The COVID-19 outbreak in spring of 2020 forced school districts across the country to rethink everything from district-level oversight to instructional delivery. About Us | Join the Team | Help Desk, Mailing Address 308 E Burlington St #303, Iowa City, IA 52240-1602, Tel 319-209-5165 Fax 319-483-6949Help 1-833-PEARDECK, ©2020 Pear Deck, Inc. All Rights Reserved. I have found it to be the closest way to recreate a typical classroom environment. On Veterans Day, Americans celebrate the men and women in uniform who work every day to keep the country safe. We’ve put together a Deck of templates to help you get started — read on for ideas! Created with Pear Deck for Google Slides. Newsela Daily Deck: "Jerusalema" dance lifts spirits, Newsela Daily Deck: Trumps contract Coronavirus, Newsela Daily Deck: Tony Hawk changes gaming and skating, Newsela Daily Deck: Aurora over the Titanic, Newsela Daily Deck: Japan's ice cream flavors, Newsela Daily Deck: Officer indicted in Breonna Taylor case; not for her death, PBS NewsHour Extra: Veterans Day - Military kids from Bahrain share their experiences, PBS NewsHour Extra: Joe Biden elected 46th president of the United States. At first, I was trying to be so fancy…Let’s make a new Pear Deck for every class every day, she said, only to later find out how unlikely of a routine that would be to maintain. PBS NewsHour Extra: What makes a swing state swing? You’ve come to the right place! All I have to do is launch the Pear Deck at the beginning of each class and generate a fresh code for my students and we’re in business! This time around, it’s really different. Use this Pear Deck template pack to help you build classroom community, either remotely or in person, by playing a trivia game with your students! Michael Creekmore. Co-founder and Chief Educator of Pear Deck, Michal Eynon-Lynch shares her experience with balancing work and crisis teaching from home. And then there are tools that not only do that, but also push you to be a better teacher in the process. This weekly content offering brings you curated content from educational and inspirational sources on the web to spark curiosity and conversation in the classroom. She was known for her defense of women’s rights and rights of minorities through her many years as a civil rights lawyer before taking a position on the Supreme Court in 1993. Helping students gain coping skills, resilience, emotional awareness, and empathy takes regular practice and reinforcement. Reviewing, Feedback, Grading, and More. To achieve this, trainers must commit to certain principles & actions in order to experience a school-wide shift towards racial justice. Club, Part 2. Here’s how Poudre School District in Fort Collins, Colorado, continued using Pear Deck to make remote learning simple and effective. I have more students engaging through Pear Deck than I have experienced over past years in the typical, in-person classroom setting that we’re all used to. PBS NewsHour Extra: The growing political influence of American millennials. It has really been fantastic for me and I hope it does the same for you! When schools across the nation shifted to remote learning at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the change exacerbated several inequities between students including class, race, access to technology, and learning abilities. This week, we’re proud to release a new set of Pear Deck templates designed for school counselors. Learn more. In this week's wonder, students learn about our cute, loveable, and always entertaining feline friend, the cat. We know how much hard work teachers put in every day, often without recognition, so we created the Peary Awards to celebrate outstanding achievements of educators and schools who embody Pear Deck’s values. Over 1,300 educators responded to a series of questions about their perceptions of and experiences with Pear Deck. But worry not! While many of us will not see our students face-to-face every day this fall, we can still create a collaborative classroom environment and forge meaningful connections with our students through the use of technology, creative planning, and a willingness to try new things. In this week's wonder, students learn about an inspiring pair in the city of Detroit. In the Spring there were a lot of pre-recorded class sessions and we only met for 30 minutes 2x a week to do quick check-ins and a super fast mini-lesson. Templates to help you close the lesson and exit tickets. All of your favorite templates in one place! ( Log Out /  Preview the slides below, then get your copy of either the Google Slides or PowerPoint file. In this example, students might wonder the best size package to fit the most blocks into or the best dimensions to create the strongest box. — Stacey Roshan. Regarding [topic], describe a perspective different from your own. We wanted to know what challenges teachers were facing—and, just as importantly, to find out how you’re adapting to overcome them. As we prepare our students for the life ahead of them, we want them to understand what it means to take responsibility for themselves and for the choices they make. Here’s how Mesquite Independent Schools in Mesquite, Texas strategic planning prepared teachers for the transition to remote learning during the spring of 2020. Pear Deck. But while military personnel make great sacrifices to do their job, their families make sacrifices as well. So much of formative assessment are things that come up on the fly, and this template allows the flexibility to recreate it beautifully in a virtual setting. If you’re not familiar with Pear Deck, I would HIGHLY recommend it. When we noticed that one of the top searches on our site is the term math, we thought “Clearly, we need to make some templates for math teachers!” And that’s just what we did. Watch them study the impact of plastic pollution on their local beaches in order to help create a more sustainable future. Here’s how South-Western City Schools in Columbus, Ohio, empowered their trusted team members to help guide teachers through the transition. We want them to understand the impact of the choices they make on the world around them, and our new set of templates will help do just that. Accept the permissions and open the Pear Deck Sidebar. These problems have just been magnified and made more urgent by our current circumstances. How to Make a Digital Exit Ticket: Turn Your Exit Tickets DIGITAL! Preview and download the all new Pear Deck Math Templates here. In this PBS NewsHour Extra, students explore why swing states become the center of attention for presidential candidates and how the Electoral College system works. We invited Pear Deck Coach and math teacher extraordinaire, Stacey Roshan to introduce our brand-new math templates and share some examples of how they can be used to engage students in graphing and calculating as well as mathematical and critical thinking.