Finnegan’s primary relationship is with the sea, but he is always in good company, mostly men who share his obsession and women who tolerate it. I’m not gonna go. That was how he remembered it, at least. [11][12], William Finnegan ist Autor mehrerer Bücher, insbesondere von Sachbüchern. Finnegan has returned the island as a paying guest several times, and is honest enough to admit that his wrestling match with guilt was short and one-sided, even when Fijian surfers were barred from the wave. William Finnegan (* 1952 in New York City) ist ein amerikanischer Journalist und Buchautor. Watching Mollie on the boulder wall, he is reminded of a surf line-up: the tacit hierarchy, the teenagers jockeying for position then ascending alone, wanting others to see and acknowledge their performance. Some were already crowded. They study forecasts and buoy data, and keep surf cams open on their desktop, ready to drop everything at the sight of a big swell and an offshore wind. When Hurricane Irene passed through, in August 2011, Bill Finnegan drove to a jetty he knows, slipped into the ocean and surfed alone all day as sirens wailed and lights flashed on the shore. The photocopied pages that he received from them were redacted, like classified entries in his personal FBI file, but full of precious, long-forgotten detail. Inspired by this unexpected consignment of raw material, Finnegan set out to report on his past. [6], Seit 1984 schreibt er Beiträge für das Magazin The New Yorker, seit 1987 ist er dort als Redakteur angestellt. Location: New York, New York, United States. So erschien 1998 Cold New World: Growing Up in a Harder Country im Verlag Random House. Diese Seite wurde zuletzt am 25. A legendary tube on Nias, off the western coast of Sumatra, has been better than ever since an earthquake raised the reef in 2005. In her current position, Ms. Rule advocates on behalf of clients who have been accused of white collar crimes, including tax fraud, tax evasion, bank and health care fraud, money laundering, and failure to file tax returns. It takes dedication to maintain a surfing habit in New York. Surfers here live for the nor’easters that rage along the coast. [8][9][10], Er verfasste zudem Beiträge für das Harper's Magazine und The New York Review of Books. Finnegan surfing Padang-Padang last year. [5], Nach vielen Jahren als Auslandsreporter für The New Yorker lebt Finnegan inzwischen in Manhattan. He mimes a cresting wall of water and makes a guttural noise, as if vomiting up his wonder. Company: Kostelanetz & Fink, LLP “She’s a beautiful climber,” he says. Juni 2020 um 16:56 Uhr bearbeitet. [7], In seinen Reportagen beschäftigt er sich unter anderem mit ethnischen Konflikten in Afrika und Zentralamerika, sowie mit Drogenkriminalität und Armut in den USA. Darin schildert er seine jahrelange Leidenschaft für das Surfen, die ihn seit seiner Kindheit auf Hawaii geprägt hat. American investors had turned Tavarua into a luxury resort. 2016 erschien Finnegans autobiografisches Buch Barbarian Days: A Surfing Life, das noch im selben Jahr den Pulitzer-Preis im Bereich Biografie / Autobiografie sowie den William Hill Sports Book of the Year Award erhielt. She is also a member of the New York Council of Defense Lawyers; the National Association of Women Lawyers; the Criminal Advocacy Committee and the Mass Incarceration Task Force of the New York City Bar Association; and the Federal Bar Council Committee on Sentencing and Alternatives to Incarceration. A leading voice in her profession, Ms. Rule maintains affiliation with several law-related organizations, including multiple positions with the American Bar Association, including as Chair of the Subcommittee on Tax Crimes, Criminal Litigation Committee, Section of Litigation; and the Section of Taxation. In El Salvador, covering the 1989 elections, he saw a Dutch cameraman shot dead by the army. Six years later, they were horrified to see a picture of the break in Surfer magazine. She has been admitted to practice law in the states of New York and New Jersey, as well as before the Supreme Court of the United States, the U.S.  Courts of Appeal for the Second, Third, and Fourth Circuits, the U.S. District Courts for the Southern and Eastern Districts of New York, and the U.S. Tax Court. Others he had almost to himself. William Finnegan continues writing and commentating on world and local events. Fortunately his first serious girlfriend, Caryn Davidson, and his fellow traveller in search of the perfect wave, Bryan Di Salvatore, kept diaries too. Surfer William Finnegan : „Der Ozean wird mich niemals lieben“ Perfekte Wellen gibt es nicht, sagt William Finnegan. The closest he came to nirvana was on a tiny island off the coast of Fiji, Tavarua. Später studierte er Kreatives Schreiben an der University of Montana und verdiente währenddessen seinen Lebensunterhalt mit Gelegenheitsjobs. View all posts by Marquis Who's Who Moderator. Barbarian Days is full of close calls: waves in Hawaii and Madeira and California that hold Finnegan down long enough for him to wonder whether he will come up again. At the beginning of her career, Ms. Rule originally intended to pursue the fine arts, earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Cape Town in 1981 and a Master of Fine Arts from the San Francisco Art … He and Di Salvatore cadged a ride with local fishermen and lived alone, subsisting on tinned pork and beans, fresh papaya and daily communion with the sea. I am!” he yelled, as the stranger disappeared behind the spray. “But the war was all around there, a lot of death squads, so there weren’t any visiting surfers. For a start, there are no decent waves during the summer. La Libertad is a famous break, one of the best in Central America. William Finnegan arbeitet seit vielen Jahren als Reporter für den "New Yorker". [2][3], 1974 schloss er ein Studium der Literaturwissenschaften an der University of California mit dem Bachelor ab. They knew to record and not just spill their guts,” he says. [4] Diese Erfahrung inspirierte ihn zu seinem ersten Buch Crossing the Line: A Year in the Land of Apartheid, das 1986 erschien. Before taking the wave, the other guy glanced over his shoulder, did a double take and shouted in an Aussie accent: “If you’re who I think you are, good book!”. One highlight of her career was when she persuaded a federal judge to dismiss an indictment against multiple defendants on grounds of prosecutorial misconduct, in a case that was then termed the largest tax fraud prosecution in United States history. Doch den Pulitzer-Preis erhielt er nicht für seine Reportagen, sondern für seine Autobiografie "Barbarentage Earlier this year, he returned to the same beach with a podcast crew. In recognition of her exceptional achievements, Ms. Rule has been named a New York Super Lawyer every year since 2011. Surfing has provided Finnegan with transcendent experiences and formidable challenges and lifelong friendships, but it’s also, he knows, a dangerous, life-consuming addiction. I keep studying the videos and saying ‘I coulda done when I was twenty-five, but could I do it at sixty-three?’”, His job and interest in failed states has taken him to Nicaragua, Kosovo, Somalia and Mozambique, to report on the aftermath of civil wars. During her college years, she worked odd jobs to make ends meet, and eventually began working for a private detective. It was therapeutic, a place to fall apart and feel a little better.”. Looking toward the future, she hopes to continue growing as an attorney and experience further success in her career. In autumn, they watch hurricanes wreaking havoc in the Caribbean and hope the storms will reach the eastern seaboard.