Yudh Ep13.

Anand comes and says there is problem. Do not forget to switch keyboard layout to the English.

Taruni and Rishi are supporting Yudh. She goes from there saying she needs some time to be alone. Latest Videos. Nikhil is shocked as Yudh reveals his secret affair with Mamta. Dr. Mehra's Son gives a statement to Police and Media which apparently does not go down too well with Yudh and he asks Anand to keep a watch on Dr. Mehra's Son. One of the informers reporting to Devraj meets Rishi and requests him to return back to Mumbai. Yudh asks him to find out who was driving their company’s car and asks Mona to handle Mukesh with a compromise. Idhu Kadhala 14th October Episode 2014 | Star Vijay. My List. Ajju kidnaps Taruni and also calls Rishi and Yudh. He says Rishi should get responsible first. Business tycoon Yudh, owner of Shanti Constructions informs Commissioner about the flyover which was constructed years back and also alerts him. Anand gets arrested. Yudh wakes up and asks Nayan about Taruni and Anand. when reading the comment.

Yudh finds his secret benefactor, but he proves to be unhelpful. Anand agrees but only on one condition that he would like to meet his 3rd Partner. Watch in this episode of Yudh 2.0: Successful trial of India's 'Brahmastra' in the Indian Ocean.. By continuing to use the site, you agree to the use of cookies.

Dr. Mehra who was on his way to Yudh's office meets with an accident.

Lady reporter says Anand is important and to spy on him. More from Amitabh Bachchan. E18.

Precap: Ashish meets Dharmendra and says their enemy is same, Yudh. Security officer informs Yudh that he found microphones from Anand and his office and asks if he can investigate staff members. An unknown Person gives a shocking footage to Mona in which a group of People are trying to demolish the structure. Pokemon Movie 11-Giratina Aur ek Maha Yudh (Hindi) Pokemon Movie 12-Arceus and the Jewel of Life (Hindi) ... Pokémon season 23 Episode 21 in English Dubbed. What will happen when Rishi and Yudh will come to know that Nayan's Brother Ranjan is involved in the planning? Yudh wins the bid for coal mining despite the Commissioner's machinations. Preeti says she does not mean that and starts weeping.
The boy plays around with the gun, he isn't aware of the consequences of his actions. Season 1 0 sources. Info. Will make Bengal ‘Sonar Bangla’ in next 5 years, says Amit Shah on his visit to the state, 06 Nov 2020 . Dharmesh sees Ashish at Mamta’s funeral and gets annoyed. Who set the Village on fire?

Lawyer says he will do his best and goes from there. Deal between Rishi and Home Minister. He reaches accident venue and asks inspector about doc. Rishi fumes in anger and also meets Home Minister to find out the truth behind the shooting incident. Rishi meets Home Minister to supply more electricity to the mining area. Business tycoon Yudh, owner of Shanti Constructions informs Commissioner about the flyover which was constructed years back and also alerts him.

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Taruni says dad’s stress level increased.

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Will Yudh come to know about Mona's problem? Pokémon season 23 Episode … Yudh watches Mukesh’s channel and says only his channel is telling against him, asks Mona to take care of it. Mona sees Manju watching a video of her and her husband and says he will not come back. He says nothing will happen and says they can spend time together if they get a nurse.

Mahabharat Season 21: Latest & Full Episodes of Mahabharat online on Disney+ Hotstar. Taruni asks why is he holding gun. Yudh feels uneasy and faints.

Yudh is once again attacked by the same Clown. Inspector says this car rammed doc’s car.

Dr. Mehra who was on his way to Yudh's office meets with an accident.

Anand comes up with an interesting plan to persuade News Head Mukesh Chhabaria. E16. Anand says okay and goes out of room. Nayan's condition is critical and Yudh convinces Taruni to operate Nayan.

It's your place to watch latest serials dramas and tv shows online. Dharmendra asks commissioner why did not he inform him when Anuj came with a plan to ruin Yudh.

Directed by Ribhu Dasgupta, Dipti Kalwani.

Yudh's Brother-in-law Ranjan releases from jail after serving 11 years of imprisonment. Taruni’s lawyer boyfriend sees his house open and starts searching thief holding a gun.

Yudh focuses on his next project of mining and Health Science Institute and also shares his views with Minister.

Mukesh’s new channel reportor reads news that Dr. Mehra’s accident was a conspiracy by Shanti construction company. Episode 61 - Abhimanyu's Marriage and Pandavs Decide to Send a Doot to Hastinapur. PT25M32S. Will Yudh succeed in releasing his Daughter Taruni? She says she sent them and asks why did she ask Anand not to get you admitted. Taruni reaches her boyfriend’s home and asks his help to call doc’s clinic in British accent and get info about Yudh. She asks why does not he hand over his business to Rishi. Mona rushes to rescue Smriti who lands in deep trouble. He sees Taruni and asks why did not she inform before coming. Movies, TV & Showtimes Anand reaches home and informs Preeti that he has arranged a nurse for their son. Anuj fumes in anger as Mamta Malik gets murdered. ‘Yudh asks Anand to ask his security officer to find it out. Ajju gives a deadly task to Rishi and on the other side, massive fight of life and death takes place between Yudh and Ajju. Taruni says she is my father and is reaching death each day, it is too late. Inspector says he did find it and says maybe people who saw the accident first must have took it. Season 1, Episode 21 | Aired on. He calls Dr. Mehra and informs him about Yudh’s attack, asks him to come soon. She asks the age of nurse and says she does not want any complications again. Will Home Minister agree? Anand asks how did the accident happen. Yudh says someone is trying to tarnish is image/name and asks her to call Dr. Ganatra and gets info about his illness and treat him till he returns. Will Taruni succeed in saving the Girl? Anand informs yudh about inspector doubting their company about doc’s murder.
Taruni says there is no need to call doctor as Yudh will wake up once injection effect wears off. Anand says this is serious and he has to obtain legal indemnity. automatically converted into the image

Anand reveals a shocking truth to Yudh about Aju. Anand informs yudh that microphones were of high quality from abroad and he does not think Anuj malik is behind it. Who is keeping an eye on Yudh's movements?The legend Mr. Amitabh Bachchan is on a fiction show for the first time.A story of a man who is invincible. On listening to Imaan's conversation with Ayaan regarding ISI chief, Rashid Jamal, Vikram hopes he will finally find something crucial. He gets a call from doctor who informs that Taruni came to his office and equired about his illness, and doc he did not tell her about Huntington’s disease.

Dharmendra Malik and Nikhil get to know about Anand's fall out and also tries to convince him to enter in his troop to destroy Yudh and Shanti Constructions. He gets a call from Dr. Ganatra, says he got a news about Dr. Mehra’s accident and informs that Dr. Mehra is having Yud’s case file and to find about that. Mona reveals a shocking truth to Anand. Meanwhile, Taruni rushes for Yudh's rescue but this apparently does not go down too well with Nayantara. Inspector replies and informs about doc’s accident. Taruni gets kidnapped.

Who are involved in demolishing the Municipal General Hospital? Latest Videos. Yudh firmly decides to agree to their demands and also plays a brilliant game.