This article will tell you how you can amend the details on your receipts so your customers can easily recognise their payments as well as your business. POS senza costi fissi e attivazione gratuita delle nostre soluzioni da remoto per incassare anche quando il cliente non è presente. Your business details, as well as your personal details, should always be up-to-date as this information is used to verify your identity.

È importante notare che solo un utente può accedere all'account in qualsiasi momento e pertanto non è possibile effettuare pagamenti simultanei. However, by creating Employee Accounts, each of your employees can simultaneously transact with their own account.

Senza bisogno di uno smartphone, ideale per i servizi al tavolo o in mobilità. SUBMIT REQUEST We will support you to amend your account information. Tutto ciò che bisogna sapere sul POS obbligatorio. The documents tab allows you to upload any requested documents.If you want more information concerning your documents, visit this article.

Note logging in or registering will take you to SumUp to enter your details. an in-depth guide to your Sales History for both, You can also resend payout reports and download reports directly (Excel or CSV format). Puoi filtrare i singoli pagamenti e scaricare il Resoconto Versamenti immediatamente.

Get started 1. A Credit Card Machine with Built-In Ambition, Accept Credit Cards the Secure, Speedy Way, Credit Card Processing Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow, How EMV Chip and PIN Technology Contributes to Security, How to Leverage Your Credit Card Terminal to Improve Your Point of Sale, The Credit Card Reader That Fits In Your Pocket and Suits Your Pocket, The USA's Shift to the Brave New World of EMV Card Reader Technology, Understanding Credit Card Payment in an EMV Era. SumUp Payments Limited è un Istituto di pagamento autorizzato dal Financial Conduct Authority secondo le regolamentazioni del 2011 riguardo la moneta elettronica (licenza n. 900700). Fai tutto dall'app. Modifica password Ti permette di cambiare la password del tuo profilo SumUp. .css-7qhag0{font-size:inherit !important;}.css-h6bt5w-text-text--giga-text--bold{font-weight:400;margin-bottom:16px;font-size:16px;line-height:24px;font-weight:700;font-size:inherit !important;}@media (min-width:600px){.css-h6bt5w-text-text--giga-text--bold{font-size:18px;line-height:28px;}}Pagamenti via Link. In this section, you’ll be able to view, browse and filter through your payouts history. Puoi inviarci richieste di assistenza diretta tramite il nostro modello di contatto che trovi nella sezione "Supporto". Contattaci per trovare insieme una soluzione adatta alle tue esigenze. How can we help? You can also change your bank details on your own. You can send us direct support requests through our contact form that you can find under the "Support" tab. Loading Login GET STARTED 1. Senza lunga burocrazia e costi fissi inutili, aiutiamo le piccole imprese a diventare grandi. You can easily overcome this obstacle by creating employee accounts so each of your employees can simultaneously transact with their own account. Payouts & Balances See the date and amount of your latest payout. Condividi i tuoi prodotti sui canali social e raggiungi più clienti. In the email, click on "New Pas... SumUp is authorised as a Payment Institution by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Access "My Products" to manage your Product Catalogue. Também pode gerir as suas contas de funcionários, adquirir acessórios e mais leitores, recomendar amigos, e muito mais. Please choose an account type and a valid email address. But don’t worry, if your file is bigger than 10 MB please send it to our. You'll be immediately able to log in using your new login details. A sua Conta SumUp em facilita a sua contabilidade com análises gráficas das suas vendas e uma lista detalhada de todas as suas transações com a SumUp. Scarica l’app dal tuo smartphone e inizia subito ad accettare pagamenti in pochi click.

Because only one user can access the account at any given time, simultaneous payments are not possible. Different accounts, one bank account: The transactions processed by your employees will be paid out to the bank account registered to you... You can easily change your bank account details. your Merchant ID) and your personal details. Condividi la pagina e incassa subito il pagamento. You will receive an email. For more information concerning official documents, you can learn more here. You can sort the report by the count of transactions, or by amount. È possibile impostare un intervallo temporale nell'angolo in alto a destra e le tue vendite verranno evidenziate in base alle date impostate. You can create products and shelves as well as manage your catalogue in one place. The "Payouts" tab allows you to check the details of your payouts. The graph adjusts accordingly.