Madame, have you ever considered how you'd fare in captivity?Morrible: What?Glinda: Articulated. Weather is my specialty. She's phosphorescent.Morrible: I don't seem to have you on my list. I'm so dreadfully sorry.Elphaba: Madame, we've got to do something.Dillamond: Miss Elphaba, they can take away my job, but I shall continue speaking out.Scientist: Come on, goat...To Men Begin To Carry Him Out Of The Room.Dillamond: They are not telling you the whole story! !Sparks Begin To Fly Everywhere. This is who I am. In this life everybody have his or her specialized area and as for me i can boldly beat my chest on Dr.Eziza as the best spell caster to bring back lost and ex lover within 48 hours. It's better that way.Nessarose: That's a wicked thing to say.Elphaba: No, it's true. Who has.Glinda: Fiyero, I miss her too, but we can't just stop living. We’re doing interpretive readings. If you do something for him, he'll do much for you.Elphaba: What do you want me to do?Wizard: Well, this is my monkey servent, Chistery. I just read through it. I'm the governor... Well what did you expect? We barely know each other.Galinda: I don't know him either. My baby sister who is in High School told me she needed help with her Elphaba monologue and because she knew I was a HUGE Wicked fan she came to me for help with this one. Or is that the witch? Research Playwrights, Librettists, Composers and Lyricists, See more characters from Food grew scarce, people grew hungrier and angrier. There Is A House In The Background. !Ozians: THANK GOODNESS!! There will be other times and other things that frighten us. GOOD NEWS! Everyone is always looking…staring… Why are you people so judgmental? Wherever they are, I hope they’re happy and well. You know that.Nessarose: Lost your heart? Referring To A Cut On His Face.Fiyero: Yea... or maybe it scratched me. : I will be uploading the script again after i've corrected it. You must think I'm really stupid or something!Elphaba: No, not really stupid.Fiyero: Why is it that every time I see you you're causing some sort of commotion?Elphaba: I don't cause commotions, I am one.Fiyero: That's for sure.Elphaba: Oh! Because of her "goodness" she does not let it show. Maybe some of us are different.Galinda: Oh! She Notices Galinda First. ________________________________________________, ACT II[Scene 1 - Thank Goodness]The Act Opens With Ozians.Ozians:EVERY DAY THE WICKEDEVERY DAY THE TERROR GROWSALL OF OZ IS EVER ON ALERTTHAT'S THE WAY WITH WICKED-SPREADING FEAR WHERE E'ER SHE GOESSEEKING OUT NEW VICTIMS SHE CAN HURT!Ozian Woman:LIKE SOME TERRIBLE GREEN BLIZZARDTHROUGHOUT THE LAND SHE FLIES...Ozian Man:DEFAMING OUR POOR WIZARDOzians:WITH HER CALUMNIES AND LIESSHE LIES!SAVE US FROM THE WICKEDSHIELD US SO WE WON'T BE HEXEDGIVE US WARNINGWHERE WILL SHE STRIKE NEXTWHERE WILL SHE STRIKE NEXTWHERE WILL SHE STRIKE NEXTGlinda, Fiyero and Morrible Appear Onstage On APodium.Glinda: Fellow Ozians, as terrifying as terror is, let us put aside our panic for this one day... and celebrate!OH WHAT A CELEBRATION WE'LL HAVE TODAY!Ozians:THANK GOODNESS!Glinda:LET'S HAVE A CELEBRATION THE GLINDA WAY!Ozians:THANK GOODNESS!Morrible:FINALLY A DAY THAT'S TOTALLY WICKED WITCH FREEAll:WE COULDN'T BE HAPPIERTHANK GOODNESS!Morrible: And thank goodness for you, Glinda, and your handsome swain, our new captain of the guard. SO WE'VE GOT TO BRING HER...Elphaba: AHHHHHHHHHH!!!! He is a little shy but i want him to make it big in Hollywood? How do they bear it? Elphaba's Monologue by ~Charlie-chopstix on deviantART, GLINDA- the wizard of oz- monologue help? Cast of Characters:Elphaba.................................................. (Witch of the West)G(a)linda ............................................... (Witch of the North)Nessarose .........................................…. Cheshire, CT, Pericles That may be your secret, Elphaba, but that doesn't make it true. There Is No Music. Look.The Other Monkeys Begin To Grow Wings And Fly.Morrible: Won't they make perfect spies?Elphaba: Spies? The Next Scene Opens In the Emerald City With The Wizard & Mme. Their is one spelling error in Act 2, Scene 13. The munchkins called me because a new witch has dropped a house on the wicked witch of the east. Now, regarding room assignments... Elphaba & Galinda Raise Their Hands. Get your answers by asking now. GOOD NEWS!Ozian: Look, it's Glinda!Glinda floats in on a giant bubbleGlinda: It's good to see me, isn't it? I'm the one you want. He Kisses Nessarose And Exits.Nessarose: Elphaba...Elphaba: Well what could he have gotten me?