian or Philippine licensed officer? I never met any seafarer who bore the responsibility of stripes on their shoulders earning a wage as low as what’s on offer here.

No wonder so many people from my university end up just working on land and never going at sea.

He reports directly to the Officer-of-the-Watch: either the first or second officer. But in this case, I believe the cruise operator is shortsightedly sourcing officers well below the market rate. Having been a long time at sea as a third, second, first officer, I have my own idea. See if they're hiring! Well done Nick in raising this issue, asking questions and daring to actually look inwards at the industry. Maersk Tankers owns and operates one of the largest product tanker fleets in the world – all built and operated in accordance with the highest standards for quality and reliability.

You will have challenging opportunities to contribute with and develop your competencies on technically advanced vessels with the best and latest machinery.

There are good reasons for this: English makes it easier to read maps, nautical publications and charts, while it enables swift communication with other vessels, multilingual crew-members and coast stations. This wage is a slap in the face of the industry and I think Faststream should not be entertaining such employers. Throughout the voyage, the third mate has the task to ensure that the ship stays seaworthy.