", As expected, another thoroughly engaging documentary from the late French master. I needed to do this, take these images of him, of his very matter. He is the most cherished of the dead. The loveliest of remembrances because all that is warm and funny comes along the bitter and caustic, its ultimately upbeat quality feels earned over life’s many heartbreaks. One of my favourite stories in this is told by an American financier who talks about Varda’s time in Hollywood living with Jacques Demy. 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Welcome to a platform where professionals can meet and exchange information and ideas. Mobile site. Report this film, Self-evidently one of the best movies of the century and a high water mark for the genre. agnès varda is an artist in every single form, but what makes her so special is she makes being an artist feel possible. if the word special embodied a person there is no doubt it would be agnes varda. The first time you watch it, take notes on the narration. TMDb Currently crying because I never got a chance to become best friends with Miss Agnès Varda. she has more talent in her fuckin’ finger than you have in your whole fuckin’ body. that’s over the fuckin’ line. The Beaches of Agnès Video Clip Analysis Name: _____ Directions: You will watch a video clip that shares personal memories of French filmmaker Agnès Varda two times. A free and curious woman! The film is an autobiographical essay where Varda revisits places from her past, reminisces about life and celebrates her 80th birthday on camera. Review by vincent price was 6′4″ ★★★★½ 3, "As a filmmaker, my only option was to film him in extreme close-up: his skin, his eye, his hair like a landscape, his hands, his spots. 1. It feels completely effortless though, as if Varda's desire to discover and share doesn't necessitate any formal boundaries. Her film predominantly and characteristically focuses upon Triolet, and her role as both muse and important artistic and political influence on her partner. Jens Åge Jakobsen 5,163 films 1,381 16 Edit, Does it take you an hour to pick a movie? we are all creating, and telling stories, and building little houses of art to be surrounded by. If we opened me up, we’d find beaches.” Originally intended to be Agnès Varda’s farewell to filmmaking, this enchanting auto-portrait, made in her eightieth year, is a freewheeling journey through her life, career, and artistic philosophy. but agnès shows us how she sees life, and stitches it all together, and shows us that no person is artless. But here the emphasis is on her own life and the images and memories that, with time, have blurred together. Returning to the beaches which have been parts of her life, Varda invents a kind of auto-filmo-documentary. Really loved this - funny, sweet, sad. Directed by Agnès Varda. He mentions how Columbia were ready to strike a deal with her for more profitable Hollywood films, but when a chauvinistic producer pinched her…. 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Les Plages d’Agnès (The Beaches of Agnes, 2008) At the age of 80, in her inimitable fashion Varda presents an autobiographical exploration of her life and work, complete with unexpected digressions, tributes to friends and family, and whimsical set pieces. She shares with humor and emotion her beginnings as stage photographer, innovative early filmmaker of the French Nouvelle Vague, her life with Jacques Demy, her feminism, her trips to Cuba, China and the USA, her life as independant producer and her family life. some artists make creating seem intimidating & it almost deters you from attempting. With Agnès Varda, André Lubrano, Blaise Fournier, Vincent Fournier. It’s an LGBTQ+ world and these are my other LGBTQ+ lists on Letterboxd: ➡️Minor Interest Films: In the Closet: A…, A companion piece to Dave Vis' list of Letterboxd's official top 250 films of all-time, which excludes documentaries from consideration.…. These are documentaries that bring us into the lives of everyday women, some famous, some…, Since my Films Directed By Women list can be a little bit overwhelming – especially for people who haven't seen…, the official avant garden discord server list of movies, spearheaded by the one and only elena. There is so much I admire her for. And why should it? 2008 She captures a creative French artistic sensibility with a sincere and playful appreciation for the beauty of film and art and a joie de vivre. Agnès Varda must be one of few filmmakers who managed to direct a self-portrait/biopic without it coming off as self-centred in any way. Who else could say they helped bring French New Wave into the world and yet also documented the peak of The Black Panthers, Women’s Lib, and The Hippie Movement? [1], "Videocam in Hand, a French Filmmaker Sifts Her Memories", https://web.archive.org/web/20100305115741/http://www.cinemaguild.com/beachesofagnes/, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=The_Beaches_of_Agnès&oldid=925425978, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 10 November 2019, at 01:42. What does it mean to live a life making film? Her loss definitely strikes pain at my core…, agnès: i don’t feel very emotionally connected to my childhoodalso agnès: immediately tells several deeply poignant stories about her childhood in gorgeous detail, my heart is filled with so much love for agnès varda, just what i needed right now and i know i will always treasure and come back to this special film throughout the life ahead of me, thank you agnès. Varda uses a wide variety of techniques, combining still images of people, including her past friends, collaborators, lovers and family, with what Claude Lévi-Strauss might term bricolage of garage-sale items, trinkets, and colorful memorabilia juxtaposed in creative combinations, and combines beautiful images in a collage format which revolves around the theme of beaches. Directed by Agnès Varda. Varda’s film, Elsa la rose, titled after the […] The Beaches of Agnès (French: Les plages d'Agnès) is a 2008 French documentary film directed by Agnès Varda. BERLIN 2019: Agnès Varda talks us through her career in the format of a master class, with conversation, illustration and panache, 16/02/2019 | Berlinale 2019 | Out of Competition, Due to be showcased is Varda by Agnès out of competition, Jessica Forever in the Panorama section and the latest films by Sciamma, Triet, Porumboiu, Guédiguian, Labidi and Lessovitz, Celebrating its 20th edition, Greece’s largest documentary gathering focuses on Agnès Varda, offers a carte blanche to Sara Driver and launches its new visual identity, The European Film Academy is presenting Agnès Varda with the Lifetime Achievement Award for her outstanding body of work, The Locarno International Film Festival has today announced the programme for its 67th edition, as well as the prizes to be awarded to Juliette Binoche, Armin Miûeller-Stahl and Mia Farrow. This movie reveals to me once again why I felt heartbroken at her passing last year. Agnès stages herself among excerpts of her films, images and reportages. In 1965, Agnès Varda made a short, intense documentary on the then almost 40-year relationship between the French writers Louis Aragon and Elsa Triolet. The images are as delightful, unexpected and playfully uninhibited ... At one point, she says she thinks of all men who look at the sea as Ulysses (she’s an aquatic soul), but she’s every bit the wanderer. "All the dead lead me back to Jacques. so don’t even fuckin’ go there about that. Now I can name a few filmmakers that I feel like perfectly fit these two questions. More details at Varda does everything: folds personal history into the history of her art, folds the history her art back into the lives of the people who populated it (and who thus populated her youth), folds images of those people back onto the images of them immortalized by her films; unsettles—both aesthetically and by way of personal philosophy—our long-held theories of and reverence for childhood, nostalgia, memory, and the primacy of art in advocating for all of the above; sings herself, sings the rest of us; spills ample secrets, reinforces the iron walls encasing the others; surprises us with a dick; suprises us with her…. In the opening shots, she has assistants film her bringing mirrors to a beach in Belgium which she used to visit as a young girl; one mirror is on the sand as a wave washes over it. Les Plages d'Agnès (The Beaches of Agnes) Critics Consensus An enchanting self-portrait by a veteran director, Beach of Agnes is equal parts playful and profound. you couldn’t be agnes varda if you fuckin’ tried. All around heartwarming and very inspiring. On the second viewing, focus on the music and visual elements. Made by fans in Auckland, New Zealand. Filmmaking icon Agnès Varda, the award-winning director regarded by many as the grandmother of the French new wave, turns the camera on herself with this unique autobiographical documentary.