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️ West Bengal Assembly Election 1971 – Get latest news, updates & articles on Assembly Election 1971 including election dates, schedule, LIVE election results, leading candidates & parties. Somit gruppierten sich 35 Parteien in: Congress-R, Congress-O, PSP, Revolutionary Socialist Party, Lok Sevak Sangh, Muslim League, Jharkand Party und Jan Sangh zogen das selbstsichere »We go it alone« vor. This is the talk page for discussing improvements to the 1971 West Bengal Legislative Assembly election article. The constituents besides the Bangla Congress include dissidents from PSP , SSP and the Socialist Party.

"[7], And... "on January 24, formally announced the formation of "Democratic Consolidation" which decided to contest 153 Assembly and 16 Lok Sabha seats in West Bengal. So the issue of Sudhir Chandra Das' party identity is clouded, seems from other material that he split from PSP in 1969 to join UF but this time he's again listed as PSP candidate. This is not a forum for general discussion … The "BBC" candidate in Raipur, Syam Charan Mandy (5945 votes, 13.60%), could in theory be a RCPI candidate but Biplobi Bangla Congress seems more likely. From the Mahagathbandhan, the Kahalgaon seat was re-allotted to the Congress. Sultanganj was among the 71 constituencies that were marked by the ECI for polls in first round of vidhan sabha elections in the state. The two "BIB" candidates are clearly Biplobi Bangla Congress/ULF candidates. ВС 6**. See the complete results, Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist),, Articles which use infobox templates with no data rows, All articles with links needing disambiguation, Articles with links needing disambiguation from September 2020, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 2 November 2020, at 05:35.

The party had fielded Abhishek Ranjan from the constituency. "[13], "The PSP (Rebel), the SSP faction within the ULDF, the Bolshevik party and the RCPI (Anadi Das group) drew a blank. Party identities are not applied well, there is the case of "BIB" and "BBC" mentioned above, but there is seemingly some additional mix-up between "RCI" and "BBC". s in 1971 , and joined the United Front cabinet of Ajoy Mukherjee"[15], Regarding the countermandered seats: Shyampukhur, Hemanta Kumar Basu of Forward Bloc murdered in broad daylight on Feb 20, 1971. The seat, since 2009 when a bypoll was conducted, was being represented by JD(U)'s Manish Kumar. However, what about the other BBC and BIB candidates? While the RJD had won in 2015, the seat was bagged by the JD(U) in 2010. "[8], More on the mess of the PSP/SSP factions; "In the same year [i.e. Atri was among the 71 seats that was contested in round one of the assembly elections. The seat is considered to be a citadel of the Nitish Kumar-led party, as it is being represented by the JD(U) for the last 20 years. Happy Independence Day 2020 in Pics: Sansad Bhavan, Charminar and Other Iconic Places in India Light Up in Tricolour, Happy Independence Day 2020! From the NDA camp, the BJP retained the seat, and issued the ticket to Umakant Singh. In the last assembly polls, party candidate Anil Singh has defeated JD(U) candidate Kaushal Yadav by over 12,000 votes. United Left Democratic Front (die Betonung liegt auf »democratic«), gebildet aus der CPI (110 Kandidaten), Forward Bloc (54), SSP (27), Socialist Unity Center (27), PSP-Dissidents (15), Gurkha League (3), Revolutionary CPI (3) Bolshevik Party (2). This time PSP has won three seats while all the dissident-PSP candidates have lost"[10] (Note that Janata was a PSP publication) Of the 5 PSP legislators elected in 1969 - Md. II. In the 2015 elections, the constituency was bagged by Prakash Veer of the Lalu Prasad Yadav-led party.

Total 277 in Chander (2004), 279 in CPI(M) and ECI, CPI(M) gets 111 in Chander (2004), 113 in CPI(M) and ECI (could be explained by the countermandered constituencies in Chander (2004)). So I'd like to go ahead and treat this candidate as a Biplobi Bangla Congress candidate. Chander (2004)[11] presents the following tally from the election; Total 277 In addition, which isn't the ECI's fault and as is the case with many elections, we have the issue with party candidates contesting as independents or on tickets of another party. In the previous elections in 2016, the All India Trinamool Congress (AITC) retained its majority in the Legislative Assembly. The second and third phase of polls was conducted on November 3 and 7, whereas, the results of all the 243 assembly seats of Bihar was declared on November 10.

III. Parties and coalitions. In the 2015 elections, the constituency was bagged by Shyam Rajak of the Nitish Kumar-led party. The then BJP candidate, Mrinal Shekhar, who emerged as the runner-up is now contesting on the LJP ticket. Along with Nawada, 70 other constituencies would be contested in the first round of elections on October 28. Anti - Congressism : Two other parties which have not joined any front are the RSP and the LSS . Gobindpur was among the 71 constituencies that was contested in the first round of elections on October 28. The rival NDA camp had allotted the seat to the BJP, which announced Pawan Kumar Yadav as its candidate. BBC is listed as having three candidates and one elected MLA, Prayag Mandal from Indpur.

Shall we assume ECI mixed them up altogether? Chander is clearly wrong on this one.

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In the second round of elections, when Nautan went to polls, 93 other constituencies were also contested. The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) won 3 of the 294 elected seats. Later , PSP also joined this Front. The SSP ( official group ) which had been in the EPC ( now ULDF ) all through , did not formally become a constituent of ULDF in view of the decision of its Central Comınittee not to be a partner of any Front . The seat was among the 71 constituencies that went to polls in the first phase of elections in Bihar, scheduled on October 28. The final voter list will be published on 15 January for the Assembly elections 2021. Sitting Congress MLA Sadanand Singh paved the way for the nomination of his son Shubhanand Mukesh. Badruddin Ahmad, Jangipur, Muslim League, Md. (elections had been countermanded in 3 seats per Chander (2004)). [10], This lists parties that won seats. [8], Following the election, the Congress(R), the Bangla Congress and the ULDF came to an agreement (albeit without the approval of SUCI), that Congress(R) and Bangla Congress would form a government and ULDF would support it from outside. In addition, the state legislature may be dismissed by the Parliament according to Article 356 of the Indian Constitution and President's rule may be imposed. World Photography Day 2020: These Incredible Photos Capture the Beauty of Nature! [2][3][4][5] The ULDF failed to reach a seat-sharing agreement with the Bangla Congress, but managed to agree to some seat-sharings with the Congress(R). This page was last edited on 1 October 2020, at 04:10. Regarding the remaining 4 - CPI(M) says they are ULF independents, Chander includes 3 as INDF. The PSP got in 1969 five seats : of these four parted as PSP (dissident) and joined the U.F. In the beginning, the Bangla Congress and Congress (R) decided to have an electoral pact with each other but they could not come to an agreement over the distribution of seats. The other parties in the front are minor parties . Legislative Assembly elections were held in the Indian state of West Bengal in 1971. There are 7 winning candidates of the Muslim League, all seemingly contesting as independents, but what about non-successful candidates of the party? The Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) called for electoral boycott. The CP - M ' s partners are even less significant ; some of them are only labels .

The seat, in the last three elections, has been won by the BJP. I. Samayun Biswas, Bhagarangola, Muslim League, Harun al Rashid, Deganga, Muslim League, Aftabuddin Ahmed, Hariharpara, Muslim League, Mir Fakir Mohammed, Kaliganj, Independent candidate, is presented as CPI(M) legislator here. I can't read all of CPI(M)'s p. 305[5], I just get it in snippet-view, but from what I can gather; Thereafter I just get "5. The seat of Dhoraiya is reserved for Scheduled Caste (SC) candidates. --Soman (talk) 15:38, 9 June 2020 (UTC), As of the 1980s, Durgadas Ghosh in Murarai was CPI(M) candidate. )"[6], And Journal of the Society for Study of State Governments writes - "For purposes of this election , the EPC was converted into United Left Democratic Party ( ULDF ) consisting of the CPI , Forward Bloc , SUC , PSP ( dissident ) , Gorkha League , RCPI and Bolshevik Party . The results were declared on November 10, when the Election Commission of India has scheduled the counting of votes. In none of the adjacent Contai North-Contai South-Egra-Ramnagar constituencies is there any other identifiable ULDF candidate.

"The candidate Shri Pijush Chandra Ghosh [INC(O)] one of the contesting candidates in 127-Dum Dum assembly constituency was murdered on 5th March, 1971.