See More, You may like I'm Wes, a biracial Chinese American dad living in Oakland, California, who left the technology world when my son was born to serve this wonderfully diverse community of Chinese American families. Food and drink provide nourishment, while “hell money” and paper replicas of cars, appliances and electronics provide the luxuries relatives may have lacked while living. Login on Lovepik and get Free Downloads everyday.More than 2,200,000 images help your work easier. On that day, people pay respect to their ancestors by visiting their cemetery, tomb-sweeping, offering food and pray for families. © Copyright 2013 - 2020 HWAO Consulting. Qingming Festival, also called Tomb-Sweeping Day falls on April 5 this year. Watermark statement: Image watermark only for anti-theft brush, does not mean that other meaning. People often participate in a sport to ward off the cold and in anticipation of the arrival of spring. In 2020, the date of Qingming Festival is on Saturday, April 4. Contact me! It's a traditional Chinese festival on the 15th day from the vernal equinox. Qingming is the traditional Chinese festival of spring honors family and loved ones that have passed. Activities. Beijing Office: Room 1203, No. Qingming Festival – Qingming Jie The Qingming Festival is one of the important holidays in China and among the Chinese around the world, and it is all about ancestral veneration. textiles, mobile phone cases, greeting cards, postcards, calendars, cups, T-shirts. Thank you!! This day falls on the first day of the fifth solar term of the traditional Chinese lunisolar calendar. Free download professional editable Qingming Festival activities to publicize PPT templates to make your work easier. Can’t find an account matching the email and password you Please check your email and password and try again. Qingming festival activities to publicize ppt templates powerpoint templete free download number is 400121608,it was published in 28/03/2018,file format is pptx,file size is 9.8 MB.You can use the PowerPoint 2016 software to open the secondary editing it. The premium member will have commercial use license. Web and APP Design,Software and Game Skin,H5,E-commerce and Product, etc. Mobile wallpaper, Design templates, Design elements, PPT templates and use our designs in main element to resale. Join the Lan Su Chinese Garden in celebrating the Qingming Festival. Sweep away any weeds or debris, place flower arrangements and freshen the paint on the gravestone’s lettering. Take part in this custom by writing a fond memory or wish for your ancestors and tying it to the branch of the special tree at Lan Su as an expression of remembrance. Symbolically, a clean gravesite lets your relatives know that they remain in your thoughts. All rights reserved. Hope you enjoy a happy family life in california! Search for Qingming Festival activities pictures, offers 216836 All free stock images, which updates 100 free pictures daily to make your work professional and easy. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. The most visible Qingming Festival traditions revolve around tomb sweeping, the ritual cleaning of gravesites to honor a … Het Qingmingfestival is een traditionele Chinese feestdag. Taking a springtime outing known as taqing, is a great way to enjoy the season’s new blossoms. A HKUST x USC Joint Webinar. Qingming is the traditional Chinese festival of spring honors family and loved ones that have passed. How to Give Great Gifts to Your Chinese Friends, The Chinese American Family Holiday Gift Guide, How to Buy and Burn Joss Paper: A Complete Guide, Finding Chinese America Online: 25 Inspiring Voices, How To Make Traditional Lotus Seed Mooncakes. Your email address will not be published. Qingming Festival, or Ching Ming Festival, called Pure Brightness Festival or Tomb-Sweeping Day in English, usually falls around April 5. Then receive family-friendly activity, recipe and craft ideas throughout the year! © 2014-2020 Red Bean Company LLC, All Rights Reserved. Spending time outdoors during this period of “pure brightness” provides a calming opportunity for reflection and opening yourself to new possibilities., Making Hong Kong China: The Rollback of Human Rights and the Rule of Law, Sustainability as the New Normal – A Vision for the Future. If you are a foreigner in China who’s looking for ways to celebrate Qingming Festival, consider participating in these activities (or, you know, stay home and chill): Apr 3: … The most visible Qingming Festival traditions revolve around tomb sweeping, the ritual cleaning of gravesites to honor a family’s ancestors. — Helping others through coaching, consulting and board work, China’s Personal Information Protection Law, Introducing my new Live Online Training page, Coaching – Management and Personal Growth, Meeting Etiquette and Facilitation series overview, Management Program – Lifting Leaders to the Next Level, Australia-China row upset Woodside talks to sell gas project stake to Chinese firms, ByteDance asks US court to intervene in forced TikTok sale, China’s banking regulator signals tougher fintech antitrust laws, Huawei to sell budget Honor smartphone brand, Alibaba says post-Covid singles’ day sales hit $74 billion, Alibaba stockholders convert 1.3 billion shares from ADRs to HK ordinary shares, Chinese tensions put Australian businesses under pressure, Sweden suspends 5G auction after Huawei wins court appeal against exclusion, China’s regulators prepare to roll out new antimonopoly rules, Alibaba records billions in sales as China’s first post-virus Singles’ Day kicks off, China Coronavirus Updates: Latest Developments and Business Advisory, Permanent Establishment Risks in China amid COVID-19: A Case Study, Belt and Road Weekly Investor Intelligence #2, Exporting Meat Products to China During COVID-19: What You Need to Know.