All data since then are from the annual Statistical Abstracts of the United States. Disclaimer: The data used to provide the calculations for the currency converter has been collated from original documents and official statistics, and the survey of material used has been as comprehensive as possible. At face value, an old penny is worth just slightly less than half of a new pence in today's money while a shilling would be worth 5p and two shillings 10p. We don’t like hidden fees, that’s why we don’t have any! Donate your leftover currency: Over £100,000 raised in 2020.

Other Fun Sites This is Morgan, creator of the Inflation Calculator. Historical Currency Conversions. To answer these questions the Historical Currency Converter uses a short-cut, by comparing the worth of various sums in various currencies in their purchasing power of Swedish consumer goods and the pay of workers in Sweden. The Old Ghanaian Cedi is divided into 100 psewas. My cheque arrived in under a week. We’ve all got old currency hidden away in ‘that’ drawer… You know the drawer we mean, the one that contains batteries and old keys.

You know the drawer we mean, the one that contains batteries and old keys. How does it compare to today?
Old money converter ; Old money converter - decimal to £sd. ", Discover which currencies you can exchange. Sveriges Riksbank and Ekerlids, Stockholm. pound and 12 pence in a shilling. It’s fast! Receive payment via PayPal, cheque, bank transfer or why not donate it to charity? A penny was divided into two halfpennies or Rodney Edvinsson, Tor Jacobson and Daniel Waldenström), 133-237. Athens, Sofia, Bucharest, Vienna. v3.0, except where otherwise stated, Friends of The National Rodney Edvinsson, Tor Jacobson and Daniel Waldenström). These documents may record large purchases by government institutions rather than ordinary retail prices, and wages of skilled craftsmen rather than the general level of earnings. Sveriges Riksbank 1668–1924. Sveriges Riksbank and Ekerlids, Stockholm. Happy with that! The converter allows you to convert an amount in Scots pounds to Sterling (from the year 1600 onwards). - Söderberg, Johan, 2010, 'Long-term trends in real wages of labourers', in Historical Monetary and Financial Statistics for Sweden: Exchange rates, prices and wages 1277–2008 (eds. - PACIFIC Exchange Rate Service, 'Foreign Currency Units per 1 U.S. Dollar, 1948-2014', You receive the full value of the notes and coins you send, calculated from the rates shown here. Use the XEU code to see Ecu (European Currency Unit) exchange rates.

Calculations based on the retail price index may not always be appropriate: comparisons based on average earnings or gross domestic product per head may be more suitable.