“New Year’s Day”3. 18. "The Dalton Brothers" also appeared at concerts in Los Angeles and Hampton, Virginia. New to the fold were Americans Rusty Anderson, Brian Ray, and Abe Laboriel Jr. Paul McCartney's then-fiancée Heather Mills accompanied him on the tour and was in the audience for every American performance. In 1987, no one could imagine the influence and reach The Joshua Tree would have globally. On past tours Bono has delivered a “Bullet Rap” that spoke to the politics of the moment, but tonight he let the original lyric speak for itself. Venues were mostly arenas. Tickets for shows were often very hard to get, especially on the first American leg when they only played in arenas. But the band presents its case in such majestic, heartfelt and accessible terms that it is unlikely to encounter the radio or consumer resistance met by that stark LP. Some nights I think it'll pay dividends and it'll be magic, some nights maybe not, but the instinct there is to try to push things as far as we can, and improvise a lot during the shows. A speech about AIDS relief in Africa, “One” and “Miss Sarajevo” (with piped in vocals by the late Luciano Pavarotti) followed. It continued until the third leg of the tour, where on September 12 in Kansas City, MO, it was replaced by John Lennon’s version of “Stand By Me”. Even if it means that we do some bad shows, we'd like to at least try and throw the whole thing into a state of flux, where every show was going to be different. 4. On this record I had to deal with it on a political level for the first time, if in a subtle way. The most exciting song from the second side of the album was “Exit.” The haunting tune hadn’t been touched in concert since the psychopath that murdered actress Rebecca Schaeffer in 1989 claimed the song influenced his actions. During their concert on October 10, 2017 in Buenos Aires, U2 allowed their performance to be delayed so fans could watch Argentina’s qualifying game for the World Cup. The set list featured material from the band's previous six studio albums. As a band we've always been very cautious about destroying the carefully prepared show that we'd been working on for a number of weeks or months on tour. “A Pair of … I love being there, I love America, I love the feeling of the wide open spaces, I love the deserts, I love the mountain ranges, I even love the cities. Maybe not on the scale of Michael Jackson in '83, or Bruce Springsteen in '84, but this is the year that the Irish band will move beyond rock stardom to become a cultural phenomenon. Near the end, Bono shined a handheld spotlight on the Edge, just like the iconic image on the cover of Rattle and Hum. A New Day... ended on 15 December 2007, after a five-year run. Replete with a robust body, resplendent with notes of yucca, The Joshua Tree is best paired with a trip down memory lane, an excellent high-fidelity system and a sweet set of headphones. In Berlin, in the heavy rain, the song “Singin’ in the Rain” by Gene Kelly and Debbie Reynolds was used ahead of “Shoot a Hole into the Sun” being played. B.B. The song was not being heard in the pre-show mix, but appears to have been tied to the main performance instead. Obviously within it there was space for improvisation, but there was a certain level that we always worked to. U2’s The Edge explains why now it is the perfect time to have a ‘Joshua Tree’ tour. Here are some excerpts from that early 1987 interview: America -- the continent as opposed to the country. He was taken to a hospital and the wound was stitched up. [12] Bono later said, "I was lost in the music and at the start of any tour you're just getting to know the physicality of the stage... and you're overestimating your own physicality. It positioned them perfectly for the critical and creative breakthrough that came two years later with The Joshua Tree. That song, but Alabama Shakes, sometimes popped up two or three times in the music prior to the opening act taking the stage. Much of the material takes the form of a spiritual quest, where the goal is uncertain, perhaps even unreachable, but the search has its own value. That song was “Black Hole Sun” by Soundgarden, Cornell’s band. The Vertigo Tour was a worldwide concert tour by the Irish rock band U2. He says he doesn't mind." I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For Instead of delaying the show further, the band took the stage immediately after the match ended, and there was no opening music by The Waterboys at that show. Neither Mumford and Sons, nor One Republic took the stage with a specific song to introduce themselves. At the time, it was explained by their publicists in a press release that it was due to the week of rehearsals the band held at A.S.U. It was also the first indication that the show (at least until the encores) was going to present their music in strict chronological order. “I Will Follow”. There aren't many bands with the vision and the power of U2. The LCD Soundsystem album was identified on the third leg of the tour, and as it was not released prior to September 1, 2017, it is expected it was only added during the third leg. More information on the 1987 tour music is available here. All but the last night would begin in conventional concert fashion with the rousing pair of "Where the Streets Have No Name" into "I Will Follow", but the last night in each city would begin with the house lights fully up and the band performing the early 1960s classic "Stand By Me", with The Edge singing one verse, all intended as a friendly, informal opening. The Moment of Truth World Tour was the second worldwide tour by American R&B/Pop singer, Whitney Houston, and supported her multi-platinum hit album Whitney. A magic night for us who where there, Track list: To get our newsletter follow us on Facebook. “Mothers of the Disappeared” (with Eddie Vedder and Mumford & Sons), Encore: 17. We'd improve the show to a very high standard and not tamper with it too much. In Toronto for instance it popped up between songs from Simple Minds in the mix. “The Little Things That Give You Away”23. Help I might be a good president." “See myself on a distance I can’t get back inside.” That song ended the night in Vancouver, but in Seattle the group wasn’t ready to leave. There was a certain energy that we were able to feed off. His arm was in a sling for twelve shows between 22 September and 20 October, which is visible at some points during the 1988 film Rattle and Hum. The Driving World Tour was a concert tour by English musician Paul McCartney. It has had quite an effect on me, and on my own life. All of our coverage for the 30th Anniversary of The Joshua Tree, and The Joshua Tree Tour 2017 can be found in one location. While we believe we have a relatively complete list, we were unable to check every show so we will list the information below, and if you have information about additional tracks please contact us. The band opened the concert with Where The Streets Have No Name and I Will Follow and we were treated with several U2 anthems such as Exit, In Gods Country and Sunday Bloody Sunday. On 1 November in Indianapolis, U2 appeared as their own support act, disguised as "The Dalton Brothers", playing between sets by the BoDeans and Los Lobos. @U2 Home Page - U2 News, Lyrics, Tour Dates & more       https://www.atu2.com. Bono writes letter of apology to Kiwi U2 gig reviewer David Cohen from 30 years ago, Kuia in the spotlight: U2 pay tribute to famous guide at Auckland concert, Rave reviews as U2 kick off Joshua Tree Tour 2019 in Auckland, The Joshua Tree Tour: U2 pay tribute to Kiwi roadie during opening Auckland show, Glasgow group December release new version of U2's The Refugee. The information presented within these pages is accurate to the best of our knowledge but is based upon information provided by other fans, research into individual items and several books, and U2 Songs takes no responsibility for any problems resulting from use of the material as presented within. (1989-1990)The Joshua Tree Tour was a concert tour by the Irish rock band U2, which took place during 1987, in support of their album "The Joshua Tree ". [1] The first leg finished with 5 concerts at the Brendan Byrne Arena in East Rutherford between 11 and 16 May. “Bad”5. List all details for U2 1987-08-04 - Birmingham, England, NEC Arena - Joshua Tree Tour. Their monumental record will not only be featured on the tour, it will be played in its entirety at each stop on the tour. People seem to realize that to not vote is the worst possible thing you can do, you've got to get involved in what's going on. They must be taken very seriously indeed after this revaluation of rock.”, John McCready of NME: “The Joshua Tree will prove a better and braver record than anything else that's likely to appear in 1987. Bad was the first solo concert tour by American singer Michael Jackson, launched in support of his seventh studio album Bad (1987).