Yes I’ve been green ever since I was born and I didn’t eat grass when I was little. She wanted to focus on Elphaba’s struggles in life and in this simple monolgue I made, I focused on her being judged and discriminated against. The “ga” is silent. That should say "YOUR very first party...", (Back in their dormitory room, ELPHABA and GALINDA have been up all night.). To the world, all those things matter, but to me we are all equal and made perfect because of our imperfection. Go ahead! Everyone is always looking…staring… Why are you people so judgmental? the fight out of her. If not for them I wouldn’t be where I am today. I am as green as ever shining like a bright emerald. I want you to rouse your men and snatch the sickening little girl and her equally nauseating little dog. What if you’re a goat like Dr. Dillamond? Now you tell me a secret. Because of her friendship, acceptance and love for me, I can say I have been truly freed from all the bad stares and the corrupt judgement of the world. : I will be uploading the script again after i've corrected it. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. What name should I reference? What if you’re green? Or rich and popular like Glinda the good? And Fiyero…Oh Fiyero…He gave me hope in love. Even though we had to part ways because of our differences, She was my only best friend and she helped me change for good. WiZarD (cONt’D) A pleasure, Elphaba. The Importance of Being Earnest: Cecily's Monologue, It's a Wonderful Life: George's Monologue, Two Gentlemen of Verona: Launce's Monologue. (She guides her friend to a mirror. Read WICKED! You mustn’t think that way anymore! I can read spells and do magic. No matter how hard I try to act normal, I know I’m special and people take that differently. Despite our differences and the way the world sees us, Glinda is my best friend and I love her. Nikko, Nikko! I want you to rouse your men and snatch the And you can call me… Galinda. Can you imagine being so different from a person and yet be accepted for what you are? You see Elphie, now that we’re friends, I’ve decided to make you my new project. Once bitten, they can never stop dancing till they drop! Only it made Nessa come too soon, with her little legs all tangled. And when they Aha! No! There you are. The Oh, just wear the frock it’s pretty! script extracts 13. That is my curse and my gift. And you must be --GLiNDa Glinda. Every day there is one question that stirs people’s minds. Yes please, thank you.If that’s not a problem. Never in my life of being green and discriminated against did I imagine I could be loved as much as he loved me. But the world has a mind of it’s own and when your flesh is not actually flesh but green like mine, The sad and inevitable fact is, you’d have to wake up every single day knowing that people will look down on you and discriminate you. A question pointed at me that they cannot erase from their hearts—Are people born wicked? If you find any typos please tell me and I will correct it when I'm finished with the script. This is the whole Wicked Script. I am Elphaba, The Wicked witch of the west and today I am soaring high, I am defying gravity, liberating and letting go because I am free. Don’t get your hopes up! He generously takes her hand for her and shakes it. The Silver Chair: Green Witch's Monologue, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington: Mr. Smith's Monologue 3, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington: Saunder's Monologue, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington: Mr. Smith's Monologue 2, The Silver Chair: Prince Rillian's Monologue, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington: Mr. Smith's Monologue. But Glinda… though we started off on the wrong foot she became my best friend. Can’t you see that? What are you looking at? The secret is he has a good reason. from the story Acting Monologues by EllieJadeJohnson (Ellie Johnson) with 26,465 reads.WICKED!Chatacter- ElphabaGender- FemaleSolo I am Elphaba. No I am not seasick! Glinda Backs Away As Elphaba Walks Toward The House.