The sense may be, that such was the love of Christ to his church, and so much was he charmed by her, that the thought of his having her company in heaven to all eternity animated him to endure all sufferings he did for her sake, Hebrews 12:2; The Targum is, "thy love is fixed upon the table of my heart;'. 6:16 ): those that have it never want a buckler, for God will compass them with his favour as with a shield. Sionita de Orient. The church shall be delivered from her persecutors in due time, though now she dwells among lions, Psalm 57:4. An ancient writerF14Psellus in ioc. p. 170. relates: and near the pools, at some distance from Bethlehem, supposed to be his, is a fountain, which the friars will have to be the sealed fountain here alluded to; and, to confirm which, they pretend a tradition, that Solomon shut up these springs, and kept the door of them sealed with his signet, to preserve the waters for his own drinking; and Mr. MaundrellF8Journey from Aleppo &c. p. 88, 89. , who saw them, says it was not difficult so to secure them, they rising underground, and having no avenue to them, but by a little hole, like to the mouth of a narrow well. whereon there hang a thousand bucklers, all shields of mighty men: no other armour is mentioned, as in this armoury, but shields; they being a principal part of armour, and are especiallyF15Vid.

in loc. Eden was well watered, Gen. 2:10 Gen. 13:10 . Propert.
thread of scarlet. Circe, Odyss. . The church is fitly compared to a garden, to a garden which, as was usual, had a fountain in it. Sabbat, c. 5. s. 2. , the sense is, "thou hast coupled mine heart with thine"; the heart of Christ and his church are so closely knit and joined together in love, that they are but one heart, and can never be separated: others, "thou hast seized my heart"; or, "claimed it for thyself"F12"Occupasti", Lutherus, Marckius; "vendicasti", Tigurine version.

l. 5. c. 20. Song 4:1-5. (6.)

l. 2. c. 6. cannot blow together in the same horizon, with a continued blast: though othersF15Jarchi & Aben Ezra in loc. Hierozoic. p. 239. : and this may denote the beauty and modesty of the church; whose blushing looks, and ruddy cheeks, made her extremely beautiful in the eye of Christ. Their shields were preserved, to keep in remembrance them and their heroic acts, intimating that it is a great encouragement to the saints to hold up their heads, to see what great things the saints in all ages have accomplished and won by faith. They are precious; they are the blessings of this earth. Vid. Doves' eyes themselves are expressive of modesty and humility, and, this phrase added to them, increases the idea; such ministers, who have the largest gifts, greatest grace, light, and knowledge, are the most humble, witness the Apostle Paul; and this phrase expresses the beauty of them, not only in the eyes of Christ, but in the eyes of those to whom they publish the good tidings of salvation: and so it may denote what an exceeding modest grace faith is, which receives all from Christ, and gives him all the glory, and takes none to itself; and what a beauty there is in it, insomuch that Christ is ravished with it, Song of Solomon 4:9; and seems rather to be the sense here; thy hair is as a flock of goats; like the hair of goats, so Ben Melech.

18:6 ), but have our eyes ever towards the Lord, Ps. See Isa. in ibid. The womenF13Juno, Iliad.

2. Statii Thebaid. where the church herself was fixed, Song of Solomon 8:6; thou hast ravished my heart with one of thine eyes; the allusion may be to the custom of the eastern women; who, when they walked abroad or spoke to any, showed but one eye, the other, with the rest of the face, being covered with a veilF14Tertuilian.

Not only thy love itself, but all the fruits and products of it, its working in the heart, its works in the life. By this "mountain" and "hill" may be meant the church of Christ, gathered together in Gospel order, so called for its visibility and immovableness, Isaiah 2:2; and for the trees of righteousness which are planted and flourish there, the saints; and for the fragrancy of their graces; and for the sweet smelling odour of their sacrifices of prayer and praise; and because of the delight and pleasure Christ takes in his people, and they in him here; where they have mutual communion, so that it is to them both a mountain of myrrh and a hill of frankincense: particularly, here Christ delights to be, and here he resolves to dwell until his second coming. vi. It is added. They are planted, and do not grow of themselves. The wound of love towards us, which he had from eternity in himself, made him neglect all the wounds and reproaches of the cross;’’ so Bishop Reynolds. INTRODUCTION TO SONG OF SOLOMON 4.

Now the hair of the church may be interpreted either of believers, the several members of the church of Christ; the hairs of the head are numerous, grow upon the head, and have their nourishment from it; are weak in themselves, but depend upon the head, and are an ornament to it: so the saints, though few in comparison of the world, yet by themselves are a great number, which no man can number; these grow upon Christ, the Head of the church, and receive their nourishment from him; and, though weak in themselves, have strength from him, and have their dependence on him; and are an ornament and crown of glory to him; and who are cared for and numbered by him, so that no one can be lost; see Ezekiel 5:1. "Many shall be brought home to me, as living members of the church, from every point, from Lebanon in the north, Amana in the west, Hermon in the east, Shenir in the south, from all parts, to sit down with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob,’’ Mt. de Rapt. They are pleasant, and of a sweet savour to God and man, and, as strong aromatics, diffuse their fragrancy. And here the church's hair is said to be like the hair of goats, for that is the sense of the expression; and which is thought to be most like to human hair, 1 Samuel 19:13; and it is compared to that, not so much for its length and sleekness, as for its colour, being yellowish; which, with women formerly, was in esteem, and reckoned gracefulF15"Nondum illi flavum", &c. Virgil.
2:10 . supposes the Apostle Paul is particularly meant; that eminent exalter of Christ the Head, and who was set for the defence of the Gospel: or it may be rather the Scriptures themselves are meant; which point out and hold forth Christ the Head, and make him manifest to the sons of men; and are a means of conveying spiritual breath; when attended with a divine power, then are they spirit and life; and of conveying food to the souls of men, very nourishing and satisfying; and are bespangled with glorious truths and precious promises; where every truth is a golden link, and every promise a pearl, to a believer: and they may be compared to the "tower of David" for their sublimity, being out of the reach and above the capacity of a natural man; and for their firmness and immovableness, which Satan and all his emissaries will never be able to remove out of the world; and like to that as "built for an armoury". and come, thou south. 49:11, Isa. 203. What a garden is the church thus planted! Matthew Henry’s Bible Commentary (concise), Matthew Henry Bible Commentary (complete), California - Do Not Sell My Personal Information. A spouse so dearly bought and paid for could not but be dearly loved. In this chapter is contained a large commendation of the church's beauty by Christ; first, more particularly, by an enumeration of several parts, as her eyes, hair, teeth, lips, temples, neck, and breasts, Song of Solomon 4:1; and more generally, Song of Solomon 4:7; And having observed where he himself was determined to go, he … l. 3, Eleg. Verses 1-7 Here is, I. 121:1, Ps. Here is a great plenty of fruits and great variety, nothing wanting which might either beautify or enrich this garden, might make it either delightful or serviceable to its great Lord. 45:11 . From the tops of Shenir and Hermon, which were on the other side Jordan, as from Pisgah, they could see the land of Canaan; from this world we must look forward to the better country. A garden enclosed is my sister, my spouse,.... At a little distance from Bethlehem are pools of water, and below these runs a narrow rocky valley, enclosed on both sides with high mountains which the friars, as Mr. Maundrell saysF4Journey from Aleppo, &c. p. 89. 21:18 . l. 12. c. 2. p. 515. ; and King Solomon might have such a spring and fountain in his garden, either at Jerusalem or at Ethan, where he had pleasant gardens, in which he took great delight, as JosephusF7Antiqu. Faith, by which we feed upon Christ, meditation, by which we ruminate on the word and chew the cud upon what we have heard, in order to the digesting of it, are the teeth of the new man. Meteorolog.