To start off, both percale and sateen are made from cotton. Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. Somewhat representative, thread count by itself doesn’t fully define the quality of the product. Over the years, we've frequently received the questions, “how do I know what bedding material is right for me?” and “what’s the difference between percale, sateen, and linen?". Learn more about cookies and how to change your consent by visiting our privacy policy. Fact is, as thread count rises, most cotton sheets become more fragile and prone to rips, pills and snags. Tristen is another stone-washed linen style with smart yarn-dyed stripes and sleek piping. It keeps you cool during the summer months and warm during the winter months so you can use the same sheets year-round, while the distressed texture stimulates blood-flow and promotes relaxation. The result is a crisp finish that only improves over time, as reviewers can attest. Made in Portugal, this linen gets softer with each wash and adds a casual elegance to any bed. to Netherlands, Shipping What makes cotton so lovable is that cotton fibers are highly versatile and can be spun into thick or fine yarns. Cotton itself is also a natural fiber derived from the cotton plant, which is more widely grown than linen and thus a little bit cheaper. Available in two relaxed color options, Tristen's 100% stone-washed linen is finished with a simply corded edge. We all have unique sleeping habits: some like it on the cooler side, others want to feel warm and cozy, and some try to strike a balance by dipping their feet outside the covers. Based on these factors, here’s what you should consider when purchasing new bedding. They are different types of weave and thus have distinct textures.

Sure, even pre-washed, it can feel a little coarser than cotton, but it gets softer with every wash without losing shape or disintegrating. It’s different from percale and sateen in that it is made from the flax plant rather than cotton. Linen is a light and airy fabric with timeless appeal. Crafted from our long-staple cotton percale favorite, Sierra…enjoy its cool, smooth touch. Cotton itself is also a natural fiber derived from the cotton plant, which is more widely grown than linen and thus a little bit cheaper. Linen is great for absorbing moisture, so the materials work to help warmer sleepers stay dry and comfortable. Matouk’s sateen bedding is finished with a signature double stitch tipping, giving it a distinguished look. We explore the presence of florals in the Matouk product line, and the power of florals in home design with Dara Caponigro, creative director of Sc... We use cookies to enhance your browsing experience and to allow us to improve our website usefulness. Here are some things to look for if you’re in the market for new sheets.