Ship management companies. The sector has an estimated annual revenue of $6.88 billion and added approximately $2.32 Maritime workers find employment in a variety of fields such as, shipyards, marine terminals, fishing, aquaculture, seafood processing, commercial diving, and marine transportation. It is difficult to quantify the total value of the world maritime industry, and the economic relevance of a sector that affects a wide range of aspects of modern societies and their development. Maritime industries include both shipbuilding and recreational craft. External support cannot be counted on, so the vessels have to be self-reliant. Maritime technology, Research and Education ... and Mr V. Korkidis of the Piraeus Chamber of Commerce and Industry at the Posidonia stand 2018 of the Maritime Hellas -navigate the Greek cluster, the cluster organization founded by the three entities. The sector is constantly monitored by the European Commission (see in particular LeaderSHIP 2020 (1 MB)). This page provides information and data on the Maritime sector, which is a component of the Transport industry. For UK port and harbour authorities, we ensure compliance with the Port Marine Safety Code (PMSC), including audit and assurance services to board level (including Designated Person provision). Longshoring work includes moving containers and other heavy loads with the potential to cause serious injury or death if a mistake is made, in addition to other general maritime hazards. Next to rail transportation, water transportation is economically and environmentally the most efficient way to travel or transport merchandise; and, nowadays, around 90% of world trade is carried by the international shipping industry. Ship disasters have revealed lacks in the used measures, and SP Fire Research has been a significant contributor in documenting the effect of measures against fire. Shipyards contribute significantly to regional industrial infrastructure and national security interests (military shipbuilding). While most are not focused specifically on maritime industries, the exposures are similar across multiple worksites. The Commission is addressing issues affecting the shipbuilding industry through a variety of policy measures, in particular LeaderSHIP 2015 and LeaderSHIP 2020 (1 MB). ), Center for Maritime Safety and Health Studies –, Commercial Fishing –, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. This industry segment is centered on shipping people. We are able to optimise engineering design for new maritime infrastructure projects, and are experienced in marine licensing requirements including Harbour Empowerment/Revision Orders, Development Consent Orders and Transport and Works Act Orders. Fire constitutes a significant threat in the maritime sector, since a fire on board a vessel must be handled and limited locally without losing seaworthiness and manoeuvrability. The sector is regulated at EU level for safety and environmental standards, as well as design and production requirements, and administrative procedures. NIOSH accomplishes safety and health research in maritime industries through the Center for Maritime Safety and Health Studies, which is a virtual center that serves as a hub for intramural and extramural researchers. SECTORS. It also affects other areas such as transport, security, research, and the environment.