No heart and soul. GTAV is the pinnacle of game making and encompasses everything we had hoped to see in games for 35 years. Any open-world game with a crime theme is almost immediately labeled a GTA rip-off. It is the overlooked and a very underrated game, Watch Dogs may have the best graphics in the genre but it sure is dull and bland. Obvoiusly GTAV's world is far more impressive. The world is much smaller, there's no driving and not really any true shooting either. They already are: Yeah, but i already played that one. how vibrant was hong kong?! I guess they don't want to acknowledge a good idea from another company unless it was theirs. I'm only three or four hours into GTAV, but unless it falls off hard, no way. It looks prettier and there's more "stuff to do" but the story really started to fall flat with me about half way through and I just wanted it to end. The side missions aren't that interesting and there's nothing much to do besides police and triad missions. loved the characters and the just plain silly dlc. It's stupid. Sleeping Dogs had the more immersive story with natural voice acting. Yeah it's pretty much a tie for me. If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware. @yourneighborhoodcomicgeek: yeah. I like them both just as much as each other. I base this on playing Sleeping Dogs and not Grand Theft Auto. I agree with almost everything you wrote. Sleeping Dogs is way better than GTA V. Sleeping Dogs was fresh in the over saturated open world crime genre. Even though I'm still finishing of GTA V, I think the story of Sleeping Dogs knocks it out of the park. Cloudflare Ray ID: 5f0f2ceebe380ac0 Without playing GTA5 I will say yes. the a**hat that made fun of silent hill 2. better story, better gameplay (oh yes i play games so i can play golf or sky dive pfffff no), better voice acting and less freaking stereotypes. Did I want to do any of the things in that world? I'm of the opinion that Sleeping Dogs was a buggy pile of shite with good ideas implemented poorly. Which of these games satisfied your needs as a gamer and what made you come to that decision? Mostly because it is the most accomplished GTA game in terms of mechanics and every aspects of its gameplay are serviceable enough to be enjoyable on their own. The gps and quick access to missions are also much better in sleeping dogs. I don't feel like one is decidedly better than the other, I would play them for different reasons and I think both are great games. GTA V is a great game, with three protagonists. But it seems they would rather lean on their GTA logo and shock value than improve on, well, anything but graphics and map size. He admitted he was wrong, YOU need to watch you're own mouth now. It’s part of NewsBoiler, a network of social news sites covering today’s pop culture. Better than GTAIV definitely. Sleeping Dogs is a fine game, don't get me wrong - but no aspect of it did impress me. FlyLo was cool but i really enjoyed non-stop pop, lot of great songs on that station. Watch Dogs vs GTA 5 vs Sleeping Dogs Poll. Do NOT post them here or advertise them, as per the forum rules. Is it just me? No way. I was soo surprised GTA didn't pull these features in. The controls were good, shining in fights and driving shootouts, otherwise driving was adequate, and the motorcycle races insanely hard. Gta5 was a huge letdown for me, so I agree. The combat is most definitely a lot better in Sleeping Dogs, and I also really like the idea that you can (finally) go on the offensive against the cops to get them off your tail. This is a completely unfair comparison. Doing shootouts with the cops in there was always fun. not to mention is gorgeous on PC. Sleeping Dogs is a game made by Square Enix in association with United Front Games & Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) . I enjoyed the fight clubs, even though they were repetitive. Well sir it's labeled an opinion piece for a reason. I'm not dumping on Sleeping Dogs, as every gamer has a different feel for games, but outside of the combat, me and Sleeping Dogs didn't hit it off ;/. Gunplay was okay. The bloody wedding suit was awesome, too. That was awesome. Hmmmmm. you better watch your f*cking mouth next time. I never did finish the game, but probably will at some point. Now I have to play it again. This is all a matter of opinion. "Why" articles are an expression of an opinion. The protagonists were all pretty cool and interesting characters but at the same time I felt it was hard to feel immersed because of the multiple characters. fantastic voice work and combat. Technically and obviously, GTA wins in that regard. Honestly, I guess you can already tell by my profile pic, it's Sleeping Dogs for me. if gta is the new standard and bar, i vote for a new fucking bar. In regards to sound, both Sleeping Dogs and GTA have a killer voice cast and they portray their parts to a fantastic degree but I don't know man, the soundtrack and tone of Hong Kong just appealed to me more because it's something fresh. The main thing I didn't like about SD is that it wasn't truly open world. I think only people on the Giant Bomb forums love Sleeping Dogs, because its no where near as well made as a GTA and has little depth. lets run down the line. But when it comes down to the mechanics... Sleeping Dogs is just way more fun to play. Does GTA V have more things to do? GTA V is more of a game where you mess around and do whatever. Like, tall buildings, for an example. Move on please. © 2001-2020. If you want a huge diverse world with crap ton of stuff to do that is detailed out to the tiniest degree play GTA V. If you want something crazy over the top that let's you just go all out and have a blast doing whatever it is you want to do play Saint's Row 3 or maybe 4. I think both games had something the other didn't have. GTA V is less. I only wish that the varying styles weren't DLC options and were, instead, something that you could toggle in a customization. GTA 5 had the potential to be another San Andre, in my eyes it fell short, it is an amazing game, better than Watch Dogs for damn sure. Sleeping Dogs felt fresh in a stale genre... once you got over the initial WOW factor of GTA V it felt even staler than GTA IV, GTA V a technical marvel but ultimately overhyped. The only thing Sleeping Dogs has on GTA V is melee combat. Still a solid game but let's not get crazy here. Sleeping dogs is a real good game but overall as a sandbox game, gta v is the best till today. Though, it with $250 million dollars budget compared to a $55 million ip game by a low-grade developing company, GTA 5 could of been sooooooo much better and of course this is my opinion. Sleeping Dogs was an amazing game aswell though and id recommend anyone who likes the genre to try it out and support it, I absolutely love the asian setting - its a really fresh take and makes it so much more intresting. I also loved jumping on cars in pursuits. But instead they make a dumb decision and sell off all the work they put into sleeping dogs. i dont give a crap whats on the radio. Not only is Sleepy Dogs a better game, but so are Saints Row 3 and 4. "A Man who never eats Pork Buns is never a whole man", "Why don't you have a Pork Bun in your hands?! GTA's story is incredibly sporadic and follows no real cohesive narrative. Sadly, I feel like people are voting because of this ha. Overall, I think Sleeping Dogs is the more replayable/enjoyable of the two despite the smaller game world and lack of post main story content. Sleeping dogs also felt more realistic while GTA likes to be slightly over the top at times if that makes a difference. It's not even close. It Doesn't Take Place In America. @monsterstomp: I've only played gta 5 lmao. They pull it off really well. Read the comments first and was excited for the article(didnt expect it to be better than gtaV but I enjoyed the first true crime) but when I read the article, what a weak list! Sleeping dogs doesn't have anywhere near the polish of GTA V, but I had a lot more fun actually playing the game. DD: If GTAV is everything we hoped to see in games for 35 years then I feel very sad about what games and gamers have become. Sleeping Dogs PC was a beauty to look it, cant wait to see what Rockstar will bring to the table with GTA 5 on PC this September. Sleepy Dawgs has the amazing arkham combat system, a pretty unique (and very well done) setting, and a surprisingly good story with far more (as in, amount of) interesting characters than GTAV provides - but, GTA's world and the 3-character switching is damn mindblowing and Trevor is a masterclass character. Performance & security by Cloudflare, Please complete the security check to access. The driving, hijacking, shooting, hand to hand combat.... so much more variety and so much more fun. Did GTA V really need to be like forty fucking hours long? Also, it is the most successful game Rockstar has ever produced in their history! GTA5 is awesome, Sleeping dogs is awesome. If only Sleeping Dogs offered more, then I'd put it over GTA V. Sleeping Dogs is the poor man's version of GTA Liberty City Stories. While it is cool to play as three characters, their motivations and missions often time make no sense other than "hey this would work out really well if this character was here". • Sleeping Dogs is not even in the same league. I enjoyed GTA 4 while it was cool to hate....untill I replay that game in my mind and go "oh yeah...the story never knew what to do. and wei shen. 4 was ok at the time and i enjoyed it. I enjoyed both a ton. I much prefer to just watch Vinny play it. Both the melee and gun combat are worlds better in sleeping dogs. I also really enjoyed the story and the setting for the game. Also, managing missions is way easier in Sleepy Dogs. True. Powered by Invision Community. Those were absolutely amazing features. Someone around here said GTAV is the best game of the year, over Last of Us. GTA 5 is a lot better. Better than GTAV, nope. Personally I've only played a bit if each, my PS3 died when I was play GTA V and I just started playing Sleeping Dogs so I can't come to a definitive answer, but I can say that I'm liking Sleeping Dogs a bit more at the moment. Followers 0. This is seriously getting ridiculous, trying to get people to jump on Band Wagons for no reason. Exactly why I preferred Sleeping Dogs. No ways to buy property, no investments. It's a tighter package and you can do everything in the game (all achievement) in under 30 hours.GTAV is a much larger game packed with stuff so the good is diluted across more time, but it's still enjoyable. You can stuff someone in your trunk then drive them into a river, put someones head in and air vent and have there head come off. I think there are a few things that Sleeping Dogs does better (mostly the melee combat), but overall I think GTA V is a much better game. On the other hand, the great combat and a setting I've never seen before made Sleepy Dogs super enjoyable to me. @_zombie_: Man you remember that? That is all. So yea both have their ups and downs. who does gta 5 got? Apparently, i should check out this Sleep Dogs game!