Woot.com has a T-shirt making the incorrect argument that a hot dog is a sandwich. ;). The 1960s throwback worn in 2009 which had better sleeve striping and the numbers on the shoulders. I just don’t think it works. Extra credit to old-timer Ben Zobrist for some stirrup flair.” Glad I wasn’t the only one who noticed! The Marlins took a strong uniform and made it much better. Memories like that help make it so. … The Oklahoma City Dodgers changed their name to “Cielo Azul” (“Sky Blue”) for Hispanic Heritage night (from Segev Goldberg). Still, it’ll be interesting to see if any A’s players stick with white, just because it was such an unusual distinction.

Where it went off the rails for me was the insistence on making the black the primary. — Miami Marlins (@Marlins) November 16, 2018.

They’d win their second World Series six years later (in 2003), both times as Wild Card teams. No link to College of Charlston’s Helmets. That’s what I’ll keep wearing to games with my black F hat.

But thanks Jimmy, I got a chuckle out of the photoshop job! After weeks of teases and rumors, the Marlins finally made it official yesterday, unveiling their new primary and secondary logos.

Finally, here’s what MLB.com has to say about the Marlins’ new look. So luxuriate in the present, when those uniforms are still awful. You can also create a video presentation, upload it to YouTube, and submit the YouTube link as your entry. Coach couldn’t have been happy about that, but I guess it just goes to show that it really can happen to anyone. This wasn’t the team that I grew up loving. From replica jerseys and throwback Marlins jerseys to Spring Training and Miami Marlins All Star jerseys, we have them all here. The outfield walls are lime green and the home run sculpture is gaudy, but they sure are unique to MLB! The team initially teased their new black jerseys around 8 a.m. Black on black doesn’t look good here, and the hat looks like it needs to be brighter. One more thing: even though I like the old black uniforms, I think the current black alternate is much worse than the old stuff or the orange alternate that they’ve abandoned. If you’re submitting multiple files, please either number them (PaulLukas1.jpg, PaulLukas2.jpg, etc.) It’s not yet clear if that patch will be strictly Bears-themed or if it’ll somehow incorporate part of the NFL centennial mark. Thin black stripes draped about the neck, around the sleeve ends and down the pant legs. the New York Giants who play in neither the city nor even the state so named), but it’s not as bad as completely ghosting the city name (e.g. The 2012 set did the same thing, only having “Marlins” on an alt (which they didn’t even wear in 2018 – the 3 game throwback set in June was the only time the word “Marlins” appeared on the field). The black on black cap. That’ll be when they ditch the black and drape themselves in glorious teal and orange. Miami Marlins 2015 Uniform Lineup. This rebrand doesn’t fix that. The script itself needs to be on a slant. But then they should wear those new white jerseys with the regular gold pants.

Lost in the Nats’ spring training uniform announcement is that the hat appears to be similar to the old diamond-era material from the year before, and not the pro-lite material from this past season or whatever they called it. The name “Marlins” was the name of a previous minor league team (a Triple-A affiliate of the Philadelphia Phillies and later the Baltimore Orioles) which sported some gorgeous uniforms in orange and blue (the team would actually throw back to these a few years back). For one thing I felt sure at first that we were finally going to get some pink somewhere in pro sports, but no. I like the Brewers jerseys with the script Milwaukee and love the Cerveceros. I am just not feeling the black alternate jerseys. There were no front numbers on these jerseys. “There’s a guy in Fargo, N.D., who may have been the model for the University of North Dakota’s old Fighting Sioux logo.

Though the primary logo looks terrific on black. “That’s a change from their usual 1-11 non-tournament jersey numbering,” says @trequartbeasta. Black should never be a primary color for any warm climate team, even if they mostly play indoors. They did the same last year (thanks, Jamie). What’s the point of the diagonal stripe if there’s no football at the end of it? The accented colors give it just enough kick, though, to make it a completely unique uniform experience. USWNT player Jaelene Hinkle told the Christian talk show 700 Club that she refused a call-up to the national side last year because of the rainbow numbers. Just return to being the California Angels already! Black text on black background gets lost.

Guys will be wearing whatever, whenever. The road jerseys would see even greater changes. “So excited about all the dangerous stuff we’ll undoubtedly do with them this summer!” he says. I actually saw a Dodger game there and we sat so far down the right field line it was difficult to see what was happening. You can skip the history lesson if you want to get to the grades below, but it’s helpful to review the old uniforms quickly, just to get an idea of how far they’ve come. The photos they use for promotions are all dominoes, South Beach, downtown Miami, etc. … Reprinted from last night’s comments: Remember my recent piece about the disproportionate number of littered Newport cigarette packs I was encountering? Nice to see El Paso bring back some of the old Diablos look; that muscular chili pepper is straight out of the steroids era. Dope Sports Threads - New Miami Marlins Uniforms December 06, 2018 Call me crazy, but I really do believe in the Miami Marlins under Derek Jeter. … The Devils will wear camouflage jerseys with stencil-font numbers for Military Appreciation Day this Saturday. And their teal really is aqua or turquoise.

Logos, colors, location, uniforms. A light blue hat would have been great. … People who ordered their Rochester Red Wings Plates cap got it delivered on a paper plate wrapped in foil (from Pete Soscia). I also want to wish a happy birthday to our “Collector’s Corner” columnist Brinke Guthrie, who’s celebrating another trip around the sun today. The Miami Marlins are an American professional baseball team based in Miami, Florida.The Marlins compete in Major League Baseball (MLB) as a member club of the National League (NL) East division.Their home park is Marlins Park.. The Marlins teal cap with the black brim was great. The road jersey would be very similar to the home: rendered in gray, the Miami wordmark was the same, except the “IAMI” was rendered in white with black lutlines and orange dropshadow. Arlington Rangers doesn’t sound right at all. Seems silly for them to so quickly de-emphasize the Broadway District aesthetic. I would have agreed with this before I moved to Florida, but the truth is, people down here routinely speak in mixed sentences made of both English and Spanish, so the phrase “our colores” is actually a unique way of representing that culture. Loosely defined (and subject to interpretation) a “signature” uniform would be a uniform which one might definitively associate with a team, the one which stood out the most over the years. And I totally agree with you that this light blue should have been the main color and not black. Or, better yet, would it be a contest to specifically design OUT the purple in their uniforms?!?!? And yes, Ice Cube has been working on his famed project, A Contract with Black America. Anyone else ever seen the CR logo like this? PROOFREADING: In 2011, Pitbull should be one word. Earlier this year, I resumed the series with the Montreal Expos, the Arizona Diamondbacks, the Oakland A’s, the Kansas City Royals, the Washington Nationals, the Atlanta Braves, and the Colorado Rockies.