Users have found their swollen feet and legs, painful joints, lower back and hip pain ease out. Special Price $229.99. You don't have to suffer through restless nights any longer though. Final verdict: For budget-conscious moms, this pillow offers all the comfort and design features of other pregnancy pillows without sacrificing on the quality. Thanks to Ultimate Sleep for the wonderful product and service.”, Final verdict: The Total Body Support Pillow’s secret lies in the superb craftsmanship down to each fibre used in the filling. So look for the quality of stuffing and the ease of washing. This pillow is soft and cosy, and my dogs absolutely love it too.”. It is easy to manoeuvre around and find the most comfortable position to sleep in. With your body changing and life growing inside of you, the comfortable positions you once could find seem to be impossible to get in to. All rights reserved |, Australia’s Best Pregnancy Pillows of 2020, We are pretty confident you will love our list and find the one for you but we must make it clear, our recommendation is not a, Cotton cover with polypropylene woven fabric filling, Cotton cover with soft polyfill blend filling, Cotton cover with polyester ball fibre filling. It is important to note that some pregnancy pillows have a specialised return policy because these are intimate-use products, so read the fine print fully. It is minimalistic, effective and cute. Foldable and compact, it supports side-sleeping, a position that’s often recommended for pregnant women. And that concludes our Australia’s best pregnancy pillow guide. This will assure that no matter what you choose to spend, you will be happy with your purchase overall. Your only complaint may be having to share it with the rest of your family. It can provide the posture you need to alleviate back and hip pain and can wrap you in a cosy hug you deserve. The thing is the C-shape eliminates the need to buy multiple pillows to support your back, hips, knee, neck and head separately. Press the space key then arrow keys to make a selection. Further it also helps reduce that uncomfortable swelling in your legs and feet as well as keeps your body in the perfect resting position. Your email address will not be published. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Designed in California, PharMeDoc’s U-shaped Pregnancy Pillow comes at a competitive price of $74.99 and offers a lifetime manufacturer warranty and 100% satisfaction. Tuck one side of the pillow beneath your knee to align your spine and hips and achieve a comfortable posture. QUEEN ROSE 55in Full Body Pregnancy Pillow, Ultimate Total Body Support Pregnancy Pillow. We think the butterfly/wing design is a game-changer. Its U-shape and 53” x 31” x 7” dimensions ensure that your back, hips and the entire body remain supported in the most relaxing way when you recline. “If you’re looking for a very full and comfy pregnancy pillow, this one is for you,” and lastly Mary-Ann from Five Dock, NSW describes it as “plush and fluffy,” “squishy and soft,” or “very comfy [with] excellent belly support.”Our Pregnancy Pillow is a hit with all our customers, get your's today! Other specs are equally appealing. Choosing a selection results in a full page refresh. All this goodness is sealed with double-stitched seams, and you know what, you don’t have to leave it behind in the house when you step out. It also helps improve blood circulation, continue to supply the fetus blood flow regularly all night long!The pillow also alleviates the swelling and the legs/feet numbness, release your body pressure, gives support to prevent rolling on back, improve your sleep and gives support to prevent back from hypertension,The Cover is 100% cotton, which offers long-lasting resilience and durability with zipper opening removable and washable. No stimulation for the mother or the baby because of anti-pilling and anti-static. RRP * RRP $289.99. Do you travel often? Regardless of which position you prefer, this white pillow … Final Verdict: PharMeDoc’s U-shaped Pregnancy Pillow ticks all the right boxes for expectant moms. Sign up to the eNewsletter. It comes with a soft cover made out of 100% cotton, which is cool to touch and convenient to remove and wash. There’s even a one-year limited warranty to protect you against manufacturing defects. To be honest yes, I sometimes do get a bit of a stiff neck from sleeping so elevated, but it’s so worth it for the heartburn relief. This pillow is designed to support the side sleeping position and the underside of the belly in the best manner. Talking of its construction, the pillow is filled with PP Fabric Cotton that helps to hold the shape of the pillow well, making it anti-pilling, anti-static and also providing fluffy support to improve your breathing. It is also hailed as a super comfy pillow for breast-feeding moms. This pillow comes with a travel and storage bag, so you do not have to spend a single night without your comfort sleep. Or, are your joints giving you a hard time? So just wrap one arm around it and sleep snug. From legs to limbs, back to neck, and head to hips, it supports them all, thereby reducing muscle soreness and ensuring you wake refreshed no matter how you sleep. As the baby grows, so does the pressure on mumma’s hips, back and pelvis. If you’ve got any further questions, queries or thoughts, leave a comment below — we’d love to hear from you. So your final choice should rest on what suits your body the most. It’s compact and shaped somewhat like a butterfly. We evaluated them for their size, shape, material, comfort, terms & conditions, … Here’s the check-list. Woolcomfort Australian Made multi-purpose maternity pillow designed to provide optimal support for both mums and babies while breastfeeding. Designed to support from head till toe, its sleek design gives enough to keep your mommy body pain-free and well-rested. From craftsmanship to its shape-shifting material that adjusts to your position, this C-shaped pregnancy pillow lives up to the hype. Designed just for the needs of the pregnant women, it lends required support for back and side sleeping position. Many users have been singing praises of the fact that it arrives vacuum-sealed and is easy to fluff up. While one customer did find the pillowcase “scratchy”, the majority hailed the pillow for its snug texture. Recline with this pillow to find relief. … Though it is a bit on the pricey side, this pillow offers durability that can sustain several pregnancies.f.